Bestselling Ideas For Writing a Book

Ideas For Writing A Book Can Come From Anywhere
Ideas For Writing A Book Can Come From Anywhere

As a writer, you may have a thousand ideas for writing a book. Or a 101 novel ideas that you think of every day. But how many will ever pan out to become a real book, let alone a bestseller? Probably very few.

And chances are, you are in the middle of writing a book that is going nowhere fast right at this moment. Or maybe you are stuck on the first few pages and already out of story ideas. Or maybe you have no book ideas to write about at all.

And you need to get out of this rut fast and come up with some new book topic ideas or some fiction book ideas so that you can get on with your life.

So let's talk about some ideas for writing a book that you can use to write and finish a book, and then turn into one of the best selling books of 2018. Right now.

Bestselling Ideas For Writing A Book #1.

Using a pen name, write a blog based on story ideas or book ideas you would never think to write about under your own name. For example, your workplace. This is where some of the best realistic fiction ideas come from.  And everyone talks about writing about the people at work and making a fortune. But no one ever does. Be that one person and you will have one of the best ideas for writing a book there is.

But first, change the names of the people and the company. Then write about a conflict, a rumor, or romance at your job on your lunch break every day. (Work is the best place for story ideas romance.) And then provide a juicy follow-up every night. And it doesn't have to be about work. When you start fictionalizing everything in your life, your world becomes one big story ideas generator for many long story ideas.

And if you write under a pen name, your life can become a love story  generator, a funny story  generator - or even a story generator for kids, if you have children. Story ideas for teenagers and story ideas for teenage romance have to come from somewhere.

And don’t worry about followers or traffic for your blog. Just have fun with it. Being yourself and enjoying writing again are the best ways to come up with bestselling ideas for writing a book.

Bestselling Ideas For Writing A Book #2.

Still don't know what to write a book about? Your new ideas for writing a book can come right from your family tree. In fact, many bestselling ideas for writing a book come from people who write about their family's origins. So research your ancestry all the way back to its beginnings, which is extremely easy to do now. And then embellish it a little.

Because your real family history will only be interesting to you and your relatives, but this is where a pen name and a story ideas generator comes in handy. To write a family story that everyone wants to read.

And your family history also provides a rich setting, along with the multi-faceted characters needed for a novel. Plus, if you imagine what it was really like to live back then, this is a great idea generator for bestselling novels.

Now, for a plot twist generator. Imagine that your family committed many monstrous felonies and other atrociously wicked acts to survive, and you have many story plot line ideas for a top selling novel.

And since none of this is actually true, by the time you change the names, you won’t hurt anyone’s feelings. Later on, you can always say your story ideas are based on a true story if it helps your marketing efforts.

Bestselling Ideas For Writing A Book #3.

One of the best ideas for writing best selling books is to write the title first. Because we keep hearing as writers that books sell by their titles, and then we run in the opposite direction. We start writing the book and then search desperately for the title that will do it some type of justice.

So instead of writing a book first, start with a word search for the perfect title. Pick out your favorite words and names. Then look for a book title generator and keep re-combining the words and names until you have a bestselling title. This is a helpful method if you are looking for fiction story starters that will become bestsellers. Because the book will practically write itself and sell its way onto a best seller list by word of mouth.

It worked for "Gone Girl," “The Da Vinci Code,” and “Jurassic Park." And nothing is stopping you from doing it this way, either.

Bestselling Ideas For Writing A Book #4.

Take real stories from national newspapers or magazines that really fascinate you and use them as fiction writing prompts or contemporary writing prompts. Or take a local, ongoing crime story that you have been following and use it as writing prompts for a nonfiction book. Television and films do it all the time.

And the reason why this works for a bestselling book is that because if you are interested, others will be interested too. And this high interest level will also help you finish writing your book. Truman Capote did it (In Cold Blood). Why not you?

Bestselling Ideas For Writing A Book #5.

Some of the best book topic ideas to write about are self-help books. With a self-help book, the easiest way to start is to make a list of ideas for a book. And book topic ideas to write about can be anything your are interested or any problems you have solved for yourself. Once again, your life becomes a reliable idea generator.  And these are free book ideas you can use any way you want.

After you have some book topics to write about, start a self-help blog. You can put you name on this one and become an online expert. And once you have some followers who like your advice and opinions, a best selling book is in the works.

As you can see, there are many ideas for writing a book that can help you write best selling books. But none of them have you starting from scratch or trying to reinvent the wheel when it come to book topics to write about. This is because most books that become bestsellers have some relevance as to what is already going on in the world. You just have to find the relevant book ideas to write about or popular fiction book ideas.

And when you do, you will easily be able to write yourself rich.

I know you can do it.

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