Business Writing: Write A Best-Selling Book Proposal

Business Writing: Bringing In The Sheep
Business Writing: Bringing In The Sheep

Business writing, like writing a book proposal to sell your book, is just as important a part of publishing as writing the manuscript itself.

This is something that many first-time non-fiction book writers and novelists learn the hard way. And although a finished manuscript acts as a book proposal for a novel, you will still need a description to sell it.

A sample book proposal template will give you the format publishers want, but let’s look at some less tangible qualities that every publisher has to see in a competitive book proposal. And how to improve your effective business writing skills as an aspiring author.

Business Writing For Books: What Are The Benefits Of Your Book?

Of course you will list the features of your book - like a title and word count, the structure of the book, and the sample book proposal table of contents - if you already know how to write a book treatment. But what publishers really want to know is what benefits  a reader will take away from your book once they have read it. In other words, what will a person be able to do or understand differently once they have read your book?

This is how publishers sell your book to their readers.

So you will need to look at some kind of sample business letter format that talks about the benefits of a book versus its features. And this kind of professional business letter format is important to follow when learning how to write a non-fiction book proposal. So that a publisher won't dismiss your book proposal at first glance as amateurish-looking. Because you haven't listed any benefits for the reader in your sample book proposal.

You can find many websites with a non-fiction book proposal example online. As well as more details about how to write a non-fiction book proposal, how to write a poetry book proposal, how to write an academic book proposal, how to write a book proposal for fiction, and a memoir book proposal example, along with a sample business format. You can even take a business writing workshop for book proposals.

But in the end, you will still have to have a list of benefits for your readers in any business writing samples. 

Which has a lot more to do with what's in your book than it has to do with a professional business letter format.

And the benefits for a specific target audience will have to be clearly spelled out. Having a target audience is the next step in how to write a book treatment.

If you want a publisher to take you seriously.

Business Writing For Books: Who Is Going To Buy Your Book?

Book publishers are looking for immediate sales to a singular target audience. And even writing something like a children's book proposal sample for a certain age group doesn't factor in. You will still have to prove to a publisher that these readers will want to buy your book.

So your book treatment will also have to follow the best business writing templates to show how your book will excel in the current market.  

A good way to start, is to find some business writing samples that talk about what other books in your genre are selling at the moment.

Think about what kind of language other writers are using in their sample book proposals. What kinds of keywords. Especially the descriptive words for your book genre. Having the current industry jargon in your own proper business letter format is the key to prompting a response from a publisher. And you will know when you have found examples of good writing samples for book proposals.

Because you will get excited about promoting about your own book.

But what if you don't see your book reflected in any sample book proposals? Then you will have to ask yourself some questions.

Questions like: Is your book complementary to what's already out there? Is it the next step? Or a complete departure from what’s currently on the market?

Be careful in your new business letter writing examples if any of this is true. Because in writing your first academic book proposal, or any other types of business writing samples or book treatment, you will have to address this issue. Explain how your book will appeal to a target audience by referencing and comparing other successful book proposal samples. Your sample author bio for your book proposal may also explain why your approach is different.

Publishers simply don't take chances on an unproven audience these days, and neither do literary agents. But let's look at how including a target audience in your book proposal will appeal to a publisher.

Business Writing For Books: How Do You Plan To Promote Your Book?

You would think that if a publisher accepts your manuscript for publishing, they will do all the promoting. Especially after reading all of the examples of business writings you will find promoting new books. But this is absolutely not true. And for this reason, you may even have to take a business writing workshop on book proposals. Because based on the very book proposal definition of how your book benefits readers, you will have to make many more business writing efforts to sell you book yourself. Much of it online.

So the effective business writing of your book proposal should include your social media statistics. And the more core followers you have, the better. As well, include a list of speaking engagements you can arrange, including virtual venues like podcasts. List any organizations you belong to, and any other outlets where you can make personal appearances to book buyers. Even social media followers count to some extent.

So start working on your connections now.

An emphasis on business writing and how to write a book treatment is not what you may have expected. As a new writer, you may have thought your book would sell based on its own merits. But business writing principles are an integral part of the communication process in the world of publishing.

If you are just learning how to write a book, start writing your book with the anticipation of promoting it. And by following these business writing tips, you will definitely have a best-seller on your hands.

I know you can do it.

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