Ebooks: The First Step To Writing A Bestseller

Publishing Ebooks First May Be Better
Publishing Ebooks First May Work Out Better

Writing ebooks for Amazon may not be the quick money maker everyone says it is. And even if it is, if you are working on writing a serious book - then how to write an ebook fast - and how to make money selling ebooks may not interest you.

Nevertheless, writing ebooks is a smart way to start writing a future bestseller. You may not want to learn about writing ebooks for a living, but knowing how to write an ebook to learn about the world of self-publishing - before you finish writing your first book - will save you an endless amount of frustration.

This is because you don’t want to hand over a cherished manuscript to Amazon or Barnes & Noble if you have little or no experience in self-publishing. Learning how to write a book at the same time you learn how to self-publish can be extremely upsetting.

You may even have some deep regrets.

Writing Ebooks First Makes Sense.

So the best thing to do if you are new to self-publishing is to learn how to write a successful ebook. You have nothing to lose by learning how to create an ebook for free and then publishing it. (You can even use a pen name if you don't want your name on the book you are writing.) But you have everything to lose by sending your first serious book out into the world of self-publishing all alone.

Learning how to make an ebook for free is the smartest way to learn about the pitfalls of writing and marketing a book online. Because reading the Amazon publishing submission guidelines is one thing. Applying them in real life is another.

But the main thing about learning how to create an ebook to sell is that you will finish it. This is the most important step to writing your first book. Because you may find that if you have half a book sitting on your computer, you will never finish. Or you may have a book that is 30,000 words too long  that you can't edit.

But learning how to publish an ebook and make money is a complete process. You can learn how  to write an ebook in one day. Once you know how to write an ebook fast, you can go through the whole publishing process quickly. It will help you figure out what it wrong with the real book you are writing now. Then you can go back and fix it and turn it into a bestseller.

That said, here are three ways learning how to write an ebook and sell it online will help you in the process of writing a real bestseller.

1. Publishing ebooks online means you can learn from your mistakes.

The main difference between traditional publishing and learning how to do an ebook on Amazon is that you can make changes at any time. Even after your ebook is published. This means that you have zero errors to worry about.

Because once you learn how to use the free ebook creator online, you can change the cover art, change the interior content, change the author, change the title, and fix the typos. You can take out a chapter, add a chapter, or take the book off the market entirely.

It’s all up to you when you are publishing ebooks. And it’s the ability to change your book that is the most important. Because the opportunity to fix glaring errors will give you the confidence to publish your real books. Without being locked into any formatting or writing mistakes. And especially since your book will go fairly unnoticed at first, changes are quick and easy to make.

2. Publishing ebooks becomes an experiment in book marketing.

If your ebook isn’t selling, this is where you can start making changes to see what the reading public is buying. A small change in the cover art, the book description, the price, or the title may make a noticeable difference in responses.

In fact, you can even write a short ebook just to see if there is an audience for your topic. Before you spend a whole year writing a book of which you cannot possibly gauge the interest level. The topics that people respond to (and those they don't) may surprise you. And it’s better to experiment on learning the ebook topics that sell. Before you write something you are investing your life and soul into - that no one is interested in buying.

Because you don't want to panic when your first real book doesn’t sell right away.

And you don’t know what to do because you don't know why.

3. Publishing ebooks allows you to learn the technical side of the book trade.

If you have the money for a vanity press to format and advertise your book, that’s great. But if you have to do everything yourself, it’s better to figure out all of the technical stuff on a short ebook. Because there are many, many standards for book layouts in the publishing industry.

And people will disregard your book if it looks amateurish, no matter how well it is written.

Things like cover art, interior fonts, page size, margins, interior illustrations, correctly formatted computer files, and many other design elements will quickly become a nightmare if you are publishing a full-length hard-copy book on your own. And this is not the time you want to learn anything technical on the computer.

When you are also worried to the core about whether or not anyone will like your writing.

Publishing ebooks is much more forgiving, with free formatting tools and lots of tutorials. And this is where you can learn most of the technical stuff. And to help you out, you can either purchase an app like ebook software for Windows or you can use a free ebook creator online like Kindle ebook creator software. There are even apps like free ebook templates for Microsoft Word to start you off. And you can take your ebook and learn how to publish a paperback book on Amazon if it turns out to be a bestseller anyway.

Learn how to make money with ebooks free first. You will feel much more comfortable when it comes time to publish your first real bestseller. Because once you have been through the wringer with how to write an ebook and sell it online, you can publish a real bestseller. No problem.

I know you can do it.

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