Book Idea: Solving The Agony Of Writer’s Block

Book Idea
Your Best-selling Book Idea: Where Is It?

Best-selling book idea, yeah right.

Where is it? If you have writer’s block then you are agonizing over this right now. Right as you are reading this blog post.

And this is an awful experience.

And you’re smart, and you can write.

So where is your book idea? Look through Amazon or Barnes & Noble and you will see hundreds of books you could have written better.

But you didn’t. Because you are better than that and you wouldn’t have written those kinds of books anyway.

Of course you wouldn’t. Because you are, in fact, better than that.

I know that you are better than that because you are looking for answers to solve your writer’s block and write something that is highly regarded. Impactful even.

So let’s get started. No one ever said writing was easy, but you should be able to at least get started.

That said, here are a few ways off the top of my head to get rid of writer’s block. Or at least to finally get you started on your own book idea.

Book Idea #1.

Develop a pen name and write under that. It will free you from your inhibitions.

We all worry too much about what others think about our writing, and this is the very birthplace of writer’s block. So stop what you are writing - right this minute - and develop a pen name. And don't tell ANYONE.  Publish a blog under this pen name and you will see that it’s not so much that you don’t have a book idea, but you are too worried about what people think about your opinions. Or too worried about wording everything just right and sounding intelligent to your peers to actually write anything authentic. When you write anonymously to the public with a pen name, however, you will write much more freely because of it.

Book Idea #2.

Having a bad day? Write about it. The best writing comes from bad days.

Go on a writing tirade about your horrible life experiences. Hold nothing back (no hate speech, though). Then, let it sit for a few days or even a week. Let it simmer or boil over on its own. DON’T SHOW IT TO ANYONE OR PUBLISH IT. Then, come back and read what you have written. I guarantee you there is a book idea in there somewhere.

Book Idea #3.

Take the most precious thing in your life and describe it. What would you do to protect it?

We often overlook to what lengths we will go to protect the most precious thing we value. Is it your reputation? Your children? A secret? Your job? Family money? Your home? What people will do to protect themselves and their things is the running theme of most self-help books and crime novels.

Book Idea #4.

Write down any spontaneous thoughts you have. These thoughts are the writer in you begging to come out.

And this is something I do every day. I always have a pen and a scrap piece of paper handy. I can’t tell you how many times during the day I have a spontaneous thought and write it down. At that very moment. Even if it means nothing to me at the time or is total gibberish. These thoughts always become part of a book idea, maybe even up to a year later, but it is the number one thing that saves me from writer’s block.

Final Note: Never waste time figuring out what people want to read. This is leads to severe writer’s block.

Instead, try out one of these book ideas today and you will be on your way to writing a bestseller.

I know you can do it.

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