7 Book Ideas You Can Use To Start Writing A Book

We all need more bestselling book ideas.

So that the books we write will become the books to read  for millions of people.

That said, here are some book ideas you can use to start writing some must-read books today.

And while these are fairly standard contemporary writing prompts, they will produce more usable results than an online book ideas generator.

And using these writing prompts will be better than sitting and staring at your blank computer screen.

Even if they just get you thinking about book ideas to read that you have been putting off.

Book Ideas #1: Write about a photo.

Book ideas are all around you.
Book ideas are all around you.

Take an intriguing photograph and write out a list of ideas for a book.

While this is a little bit fiction writing 101, Pinterest and Twitter are built around this concept. And a picture is worth a thousand book ideas to write. Which means that when you write some original fiction book ideas (or self-help ideas, or poetry ideas) about a picture you have taken yourself, it will mean something real to your followers on Pinterest & Twitter.

And this is where you can connect directly with these real readers.

In fact, an entire photo essay about your daily life is worth much more  than a thousand book topics to write about. Especially when it becomes one of those bestselling books that also become one of the recommended books to read.

Book Ideas #2: Write about your altruistic acts.

Pay it forward and write about it at the same time.

This could be a random act of kindness, or you could also start a charity. For example, the ALS ice bucket challenge was started to raise awareness of the disease and as a result became an internet phenomenon. And you can do the same. So try performing acts of kindness, every day, for a month.

In the meantime, write about each one and see where it takes you. And this is also a great way to generate story ideas for a novel (Pay it Forward), create realistic fiction story ideas, or story ideas for teenagers - including story ideas for teenage romance and YA novel plot ideas.

Book Ideas #3. Perform a social experiment.

Experiment with your daily routine and write about that too.

For example, go to bed every night at 9 PM.

Or wear the same outfit every day. Does anyone notice? Sooner or later they will - and give you some real-life writing prompts.

Or maybe some funny short story ideas.

At the same time, take a different way to work each day. And record your discoveries during your travels.

Whenever you see a new person, introduce yourself. Eventually, you may have a whole set of new friends to write about.

And your life becomes its own story ideas generator. The possibilities are endless, and who knows? You may invite some different kinds of creative inspiration into your life that all of a sudden gives you some bestselling book ideas.

Book Ideas #4: Look for a new job.

You don’t have to get a new job, just look.

And then report what you find every day.

Chronicle your job search and what’s available in your area. Job searches are compelling book topics to write about.

Go on some interviews. Will anyone hire you? Are these employers discriminatory? Do they provide benefits? Livable wages?

There are thousands of book topic ideas to write about here.

Maybe you should go for a job that’s completely out of your comfort zone. Or that you would never get in a million years. This kind of activity will make for some hard-hitting story plot line ideas. Because if you landed this job, it would be one of the perfect book ideas to write for a bestseller.

Book Ideas #5: Go on a weight-loss diet and chronicle what you learn.

You don’t have to complete it, but you will have a lot to write about if you follow a weight loss diet all the way through to the end.

Personal failures and triumphs are always the story ideas and inspirational writing prompts for adult's fiction.

For example, tell every person you know you are on a diet. Or don’t.

What is their reaction when they find out? Write it all down. Eat a salad for lunch. How many people comment? Take a free trial membership at a gym. What kind of people are there? Make sure to write down your negative feelings as well. Because this could become the bestselling self-help book no one never expected.

Just like if it becomes a love story generator or a movie script generator that your favorite movie star is in.

Book Ideas #6: Write about a question someone asked you today.

Did someone ask you to fix their computer? Or where you buy your clothes? How to improve a golf swing? What about the recipe for a dish you made, or how you can afford such a nice car? Stock tips?

These are all writing prompts you can use to write interesting books to read.

And there are probably lots of other things you do well and probably don’t realize it. How-to books are very popular, and if you can pull off a busy lifestyle, along with making the perfect lasagna, people will pay good money for your advice.

In fact, a well-written self-help book can easily become one of those recommended books to read. One of those must-read books at the top of a recommended reading list for adults.

Book Ideas #7: Write about a dream you had.

Probably also a little bit fiction writing 101, but dreams make for the best fiction books to read. And if your dreams do not generate good creative story ideas, write about a dream someone else had. And why you think this person is crazy or completely unhinged.

Now there’s some fodder for short story ideas with a twist.

And make sure to exaggerate everything for the best long story ideas. Especially if it’s a good friend or a relative. You are a creative writer aren’t you? There's a whole list of ideas for a book here, and probably at least 101 novel ideas.

Book Ideas & Writing Prompts Are Everywhere.

These book ideas and writing prompts are a little out there, I know. But take a chance.  Your new book topic ideas project could turn into a fascinating study in human behavior.  And make sure to come up with an entire book topics list - before you start writing. Write down enough realistic fiction story ideas so you can choose the best one. This is how to write a book that becomes one of the best fiction books to read, or even one of the best books to read before you die. It's also how you Write Yourself Rich. 

I know you can do it.

How To Write A Book

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