Book Writing Will Make You Question All You Know

Book Writing
Book Writing Raises A Lot Of Questions

Book writing is a challenge. And writing your first book is the biggest challenge you will ever know. So to write and publish a book will make you question everything about yourself and the world as you know it.

This is because when you write and publish a book, to put your thoughts into published writing is different than writing a blog. And this is a journey that will reveal whether or not the real book readers are interested in your thoughts. Also, how they regard what you care about and what you think, even if you just epublish your own book.

Because book writing makes a statement. Your book writing is a beginning and an end as to how you view the world. And once you publish your book, you will see the world differently - and the world will see you for the first time.

So think, write, publish - and you will find yourself questioning everything you know. And the freedom to write and publish will push you past the limits of what you think you can endure.

Nevertheless, if you succeed at publishing a book, you will experience a triumph like none other on the planet.

So let’s look at some of the questions book writing will pose to you and how the answers will make your writing more profitable:

Book writing will make you question what people want.

If you write a book, will anyone want to read it? This is a question you must  ask yourself before you post your book online. Because even if you thought you knew exactly what people wanted to read, would you want to write this book to make money? And then put your name on it and wholeheartedly promote it? This is how book writing brings into question your whole relationship with the world around you.

Should you give them what they want or just write and self-publish anything you like? Because either way, people will have an opinion of you when they read your book. This is why many writers struggle with what they want to write about and how they want to address it. And some writers don't struggle with their opinions at all - but it's okay if you do.

Because it's also part of learning how to write a book.

So before you write a book, start with a blog. Only because writing a blog helps you form your opinions over time. Learning about how you feel about your own thoughts, and letting them mature over time is important. Putting them in writing on a blog first also let's you resolve how much you care about the world's opinion of you. It gives you time to collect your thoughts and evaluate them. Space to breathe. 

Way before you publish a book for free or even before you learn how to publish an ebook on Amazon.

Book writing will make you question what you think.

So along with choosing what topic you want to write and publish a book about, you will have to choose how you think about it. And what your family, friends, and the world at large will think when you write about it. Will they support you? Maybe they will, or maybe they won't.

Do you need them to?  

You might, and this will affect your book writing as well.

But if not, you will have more freedom to write and publish what you want. But what about the people who read your books? If someone recognizes you from a dust jacket, will they ask for your autograph? Or tell you that they think you should write and publish children's books instead?

Because your writing is not even worth it if they wanted to read books online for free.

It's called a bad book review. Are you ready for this?

You may have to be or maybe not. But these are good questions to ask yourself.

Because these are questions that subconsciously keep many writers from writing and publishing a book. And these self-doubts will always creep in. But you have to be strong. And to do that, you have to get support from somewhere. But maybe not a writer's group.

However, on a different note, you can get help from free book writing sites. A free online book writing website will help you format and self-publish your book. It may sound like a small thing, but it isn't.

Because if you are having problems writing a book, the last thing you need is having problems with your self-publish book printing software at publishing time. It sounds like a little thing, but free book writing sites can help you with software when you feel like giving up. At the same time when you feel like no one supports your writing.

In fact, mastering book writing software will give you that last bit of confidence you need to write and publish your book.

Book writing will make you question who you are.

Do you have a liberal or a conservative approach to book writing? It's a loaded question, but readers will want to know. Do you want to self-publish children’s books, or do you want to publish your book as adult fiction? Are you educated or folksy? Can you sound educated? Identify with other people? These are all questions that will come up when you write and self-publish online or anywhere else.

Because when you start to write and publish online, you may have a specific approach at first. But when you realize that thousands of people will be reading your book and commenting about it online, does this realization make you hesitate? And what if there are typos or grammar errors?

And what if your target audience doesn’t respond? Like you hoped they would?

And what exactly is a target audience?

But don't let any of these obstacles make you ask the question, "Should I self-publish my book?" Publish your book anyway.

Overcoming your fears of book writing.

Because when you put it all together, writing a book that will be published as a bestseller is a little more intimidating than any of us would care to admit. But it doesn’t have to be. Before you start writing on anything, here are a few things you can do:

  1. Pick a subject on which you can write a whole series of books. Not just one book.
  2. Come up with the titles for all of these books. This may take a while, but planning out your future book possibilities is a big part of writing for a living. And this is your goal.
  3. Start writing a blog. Not to get followers, but to connect to others on the same subject, to see what they are thinking, and to get into the habit of writing and publishing daily - without fear of reprisal. And make sure to write your blog posts around your future book titles in order to flesh them out.

By writing online, your writing style and your approach to your subject matter will develop over time. And in a few months, you will have the book writing experience and feedback that will help you start writing your new book much more productively. And make it a bestseller.

I know you can do it.

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