Free Blog Sites May Launch Your Writing Career

Free Blog Sites
Free Blog Sites Create new Writing Ideas

If you are a writer, you have probably tried free blog sites to start writing for the people who will buy your future books. It makes perfect sense. Because first of all, you are writing something that anyone can read. And at the same time, you are already technically published as an author.

That's the power of free websites.

However, if no one follows you (and you sort of run out of things to talk about) your new blog will get old quickly. And now it is probably just sitting there. Doing nothing.

You may check it every once in a while out of curiosity - but the moment has passed. The passion to make a blog that will make you rich and famous is gone.

So let's change that.

Let's learn how to create a blog that says something about you. And also has followers, and makes you feel empowered.

And take heart - learning how to use free blog sites the way they were meant to be used will give you a voice that cannot be ignored.

So now it's time to learn to use free blog sites to launch your writing career.

Free Blog Sites: What Is A Successful Blog?

A blog is really just a web page where you can write and publish your thoughts for people to read. And here's the good news: there are many websites that will let you publish free private blogs. And starting a private blog only takes a few minutes. But here's the not so good news: it means that along with you, millions of other writers who are also trying to become influential bloggers can create a blog too. So you will have to learn how to blog successfully to separate yourself from the masses.

And you would think the most influential bloggers would be the professional writers with the most credentials. Which gets them a paid blog.  But this is not always the case. Because if you have a valid opinion, you can write a story online and create a successful blog that makes using free blog sites worth your while.

So blogs for new authors with free websites can be just as successful as famous writers with paid ones.

Free Blog Sites: How To Create A Blog.

Free blog sites are easy to create and there are many free online blogs for writers to choose from. And all free writing websites for adults come with a free website builder along free website templates. These are also free blogging tools that help you create a blog without knowing anything about  how to set up a free blog site.

And the two top free blogging sites for writers (the best sites for beginners) are a Google free-blogger website, or a free WordPress blog template. Either one of these free blog sites can teach you how to make a blog for free.

But neither Blogspot or WordPress websites will necessarily teach you how to get paid for writing.  This is a very different from setting up a blog site - which anyone can do. And the writing online part is why you may have given up on free blog sites the first time around. So let's look at writing online in a way that makes free websites more productive.

Free Blog Sites: The Best Way To Start A Blog. 

The best way to start a blog is to introduce yourself and what you hope to accomplish. And different kinds of blogs will accomplish different kinds of things. Nevertheless, the most popular types of blogs are the ones that state exactly what they are about. At the very beginning.  And the best free blog sites will make a bold statement right away.

So before you start writing blogs, think about what you will be writing. More importantly, think about who you are trying to reach. When someone finds your blog, they should immediately stay. Or immediately leave.  That's how specific you should be. Because the viewers that stay will be your followers. The ones who also want to read your creative writing blog. They will also be interested when you are writing a book.

We don't care about the rest of them for the time being.

Free Blog Sites: How To Build A Blog.

How to build a blog sounds like we are talking about how to create a blog on Blogspot or how to make a WordPress website, but it isn't.  There is a free Blogger website builder and a free WordPress website builder to help you build your writer blog. There is also a Blogspot tutorial for beginners on how to create a Blogspot blog. As well, there is free WordPress help to answers most of your questions about how to set up a WordPress website. (Especially using WordPress to build a website is very easy.)

So what we are talking more about here is how to establish a blog. Which means first learning how to drive traffic to your blog, and then how to increase traffic to your blog. These are the people who will follow your blog and keep your writing motivated.

And once you have created your blog and you have introduced yourself and what you plan to do, it's time to start writing online.

Free Blog Sites: How To Become A Writer.

Since what we are really talking about is how free websites will help you learn about writing, let's talk about that now. Because once you know how to blog online for free, it's really just a matter of how to write a blog post in a way that people will respond and follow you.

So once you have introduced yourself and stated your purpose, the best blog writing tool you can use is something called keywords. Keywords are the words you type into your browser when you are looking for something on the internet. For example, if you were looking for t-shirts online, you might type in the words "cool t-shirts" or "cotton t-shirts." If you take your own blog topic that you are writing about online and do some keyword research, you will also find what types of keywords people are looking for with regards to your topic.

For more information about writing online with keywords, you can go here:

Then you can start writing online with your own opinion that people will want to hear. And people will always want to hear from you if you speak in your own voice.

Because you have already stated the purpose for your blog right up front.

So now, by taking keywords that are trending, and writing about them, what you are talking about is also relevant to what people are searching for. This means that when viewers come to you website, not only will they be in the right place, but they will also find information that is helpful or stories that are engaging.

This is how you use free websites to become a successful writer and launch your writing career.

I know you can do it.

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