Affiliate Programs: Making Money By Writing A Book

Affiliate Programs: Making Money By Writing A Book
Affiliate Programs: Writing A Book Changes Everything

Affiliate programs are usually thought of as a quick way to make money online. Or as a bit of a scam.  But neither one of these is exactly true. Not if you learn how to write a book first - and then sign up for affiliate programs that you recommend in your book  as part of a solution to a problem. A problem that you will solve in the self-help book you are going to write.

This is how you can create a whole self-help or lifestyle business online.

Because you can make money online with affiliate marketing programs when you have a well-written self-help book that recommends the products they sell.

And many affiliate programs are fairly straightforward. You just have to know what they are and how they work.

So what is affiliate marketing? And what is affiliate marketing for dummies?

What Is An Affiliate Program - Affiliate Definition:

Simply put, affiliate marketing for beginners (also called associates programs) is simply an arrangement where an online merchant's website pays you money to send traffic to their website. Of course, you will make more money from the best affiliate programs with high commission.  And you will make more money when a referral buys something, as opposed to a pay-per-click affiliate program.

And this is where learning how to write a self-help book comes in. Because it is in this book that you will recommend the affiliate programs and their products. As a solution to someone's problems. This is how to make money online. First by selling your book, and then by the commissions paid from the top affiliate marketing companies.

And there are so many free affiliate programs that pay you commissions - with no actual face-to-face selling. Plus, since it's free to join affiliate programs, you just need to set up a low-cost website. And after you have a blog or a website, then you can set up the product links.

Once you are set up, you will need to blog about the problems that the products from your affiliate network list will solve. And use these blog posts as the basis for your self-help book. Or your series of self-help books.

The mistake that most people make is to create a free website, sign up with several high paying affiliate programs, and then sit back to start making money online.

Which in reality, almost never happens.

Why is this not the way to make money from affiliate programs?

It’s because most of these affiliate products are available somewhere else. Or everywhere else. So why should someone buy from you? And you quickly realize there isn’t any reason at all.

Until you become an expert in your field.

And you become an expert in your field by writing a book. One of those popular self-help books that recommends the products from your affiliate programs with free websites to solve problems. Like debt assistance, investing, overcoming an illness, or losing weight. Or even affiliate products to create a new lifestyle, like clothes and beauty products.

Learn more about how to write a self-help book here:

Now, here are three tips on how the best online affiliate programs will help you make money online - as you learn how to write a book:

Affiliate Programs: Make Money Online Tip #1.

Anyone can write a daily blog. So who cares?

And anyone can retweet old quotes and sayings, along with someone else’s photographs and videos. Get a thousand followers and you will still be so far behind everyone else on Twitter that you don’t even matter.

But learn how write a book, and you become an expert.

And that leaves everyone else behind.

Now, all of the millions of people who didn’t write a book themselves are suddenly lining up at your door to read your blog. To hear what you have to say.

But more importantly, they want to know what products you recommend to solve their problems.

The ones from your list of affiliate products, of course.

Learn how to write a book to sell something else here:

Affiliate Programs: Make Money Online Tip #2.

Start by writing a short ebook and selling it on Amazon. Because not only is Amazon a great place to advertise yourself as an authority with your self-help book, it is also a great place to sign up for free-to-join affiliate programs. So it’s an easy way for people to find your book and your products in the same place. You do this by joining their free affiliate program and becoming an Amazon Associate.

Like the millions of other people. So what?

The difference being that you have established yourself as an authority by going the extra mile and writing an ebook. And eventually a full-length self-help book. Publishing books is also a free service provided by Amazon. This is how you put yourself ahead of everyone else who is selling from the same list of affiliate programs. Because you wrote a book and no one else did. Which makes you the authority now. The one everyone quotes now. And the one they buy from.

Learn more about how to write an ebook here:

Affiliate Programs: Make Money Online Tip #3.

It doesn’t even have to be a long self-help book. It can be a 2,500 word ebook about one aspect of the benefits of the products you are selling from the top affiliate programs. And you don’t even have to sell that many books. Because all you are doing is using your book as a marketing tool to get exposure and to sell your products through online marketing. And when you write a book about the products you are selling, you are giving yourself all the credibility you need to become an authority. You can even give an ebook away for free if it helps you with high paying affiliate programs.

Think about it this way.

When someone retweets other people’s photos and sayings, they are giving away their own credibility to someone else. When you write your own series of short ebooks and publish them on Kindle, you can let these same people start retweeting your books and your quotes.

THIS MAKES YOU THE LEADER. The authority on your subject matter. On the products you sell to make money online.

So your next step is to get a list of reputable companies with affiliate programs or Google affiliate programs that pay. Preferably the top 10 free affiliate programs. These should be affiliate programs that pay instantly, as well as free  affiliate programs that pay for traffic. Also make sure that these affiliate programs for beginners have the products you would use. After all, you will be writing a whole series of self-help books about them.

And this is how you will make money online with affiliate programs, and literally Write Yourself Rich.

I know you can do it.

How To Write A Book

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