Ebook Publishing Is The Easiest Way To Start Writing

Ebook Publishing And Self-Publishing
Ebook Publishing  And Self-Publishing Is Easier For New Writers

Ebook publishing and self-publishing may work better for you than traditional publishing if you are just starting out as a writer. Because here's the thing - self-publishing may be just what you need to use to find your voice as a writer.

Before you approach major publishers. 

And there is more than finding your voice to enjoy - if you start out in the self-publishing world. Because ebook publishing software programs are just the thing to help you get you started as a writer if you don't know anything about formatting a book. This makes self-publishing a solid way to start if you have never written or published a book before.

And when you self-publish successfully, you can capture the attention of real publishers without the pressure of writing the perfect query letter. And then getting rejected. Or never hearing back.

And you can do this with successful ebook publishing.

Because what you will find (if this is your first time writing a book) is that the task of writing a paperback or hardback book and sending out query letters can become overwhelming. Along with no responses and no recognition of your work.

And then what if you can't finish your full-length paperback book within a year of starting it?

Because this is when an underwhelming feeling starts to come over every writer - once they finish two or three chapters and then run out things to say. Or run out of their initial enthusiasm to write a book.

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Couple this with all of the formatting guidelines that go into publishing a book, and a new writer will run out of steam long before they finish writing a book or a manuscript. Especially if they have no help from a publisher.

Then, when they realize how long and involved writing a real book is, they give up.

But this doesn't have to happen.

Because anyone can learn how to publish an ebook on Amazon. And it's not about how to sell ebooks on Amazon and make money. It's about learning how to make an ebook to launch your writing career. By learning how to successfully self-publish.

Because here’s another thought about ebook publishing as opposed to querying traditional publishers:

What if, after you put in a year’s worth of work, no one wants to read your book?

That's another career killer for many new writers.

This is why ebook publishing is the introduction many new authors need to write their first book and then really succeed at publishing it.

First of all, it’s free to publish an ebook (Amazon, iTunes, etc.). And then there are also many online tutorials that will walk you through the process of how to write an ebook for free. And help you through the process of how to self-publish.

So as a new writer, you should google these keywords to help you learn how to write an ebook faster:

  • Ebook Publishers List
  • Amazon Publishing
  • Lulu Publishing
  • Other Free Ebook Publishers
  • Ebook Distribution Platform
  • Ebook Kindle Direct Publishing
  • Top Ebook Publishers 2018
  • How To Publish An Ebook For Free
  • Creativist Ebook Software
  • Ebook Software For Windows
  • Free Ebook Creator Online
  • Kindle Ebook Creator Software
  • Self-Publishing Companies

But learning how to write an ebook is much more than just researching free ebook publishers and ebook publishing platforms.

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And here's something else to think about. Ebook publishing is also very forgiving in several other different ways:

Books written for ebook publishing can be really short (as little as 5,000 words).

This is probably the best reason to look into ebook publishing.

Because 5,000 words is an achievable number of words to write for anyone. This number of words also makes the title of the ebook very focused. Which means that if someone needs a quick answer, or just a short story to read, they can go right to your ebook. Ebooks are also inexpensive to buy (free or ninety-nine cents). So readers are much more likely to take a chance on a new author when it doesn’t cost them much in the way of time or money. Especially when they can read your self-publishing on their smartphone for free.

Because sometimes it's not the price of the book that stops an avid reader from buying into a new author. It's the fact that they don't want to waste their time on a new author to find out if the writing is any good. They would rather go with a writer they already know. So a short ebook is a good introduction to readers if you have never written anything before.

In addition, how to format an ebook for Amazon is extremely simple. So if you are writing a book for the first time, you won't get bogged down in traditional publishing formats. With e publishing software, you will be able to write an ebook fast. And then succeed with self-publishing.

This is because with ebook publishing, you can skip most of the constraints of publishing a physical book.

Since ebook publishing is electronic, e book publishing software will do most of the formatting for you. And later on, you can change your ebook or update it at any time. Which means that you don’t have to worry about the little things like typos. And you can also go back and make changes awkwardly worded passages. Or delete them altogether. You can also fix any other errors in continuity or erroneous information. You can even change the title and the cover.

So if you are a writer who is nervous to publish because of possible mistakes, go ahead with an ebook. Once you solve the question of, "How does Kindle publishing work?" There’s nothing you can’t correct later on. You can even take the ebook off the market altogether if you like. But the best thing about ebook publishing is that the ebook is formatted by the company who sells it. It's like having the ultimate ebook creator. So there’s no formatting for you to ever worry about.

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You can sell your ebook publishing through your own efforts.

You don’t have to pay anyone to market your ebook. (Although, you may have to pay someone to design the cover.) But the rest of the marketing efforts are your own sweat equity. Blogs, tweets, and Facebook are the best places to market your ebook, which you can do after you have taken a Kindle Direct publishing tutorial.

Social media is also the place to get feedback as well. And based on the responses you get, you can rethink your ebook and improve it. This is just one more reason why ebook publishing is the best place for new writers to test the waters before committing to writing a full-length book.

But it's not about how to write an ebook in one day. Or about writing ebooks for a living. It's about how to write an ebook for free so that you can learn how to write a book without paying anyone a lot of money.

And then making it a bestseller.

I know you can do it.

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