Brand Strategy: Be Consistent, But Be Yourself First

Your Brand Strategy Should Be Distinctive As You Learn How To Write
Your Brand Strategy Should Be Distinctive As You Learn How To Write

Brand strategy for writers means developing a long-term plan for an author's name that is long-lasting. And when you learn how to write a book, this is the first thing you should think about. Because you want to make a living as a writer. Not just talk about writing and developing books on the internet.

Brand strategy has everything to do with being an author or selling books. Because as a writer, you actually become your brand. People want to know who you are after they have read one of your books. Or even before they will read one of them. So your brand strategy as an author is to become yourself first. (Know who you are.) And then follow through with presenting a consistent and evolving image to your followers.

Brand Strategy For Authors, Tip #1: Find out who you are as an author.

You can start with a separate username on Twitter. One that is specifically used for your writing. If the old adage is true, that you are the company you keep, then you need to follow people who you want to emulate as a writer on Twitter. Following like-minded people on Twitter is like getting on a super-information highway where you can keep current on everything you want to write about.

You can also follow your author interests. Like art, books, sports, travel, food, and anything that has something to do with your writing. And don’t mix your personal twitter username with your author account. Your author following should be all about your brand as a writer. I.e., your public persona: likes, dislikes, and opinions.

Find out more about choosing a pen name here:

Brand Strategy For Authors, Tip #2: Now, what are your followers thinking?

Since no one physically needs to buy books for survival, books become an emotional purchase. Which makes it extremely important for you to connect with your readers on an emotional level. And while I am sure you are already aware of this, your brand strategy dictates that you develop and nurture this relationship continually.

Which means that you need to stop re-tweeting quotes from famous dead authors and focus on quotes and snippets from your own writing. People want to hear what you have to say, and when they re-tweet your original thoughts, the results speak for themselves. You will sell more books as more people buy into your original persona on a daily basis.


Brand Strategy For Authors, Tip #3: Finally, be consistent.

Anything you say on Twitter, Facebook, or other social media has to constant and evolving. The mood of your personal posts and tweets may be all over the place as your opinion and your audience changes. That’s what makes you an individual. But people look to an author for consistent and reliable opinions.

Opinions that are your own.

That’s why they follow you.

So on your author account, you can’t repost or re-tweet something just because you think it is a moving or funny piece of news.  Not if it doesn’t build your author brand. And while you should always support and encourage your fellow writers, the majority of your tweets and Facebook posts should be your own original thoughts. Ones that consistently develop your brand.

That’s your successful brand strategy as an author.

I know you can do it.

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