Best-Selling Book Title Ideas In 3 Easy Steps Or Less

All The Good Book Title Ideas Have Not Been Taken
All The Good Book Title Ideas Have Not Been Taken

Believe it or not, best-selling book title ideas come from the most usual of places.

Just look at a best-selling book title list. Many of these book titles are made up of only one or two commonly used words. And we all sit there and think, "I wish I had thought of those story title ideas."

And in reality, you may have already thought of the perfect and simple title for your book.

Which if course, has already been taken.

Nevertheless, popular book title ideas are something you will need to think about if you want to write a book that sells more than 5,000 copies.

And don't despair. There are thousands and thousands of good book titles that haven't been used.

And you don't need a title name generator to create one.

Why you shouldn't use a book title generator for your book title ideas.

If you are a writer, then you are also a wordsmith, and as such, you should be able to craft a title that will do justice to the book you have worked so hard on. And you should spend as much time on the title of your book as you do on writing it.

So don't get upset when you can't find a book title that doesn't say best-selling book right away.

And don't go to a book title generator when you can't come up with the right catchy title. Because a lot of the title generator software that is available is only for entertainment. So you won't find any book title ideas or short story title ideas that are worth anything with a catchy title generator.

However, a creative  title generator, like a romance story title generator, or a title generator for stories, can help you start brainstorming.

Especially if you are new to a specific genre. You can even use a story title generator based on keywords (nonfiction) or a story title generator based on plot (fiction) as a place to begin.

But don't rely too heavily on a book name generator for writers. Because the first thing many new writers do is to go to a creative  title maker, an attention-grabbing  title generator, a compelling  title generator, or a catchy  titles generator to find a title that will sell a million copies.

They will even go to a story generator  to write the whole thing.

But you are a better writer than this - because you are a real writer.

That said, here are three ways to come up with best-selling book title ideas without using a book title generator:

Best-Selling Book Title Ideas #1: Make up a new word to use as the focus of your title.

Think of such recently made-up words as "McJob," "Glamping," or even "Millennials."

These words are simply new words that  journalists and other contemporary writers make up. And you can do the same thing. In fact, as a writer, this is the kind of thing you should be creating for yourself. To write a bestseller.

Just take the body of what you are writing and sum it up with one new phrase or word that you make up yourself. You can do this by extracting the most pivotal words from your new book. Then combine these words into a new phrase. When you effectively coin the new phrase, you will be the writer of a new bestselling book. Because you will have named the new trend. Which you created when you wrote your new best-selling book.

So instead of using title generator software, start taking words from your book that could be a part of your title and begin taking them apart and recombining them.

Start thinking "Brangelina" and "Labradoodle." If you come up with something really impactful-sounding, you will have a best-selling book on your hands as soon as you finish writing it. Then you don't need a cool title generator that everyone else on the internet who wants to write a book is using.

Best-Selling Book Title Ideas #2: Use a child’s nursery rhyme or common phrase.

Take a child’s nursery rhyme or common phrase and use it ominously in your book title. Think “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf.” Or “All The King’s Men.”

Here are some examples:

“Monday’s Child” (Parenting, Sociology)

“Beggars Would Ride” (Finance, Investing)

“Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe” (Serial Killer, Crime)

“Pleading the Fifth” (Politics, Corporate America)

“Buying The Farm” (Retirement, Investing)

“Piece of Cake,”  "Cake Walk" (Careers, Job Hunting, Weight-Loss)

Nursery rhymes and common phrases work so well for best-selling title ideas because they are so ingrained into people’s minds that they will take your book for already being a bestseller. And people are much more likely to buy a book they think they already know.

Plus, the irony of using these kinds of everyday phrases, when you are talking about something much more sinister or serious, is not lost on anyone. Ironic titles make for very compelling book title ideas.

Best-Selling Book Title Ideas #3: Sum up your book in one word; then expand upon it.

Book sellers and publishers love one-word titles because they sound so authoritative and prolific. But sometimes a one-word title needs a little help. Here are some examples of impactful one-word titles and their accompanying qualifiers.

“MERGER: The Story of Global Capitalism”

“MILLENIALS: Why Helicopter Parents Keep Them At Home”

“SOLEIL: Portrait of an American Girl”

So whether you want to write a best-selling non-fiction book or a novel, your book title has to say best-seller. And although you can start writing a book with a working title or no title at all, the sooner you can come up with some best-selling book title ideas, the easier writing your best-selling book will be.

This is because really good book title ideas will give you the inspiration to finish writing your book. And solid book title ideas will also help shape your book and keep it focused.

You just have to spend more time on your book title ideas until you hit on the right one. And if you are halfway through writing your book, you will go back and change some of it when you find the right title.

For the better.

And this is how you write a bestseller.

I know you can do it.

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