How To Write A Book
How To Write A Book That Sells

The How to Write a Book  books are always helpful.  But think about what you really want to get out of your writing.

Wide recognition and a huge amount of cash.


Becoming a household name within a year by writing books that sell because people want to read them. You don’t know how to do it yet, or even how to get started.  But you will after reading Write Yourself Rich.

Whether you don't know how to write a book, or if you have written part of a book and stopped writing, or even if you have self-published a book that never sold, Write Yourself Rich  is for you.

And this time it will be different.

Because this time you will have a writing plan that makes sense.


THE WRITING PLAN I PRESENT TO YOU is a simple one, and yet it works beautifully.  Because there is nothing for you to figure out, and you can do it all at your own pace. People just like you, who didn’t know the right way to get started (and then how to stay motivated) will be able to make it all the way through the process of writing, editing, and self-publishing. You can now finally succeed with  Write Yourself Rich.

So Much Information On How To Write A Book, All In One Place.

Write Yourself Rich  has everything that a non-fiction writer needs to get started making money from their writing by reaching an audience who appreciates them and wants to buy what they have to say. This is a comprehensive writing course. Complete with chapter assignments and full illustrations that will help any writer finish and self-publish a successful non-fiction book within a reasonable amount of time.

Multiple And Focused Writing Assignments Will Help You:  

  • Find the “Wish I’d Thought of That” idea that will launch your writing career.
  • Develop that idea into something meaningful that people want to read.
  • Learn how to write a book for a commercial audience that enjoys reading.
  • Write so that each page of your book has a purpose and a benefit for the reader.
  • Invent a brand of writing that reflects your writing style and personality.
  • Create a website and a blog that sell your books for you by building an author platform.
  • Build a social media community that keeps your readers wanting more.
  • Build an affiliate program network that complements your writing, brings in a sustainable income, and establishes you as the brand name expert to go to in your new field of expertise.

Isn’t it time you started making money from your writing?  

Begin by reading Write Yourself Rich  today.

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So Why Just Learn How To Write A Book -
When You Can Start A Whole Writing Business?

If you are like most writers, then you dream of having such a great book inside of you, just waiting to be written. And if you had the time - you would quickly dash it off and then self-publish it at Amazon or iTunes.

It would be so overwhelmingly popular that within a month or so it would be at the top of every bestseller list.

And you would make a fortune.

This is followed by the awesome moment when you walk out of that thankless job. With a grand speech of going to a place where people would actually appreciate your wealth of knowledge and wisdom.

Maybe Europe.

That said, it would be absolutely logical if you were to put the whole effort of your entire being into writing your first best-selling book as quickly as possible.

Even if you have no idea of who is going to buy it.

Because deep down, you know, everyone is going buy it as soon as they see it.

“Why didn’t I think of that?” they cry!

But in the real world, you may soon find out that this kind of overnight success with first-time authors is rarely the case.

(What about that high school kid with the wildly successful blog who got a six-figure book deal???) 

And this instant lack of success is where many new writers often give up.

But don’t ever give up on your dreams, because you are not alone.

There are so many other recreational writers and bloggers out there.  Writers just like you, who want to become full-time authors or novelists and have no idea how to get started.

Or even worse.

They have made an attempt at publishing a blog and writing a few ebooks. And got nowhere so they gave up entirely.

OR EVEN MUCH WORSE. They have tried their hand at freelance writing on the internet and failed. Knowing firsthand the heartache of the low pay. And also of being at the mercy of the people who are making buckets of money from the articles and books they have written. To generate income for someone else’s websites.

If any of this sounds like something you may have experienced, take heart. Because if you still want to become a self-published author, Write Yourself Rich  will reroute your writing efforts and show you how to make a living at being a widely-read writer who can publish a whole series of their own best-selling books.


This is why Write Yourself Rich  is a book about developing publications and learning how to write a book for your own website. Then making more of the ongoing profit for yourself. And the best thing about developing your own non-fiction books and other publications for your own website is that there is virtually no start-up cost. (No heartache or disappointment, either.) And the selling of your publications becomes an actual business that will continue to generate you endless profits.

Isn’t it about time?

Even if you don’t know what to write about, Write Yourself Rich  will help you choose a topic, define a niche market, reach a target audience, and develop a readable commercial writing style that will help you succeed at marketing your books on the internet with your own WordPress Website.

Plus, it is my belief that everyone is an expert on something.

Which means that all anyone needs to get started on the path to becoming a commercially successful, professional writer is to be pointed in the right direction.  That is what Write Yourself Rich  is all about.

Are you in? Can you not be?

So let’s start thinking about your writing in terms of becoming a money-making business.

It's time to start writing for a profit about the things you already know.

And doing it better than anyone else.


How To Write A Book

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