Book Publishing: How To Write A Whole Book Series

Book Publishing: The More, The Merrier
Book Publishing: The More, The More Profitable

If you want to make a living from book publishing, just writing one book won’t do it. Even if you sold 15,000 copies of your first book, it wouldn’t be enough to make a living. In order to make a living from book publishing, you will need to write many books.

So you think, "Okay, I'll write a new book every time I need some money. If I can learn how to write one book, I can write many."

But you forget how strenuous the book publishing process is for each new book.

And are you willing to start from scratch every time you need some cash? I doesn't work that way. You would drive yourself crazy, and that is not the point of book publishing.

Because you can’t start with a completely new topic every time you write a book and expect the cash to roll in.

Therefore, writing a series of books is much more practical and also much more profitable. It's also the easiest way to publish a follow-up book once you have one successful book. Plus, the major book publishing companies don't want just one book if it sells. They want to publish more books just like it  for more guaranteed sales.

So you need to publish your own book in such a way that you can easily write a whole series to follow it. If you want to make a living at writing books. And it really is the easiest way to publish a book and make a lot of money doing it as you continue to write more.

Profitable Book Publishing: Start your book series with an ebook.

An ebook is something you can write fairly quickly, publish immediately, and then use to promote yourself and your future book publishing. For example, if you write about fitness, publish an ebook with fifty weight-loss tips. Or twenty-five effective dumbbell exercises. Then sell it for ninety-nine cents or give it away. Eventually, you can give it away as a freebie to promote your real fitness book when it comes out.

And this works with any subject where you want to start self-publishing right away. So if you have some ideas right now, but not a lot of book publishing experience, e-book publishing is the fastest way to start in the book publishing process.

You can start by browsing the internet for "how to publish an ebook step-by-step." Any article on ebook publishing should cover the following points:

  • Kindle direct publishing
  • How to publish an ebook on Amazon
  • Ebook publishing platforms
  • Lulu self publishing
  • List of book publishing companies
  • How to publish an ebook for free
  • Self-publishing company reviews
  • Worst self-publishing companies
  • Best self-publishing companies 2018
  • How to self-publish your own book for free
  • How to publish an ebook and make money

The best self-publishing companies will publish your book for free, with free publishing software: including book cover, editing, and page layout software. The self-publishing companies to avoid are the publishing companies that charge upfront fees. Legitimate publishing companies never charge to use their standard services, unless it is for book printing costs.

Here is some more information about how to start your writing career with ebooks:

Profitable Book Publishing: Give your first book somewhere to go.

Let's start with the title of your first self-help book. We'll talk about novels in a moment.

For self-help books, by using words like “basic,” “beginning,” “starting,” “fundamentals,” “introduction to,” “essentials,” and “guide,” in your first title, you not only suggest that this book is for beginners but you also leave room for yourself to write a whole series of follow-up books. Books that cover more advanced and specific techniques.

People who enjoyed the first books will naturally buy the following volumes. While at the same time, you will pick up more advanced readers who are already familiar with the basics of your topic. Now you can see why writing a series of books is better than just writing one. Because you can appeal to several different target markets by expanding on the same idea.

You can even keep the same cover for each one by just changing the title. By doing this, you can also go to the best book printing services and get better book printing prices when the cover only has minor changes.

Now, if you are writing fiction, create an open ending for your first story. For example, "Yes, the crime-at-hand was solved, but the ominous note at the end suggests that there is more to come from the killer. Who was never found."

But they will be - in your next book.

And this is important. Because if there is any possibility for more books in the series, fiction book publishing companies are more likely to pick it up. Especially book publishing companies in New York, who only invest in authors who can provide guaranteed future sales from book titles in a series.

And even children's book publishing companies want a series of books with guaranteed future sales.

Profitable Book Publishing: Pick a topic you can write about endlessly.

If you can say everything that you have to say about a topic in one book, that’s fine. But when you have to start all over again every time you finish writing a book, it can become disheartening. There's nothing like scoring a book deal from one of the book publishing companies in NYC and then having nothing left to say on the subject every one else loves so dearly. What do you do then? And what will you write about now?

So instead (and before you write anything else), spend some time finding a topic that fascinates  you. Your obsession.  Because your obsession will fill a whole series of books. And you will find yourself spending less time on book publishing and more time answering emails.

Even if you have to start by publishing with one of the free book publishing companies. Because no book publishing companies are interested. But keep in mind, even if you have to learn how to print your own books, this is still a skill in itself.

And this will give you the time to have a whole arsenal of material ready to go when one of the major book publishing companies contacts you.

Because they will still want a whole series of books.

And you'd better be ready. Because one day, you will be sitting around and thinking about the days when you learned how to publish a book for free and how it taught you how to publish your own book and make money. Lots and lots of it.

I know you can do it.

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