Book Publishers: What Do They Want From Writers?

Book Publishers And Publishing Companies Want Finished Products
Book Publishers And Publishing Companies Want Finished Products

Book publishers and publishing companies: as a first-time writer, you are fairly sure that you will be rejected a few times.

Because publishing companies are like that. But what happens when no book publishers are willing to take your manuscript and give it the green light?

That's when a lost-kind of feeling hits you.

And it's a feeling that is hard to describe to anyone who hasn't felt it. And it doesn't seem like there is any logical solution to qualm your fears about becoming a published author. Except for starting all over again. And you don't have the mindset or the energy to do that.

But it doesn't have to be this way - if you know a little more about what kind of writing book publishers are looking for.

First and foremost, book publishers are looking for finished writing.

Because while all book publishers have book editors - book editors do not edit a rough draft of a singular manuscript to make it ready for publishing.

What does a book editor do, then?

Book editors review manuscripts and decide whether or not they should be published. Based upon what is already right there in front of them. They will not edit a book for free simply because they think it's brilliant.

So if you are really at a loss as to why your book isn't getting a response, there are a few things you can do. You can look at a list of book editing prices, or google how much does it cost to hire an editor, or even try to find free book editing services. But you may be wasting your time. Because even a professional book editor will not finish your book for you.

You will have to do this for yourself.

That said, let's look at some ways you can fix your book and complete your manuscript.

Before you even think about paying for book editor software.

Book Publishers Want Something They Can Sell.

Which means they want something that people will buy. So if someone picks up a book in a store or looks at it online, they should immediately understand what they are looking at. And reject it or purchase it immediately. This is what major book publishers want. Firm decisions from their consumers. So they know exactly how to market your book. And then sell it to make a profit.

Maybe your book is just a million-dollar-ebook, waiting to help you get rich. But as long as book publishing companies can classify your book to make sales, they will publish it and promote it.

So how to edit your book becomes about making it about something everyone can understand at a glance. And you don't need any professional book editors to tell you that. So whether you have just started writing, or you have a finished manuscript, make sure that you can picture this book sitting on a shelf with all the other bestsellers.

It helps to write something either in a standard genre for novels - or a self-help book for nonfiction titles. Top book publishing companies are much more responsive if they know exactly what they are looking at. So if you are a first time author, you aren't doing yourself any favors when you try to write and publish something outside the box.

Learn more about writing what readers want here:

Book Publishers Want An Easy Read.

Book publishing companies will tell you this themselves. They are looking for serviceable writing. Which means that any reader should be able to look at the first chapter of your book and know immediately what is going on. So should a book editor.

Serviceable writing is considered to be a style of writing in which every word is functional. Meaning, your text should not only be enjoyable to read but also serve a purpose from which the reader benefits. Top book publishing companies will always ask, "What benefits does a reader take away from this book?" If there are none, even if it is a novel, they will take an immediate pass.

The top 10 publishing companies will also look at your word count - before they even look at your manuscript. If there are too few words, then there is nothing for the book publishers to sell because you have not fully explored the topic of what potentially may be a great title. If there are too many words, your book may lack focus. And as we talked about before, book editors will not wade through your hefty manuscript to find the hidden gem inside.

So it it wise, before you even start writing, to get a word count from the top 20 publishing companies of what they will consider appropriate for any novel or self-help book. Then make every word count - with enjoyable reading that has a benefit  for the reader in every chapter. And always gets right to the point.

Learn more about what kinds of writing publishing companies can sell here:

Book Publishers Want A Writer With Connections.  

But having connections doesn't mean who you know, it means how many people follow you on social media. It's called an author platform, and it means how many people that you - as an author - can reach.

This is different than a target audience, which is who many new writers mistakenly write for. But just because you write a children's book or a romance doesn't mean that people who read these kinds of books will respond. Because now your intended audience is really just a demographic. So even though writing a book in a specific genre will help you with major book publishers, telling them what target audience will buy it won't.

They have to see people respond to you first.

Which unfortunately means working with social media to get followers. And don't think you will become exempt just because you have a book deal. All book publishing companies seeking new authors will demand that you keep an internet presence once they sign you. To keep selling more books. And publishing companies will want you to keep connecting with new readers to sell even more books.

Book Publishers Want You To Do Most Of The Work.

You may not be signed yet, but it will really help if you have thousands of followers from your blog or your Twitter account to bring to the party. Because you will already have an author platform. The ability to reach people.

Which will save a publishing company a lot of money in marketing your book. And if you already have followers, any of the top book publishers will look at this as money in the bank. More future book sales. And if you write with authenticity and serviceability, your followers become the target audience who will buy your new book.

And book publishers, as well as publishing companies, love that.

Because as we have talked about, book publishers are in the business of selling books. Like your future bestselling book. And yes, as you can see, you will be doing a lot of the work, presenting them with a finished product. But it will be worth it once you are a bestselling published author.

I know you can do it.

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