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Authors Become Lethargic When Publishers Don't Respond

Authors are finding it easier and easier to publish a book these days. Even if publishers aren't interested.

This is because self-publishing is becoming much more user-friendly and also much more accepted.

But if you are feeling like you aren't getting anywhere with your book, you aren't alone.  

Many other self-published authors feel this way.

Because when authors self-publish, they don't get a  lot of support.

From anyone.

And this is when they can become overly critical of themselves. And that slows down the process of becoming a bestselling author. But this is exactly when self-published authors really need to stay the course.

If you want to be one of those authors who writes a bestseller.

And here's where you may be right now: you’ve outlined some book ideas and started writing a few pages. Or maybe you have written enough chapters on different writing projects that you know they are going to be good books. Great books.

Or maybe you are one of those authors who has completed a manuscript and publishers don't show any interest. But you don't want to go the self-publishing route.

It all becomes very defeating.

But as a writer, if you have managed to come this far, don't give up.

And now it's time to think about what’s holding you back.

It may be a lack of support, but that situation isn't going to change.

So let’s look at the three main things that are stopping you from having a manuscript that readers and publishers want to buy. And what you can do about it.

So that you can get back to writing that bestselling book, get rich, and become one of those authors that publishers and readers love.

Authors: The First Thing That Holds Them Back.

When authors need to write every sentence perfect - for imaginary New York publishers - it stops them from writing everyday.

If you have rewritten a sentence three or four times and it still doesn’t sound right, you are being over-critical of yourself. But here's the best way to overcome that bad habit: say the sentence out loud and then rewrite it as you would say it in a conversation. Like to someone you know.

Then move on.

Because publishers are looking for what is called serviceable writing. In laymen's terms, this means easy-to read and conversational writing. And modern readers appreciate natural-sounding writing. Just like you are talking to them directly. Complicated wording is burdensome to read, and people (and publishers) don’t appreciate it.

Also, most publishable writing needs to be easy to follow to a logical conclusion. So the structure of your writing has to be simple and organized. This will help readers and publishers make it to the end of your book.

And then give it a good review.

This is especially important if you are one of the many first-time authors competing for a publisher's attention.

But mainly, your book needs to be written in an easy way so that you can finish writing it.  Because publishers don't even look at unfinished manuscripts. And you will just drive yourself crazy if you never finish writing your book.

Learn how to write every day for real here:

Authors: The Second Thing That Holds Them Back.

Lack of substance also stops authors from finishing a book.

Here's the next thing: if you have run out of steam halfway through your book, then you may not fully grasp the entirety of your subject matter.

This is a harsh reality for many authors. To admit that there is more to their subject than they realized.

And also when they realize they don't know enough about their subject to finish writing a book.

But this is an easy fix.

Because all you need to do when you reach a dead-end in your writing is to do some research. And many potentially great authors think that research is only for self-help books. But even if you are writing a novel - you may not have enough to say about your characters, or even the setting, for your book. Because you don't know enough about these kinds of people - or how they live their lives - to finish an entire novel.

And if you go online (and you find 100 or more books or novels about your same subject) then you will realize how much more information is really out there. So much so, that you haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of your subject matter. And this is all information you can use to finish your book.

So that you can either self-publish your book or submit it to publishers.

So authors, if you are stuck:

Find the books online that you can read for the information you need to finish your book. Then - stop agonizing over your writing and start reading these books. It doesn't matter whether you are reading self-help books or novels.

Start reading and begin taking notes.

Like you are being schooled from other successful authors. Because you are.

And most famous authors will tell you that more than anything - they are readers first - and then they write.

If you are stuck in the middle of writing a book, learn how to fix that here:

Authors: The Third Thing That Holds Them Back.

Confidence in their writing stops many authors from organizing their thoughts into a cohesive body of work.

Every single chapter that you write isn’t going to be prolific, so stop thinking that it has to be. Most writing, whether it’s a nonfiction book or a novel, first has to be organized.

And people will buy a book because they think they will get something out of the work as a whole. Readers forgive authors much more than you might think.  They will suffer through a bad chapter because they think your book is going somewhere. Somewhere they want to go with you. But they want to read a volume of work that has a conclusion they can enjoy.

And if you know where your book is going as well (simply by organizing it to a logical conclusion) then you will be much more likely to finish writing it. And also enjoy finishing it.

Which is the whole point of being a writer.

But by trying to be overly-sophisticated, many promising authors deliver a manuscript to publishers that they will never buy.

Because the reading public will also never buy it.

Besides, if someone wants to read something really sophisticated, you aren’t going to fool them as a first-time author. And you do your potential readers and yourself a disservice by writing an unorganized piece of writing that no one can follow. Because people want to read what you have to say - if you organize so they can understand it.

Finally, Authors: How To Be Successful

In order to be successful, authors need to stop trying so hard to be something they are not - and start being themselves.

You may wonder why a book that you think anyone could have written becomes a bestseller. Especially when your solid ideas and writing efforts continue to go unrecognized.

But it's very simple.

Someone has had the courage to be themselves, write about it, and finish a book.

And the fact of the matter is, you will be surprised at how many people will like the real you. And that is what will make your book a best-seller.

I know you can do it.

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