3 Reasons Why People Buy Books

Some People Buy Books Like Sheep
Some People Buy Books Like Sheep

You would think that there are many different reasons why people would buy books, when in fact, there aren’t.

But what this means for you as a writer is that it becomes much easier to write books that people will buy.

If you know what the reasons are.

Sound too simple to be true? Well, the good news is that it isn't. There are really very few different reasons why people buy books. Even for the avid reader. So it works to your advantage that if you know why  people pick up books to read, you will know how to write a book that people will buy.

That said, here are the three main reasons why people buy books:

The First Reason Why People Buy Books: Someone tells them to.

Yes, that's right. The only reason that millions of people buy books is because someone else tells them to do it. Even if you are an avid reader, you will still go to a list of the top 100 books to read, or a 20 novels you must read list - to find out what to read. Because if you are a true bibliophile (person who loves to buy books and read them), you will read the books on the list of must-read books.

Whether you like them or not.  Simply to be well-read. And then to blog about them to your followers who also buy books.

And if you are writing a book for the first time, it may seem unlikely to write a book this popular, but this is what you have to aim for.

Many regular people also buy books because someone in their peer group tells them to. A dear friend tells them that they simply have to read a new book because it is on a best 100 must-read books list. And because it will change their life. Strong recommendations for books to read can also come from book clubs, employers, teachers, relatives. All insisting to the people they know what are good books to read. What are good books to buy.

Even an Amazon book search will tell people what books to buy. So before you start writing a book, the first thing you have to ask yourself is, "Will anyone recommend my book as one of the top 10 books to read?" Because nobody wants to be recommended from the half-price books list.

The Second Reason Why People Buy Books: They like the title, the cover, and the description.

Let's face it, many people buy books because of the cover. Because if you don't have someone in your social circles who reads, what else can you do? The cover and title are all you have to go on when you buy books.

And you, as a writer, don't want your book to become one of the best bargain books, or books to read for free online. So you will have to invest some time and thought into the title and the cover art. Especially the title, which is the most important for people who buy books.

If you want your book to become one of the top books to read.

Because less aggressive people also like to be the ones to tell others to buy books. However, if they aren’t the leader of their social group, they have to be sure about their new discovery, i.e., your book. And your book has to have an authoritative title, an engaging description, and an alluring book cover. So that these people can recommend it unwaveringly to their non-reader friends.

And people love to find new books to recommend. But they need a title and a cover that says “new bestseller” to give them the confidence to do so. So make sure that your title and cover belongs on the list of most popular books to read. And before you write anything, always think about why people buy books.

The Third Reason Why People Buy Books: They identify with your point of view.

There is nothing like feeling a certain way about things and then finding the book that expresses it perfectly. And this is the kind of book you keep to yourself because it almost feels like it was written especially for you.

To write this kind of book, and make it so that everyone identifies with it, you will have to hit the nail on the head with regards to your topic. Which means that you have to be current with your subject matter. And this is a good reason to follow social media and the news. Being well-read doesn’t hurt, either. Because if you can take a topic, with all its parts, and sum it up so it encapsulates the current temperament of society, you have a bestseller on your hands.

You should also check out your competition, particularly if you are writing for a specific target group. If so, you may want to look at lists of top books to read for you target audience. For example, popular books for women, books to read for college, popular books for teens, books for kids, all story books, or most read books of all time. Looking at a list of must-read books written for your target audience will give you an idea of what people are reading.

Remember, the way you feel about things during the day is the same way a lot of other people feel, too. But as the writer, they need you to capture these moments, write them down, and make sense of them. This is why people buy books.

People Buy Books With New Ideas.

Which is why it becomes so important to post your own original material online.

Like in a blog or on Twitter.

But quite the opposite, if you are currently tweeting out other authors' quotes, you are telling your followers that these are the top books to read. And your followers listen to you. And they will read the popular books you recommend.

But if you write original tweets and blog posts, your followers will love them too. And they will now recommend your quotes to their friends. Which means that when you have finished writing a book they will buy it. Then they will also recommend it to their friends and followers as one of the best books to read.

Because it will change their life.  And their followers will tell their friends to buy it too. That is how your first book becomes a best-seller.

I know you can do it.

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