Get Rich Quick With The Right Pen Name

Get Rich Quick Under Another Name
Get Rich Quick Under Another Name

Many writers get rich quick by writing a novelty ebook with a clever pen name.

Or so they claim. And although this may not be what you are looking to do right now, it can be a lot of fun thinking about it. And it's not a bad way to launch a writing career. Because let's face it, you can write an entire novel and then when it comes time to put your real name on it, you start to wonder what people will think.

How they will judge you.

And if your writing is at all inhibited by what others think, your creativity and confidence will go right out the window. And this in not how people get rich quick from writing. Ever.

So if you find yourself carefully wording sentences and wondering if you have gone too far, you need a pen name. A fake name that will allow you to express yourself and get rich overnight online. Well, it's not really not so much one of those get rich quick ideas as it is a way to cure writer's block. Nevertheless, unless you free up your inhibitions and your creative thinking, you may never learn how to become wealthy in 5 years or less by writing books.

Get rich quick by choosing an appropriate pseudonym.

Depending on what you are writing to get rich quick, you will need to choose an appropriate pen name. Many writers simply use their initials when they are publishing a book. This is the most popular way of how to become rich and famous overnight. And J.K. Rowling and E.L. James are just two examples of how to actually get rich quick this way.

Stephen King used the name Richard Bachman so he could publish more books per year, his method of how to become rich in a short time. Samuel Clemens wrote his first humorous story under the name Mark Twain as his way of how to get rich fast and easy as a writer. Of course, these two nom de plumes came about from references in the author's lives.

You may not have these kinds of references to draw upon. But you do have the internet to help you learn how to make money online. And you can go online and use a pen name or fake name generator. This will help you come up with the perfect pen name that you can use for your best-selling books. To get rich overnight online.

Now that you have a pen name, you need to use it in your writing quest of how to get rich quick for free. (I am assuming you have no money to publish a book.) So the easiest way to of how to become wealthy with no money is to write ebooks. This is because the combination of a pen name that stands out and a short ebook that looks interesting is the perfect combination for how to make money online.

Get rich quick by writing a short humorous ebook.

Writing and publishing humorous ebooks is an easy way of how to get rich online for free as a writer. Although pen names like Anita Job and Mike Raffone are very grade-school, you can make up a funnier pen name that goes perfectly with the right amusing title. And a seventy-five page humorous ebook may be just the thing to provide some levity to your real writing. Plus, with a pen name, you can write any kind of humor or comedy you like.

And all too often we see someone with a real sense of humor waste it. They do this mainly by posting free daily humorous memes and other jokes. And a lot of times it's under a pseudonym anyway. What this writer should really do is put it all together into a short comical ebook and get rich quick.

Get rich quick by writing a short terrifying ebook.

Gothic novellas, slasher stories, and regional hauntings are all good ideas for a series of macabre ebooks. And if you are a great storyteller, this is the perfect way of how to get rich with no money or education. With the right pen name, some imaginative titles, and some intriguing cover art, this is one of those get rich quick schemes that work.

Nevertheless, many talented writers in the horror genre spend their time writing fan fiction. For free, helping someone else learn how to win the get rich online game of writing. Or they start writing a full-length novel they never finish. Instead, it is much better to start writing and publishing your own stories as ebooks. This is how to get rich from nothing by writing horror.

So if you write horror, pick a ghoulish nom de plume. Or use a fake name generator to create some fiendish character names. And get rich quick with a gruesome series of horror stories published as ebooks. Then write your first book when you have learned how people get rich from writing horror stories.

Get rich quick by writing a short romance ebook.

Some of the most obviously painful pen names come from the romance writers.

But you are a better writer than this. And so you will come up with a romantic pen name that will help you learn how to get rich in a short time. Also, a fake name generator from the UK works very well for characters if you are writing a series of royal romance ebooks.

And dashing off some 5,000-word ebook romances to sell on Amazon is also a fun way to get rich quick. Plus, you can write your short romance books as part of a serial romance. And release the next one as you can write it. This way, you can always write the next ebook in the series when you have time. And finally turn them all into one volume to sell as a full-length romance novel.

This works very well as a way of how to become a millionaire from nothing and get rich quick. Especially if you have to work full-time to make ends meet.

And even if you don’t get rich quick from ebooks written under a pseudonym, you will still enjoy the accomplishment of completing a writing project.  In addition, the experience of publishing an ebook will prepare you for when it comes time to publish the serious books you really want to write.

And you will already be closer to learning how to become rich and famous overnight.

I know you can do it.

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