3 Ways To Get More People To Read Your Writing

Getting More People To Read You
Getting More People To Read You

In order to have a best-seller, many hundreds of thousands of people will need to read what you are writing. And while this seems like an obvious statement, the next thing you may think about is that to achieve these kinds of numbers, you will have to sell out as an author.

However, none of us want to compromise our writing in order to achieve this end.

So here are three ways to get more people to read your writing and make it better at the same time. Without changing your original intent. The end goal being to write one of those good books to read that you are also satisfied to have written. Maybe one of the best selling books of all time.

First Way To Get More People To Read Your Writing.

Get right to the point.

It feels so comfortable to write a few introductory paragraphs or sentences. And then a few more for good measure. But people, more than ever, are so acclimated and well-read, they don’t need any introduction to your topic. What they need is immediate information or entertainment. And by the third or fourth introductory sentence or paragraph, you have lost them. Get right to the point, and not only will more people read what you have written but they will also recommend your book to others. As one of those best books to read that you can't put down.

One of the reasons shortening your writing will result in one of those popular books is because condensed writing is easier to post and like on social media. And although you may not be looking to have the next viral blog, the more people who like your writing on the internet, the more people who will read your books. This is how many authors wind up with New York Times best sellers.

Because word of mouth (the way most popular books become best selling books) is done through social media. So if someone with a lot of followers puts you on a list of books to read, you can sell thousands of more copies. And if you are self-published, this can make the difference for a publishing deal.

All because you tightened up your manuscript before you published it. And then someone could read it quickly and tweet about it to their followers as one of those good books to read.

Second Way To Get More People To Read Your Writing.

Say it fast.

Short sentences and active voice may seem like you are dumbing down your writing. But in reality, it makes your writing more inclusive. People of all educational levels and people who learn English as a second language would love to read what you are writing. In English.  And giving them the chance doesn’t make you a panderer. It makes you an educator.

And too much long-windedness makes you too easy to turn off.

Again, the faster someone can read your book, and the quicker someone can recommend it, the more chance it has to become one of the popular books. And this is especially true with new authors. The best books from new authors will be short, to-the-point, and easy to read and understand.

Complicated books from new authors aren't something anyone wants to take a chance on. Because their social media reputation is too valuable to recommend a book that no one will respond too. So if they can't sum up your book in a tweet, they won't bother. Which leaves you without any chance for having one of the top selling books of all time.

Nevertheless, make sure to throw in the occasional and never-ending run-on sentence to make your writing real, conversational, and spontaneous. Readers like to tackle the occasional wordy sentence to feel cerebral. This is especially true for best selling fiction books. However, if you burden your reader with too many overly-long sentences, your reader will just skip your book altogether. And go on to read one of those best selling novels that their social network is talking about.

Third Way To Get More People To Read Your Writing.

Make it specific.

No one reads books or articles on general subjects anymore. This is because people want to read how-to or self-help books about their own specific situation. And even best selling novels fall into a very specific genres. You can blame the internet for people wanting such exact information and entertainment, and so quickly. But the beauty of the internet is that it also makes it possible to take very particular ideas and turn them into really good books to read.

So write for as specific of an audience as you can, on the most limited aspect of a topic you can narrow down. And think of your own internet searches. Weren’t you so happy when you found the exact answer you were looking for? Didn’t it make your day to solve a problem so quickly? And while internet searches apply mainly to blog posts, you can apply this same logic to writing popular books.

Because the internet also allows you, as a new writer, to publish ebooks. Ebooks are an achievable way to start as a writer, since they only need to be about 5,000 words long. You can write about something specific, make some sales, and then write some longer books to read. Some of the best books today are ebooks because they can be read anywhere, without taking a book along. And some of the highest rated books on Amazon are ebooks because they are so inexpensive to buy.

Learn more about how to write ebooks: http://writeyourselfrich.net/ebooks-writing-bestseller/

People Read Popular Authors, Not Popular Books.

While it seems like writing popular books is important, it isn't. It's your writing style that people want to enjoy. So it doesn't matter how long your books are or what they are about. It's your brand of writing and your writing style that will hook people and then bring them back. And this is accomplished by writing less complicated, shorter books to read. In fact, as you learn the craft of writing, shorter books are the best books to work on.

So start out with writing shorter, simpler books. This will not only help you create good books to read but also the best books to sell online.

Become this kind of writer and you can write on of the best selling book series of all times!

I know you can do it.

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