Getting A Book Published With No Connections At All

Getting A Book Published Can Be Tiring
Getting A Book Published Can Be Tiring

Getting a book published can be a disheartening process. Especially if you are writing and publishing a book for the first time. And if you are tired of your blog, and have written only part of a book, you may be feeling very lethargic about continuing with learning how to write and publish a book.

And this is mainly because you have no connections in the publishing world. Which means you have no positive feedback from experts who matter. Or even just someone in the business to tell you about the steps to writing a book.

So when it comes to the book publishing process, you have no idea what to do next. Which is frustrating, because you may have had some positive responses. Which is encouraging. But none of them are from publishers.  And that leaves you with an uncertainty that is slowly becoming unbearable. And almost insurmountable.

Learning how to get started writing a book that will sell is a difficult process. But here are three steps to get you more connected, closer to publishing a book, and will also keep you motivated. Even when the right people seem to keep passing over your writing.

Getting A Book Published By Getting Connected, Step 1.

Start with some online research to see if you are following the right steps to writing a book and getting it published.

First, go to Amazon or Barnes & Noble and find any published books that are written on the same topic you are writing about. This may sound like one of the first steps to writing a nonfiction book, but it is also one of the first steps to writing a novel. This is because if you are publishing your first novel, chances are that someone has already written something identical.

You may not want to hear this.

However, because getting a book published is so easy these days, everyone with a laptop has written a novel similar to yours.

Okay, so maybe they did it poorly and it didn't sell. (Yours will so much better!)

But being aware of other authors published works is one of the most important steps to writing a nonfiction book. And also one of the biggest steps to writing a fiction book. Because no one likes a fiction book that is too close to the one that was written before it.

And as you do your research, make a list of the book titles and the author’s names. Because they will be your direct competition when you write and make your own book. Maybe you thought that once you learned how to self-publish online that the reading public would discover your brilliance. But all of these other published authors have gone through the same stages of book publishing that you have. And they aren't going anywhere.

Next, start following all of these authors on Twitter and Facebook.

This is to gather any information about them that made them successful. You can learn much more than you might think. Just by shadowing a successful author online.

Also, read their books. Generally speaking, if you have a library card, you can check out these books for free. And you can do this by simply downloading them onto your smartphone or computer and reading them online. Knowing about and connecting to other successful authors is your first step to getting a book published.

Getting A Book Published By Getting Connected, Step 2.

Your writing may be brilliant, but one of the most difficult steps to writing a book is to learn how to format a book for publishing. Formatting a book for publication on your own, including proper manuscript submission format, will try the patience of anyone. And the main thing that will frustrate you is learning how to make a word document into a book format.

The best thing to do is look at a sample book manuscript first.

And then, before you learn how to format a book for publishing, you will have to know how to format a word document for a book. If this sounds confusing it is, because it is two separate issues.  First, you have know how to make a book in word so that it meets standard book formats for publishing companies. The second issue is more of a technical one. That you know how to do a manuscript so that it can be uploaded to publishing websites. Remember, proper manuscript format is key if you want to be taken seriously as an author.

However, if your book is short, or you get stuck on formatting a book for publication, take what you have and publish it as an ebook on Amazon. This is a positive step - because you are now a self-published author.

This does not mean that you will sell any books.

However, just completing the process of self-publishing will give you a clear idea of what it means to publish a book. And then what it takes to promote it. In effect, just by going through the process of getting a book published, you have put yourself far ahead of the people that have never even gotten this far.

Learn more about publishing ebooks here:

Getting A Book Published By Getting Connected, Step 3.

Once you have learned how to write and publish a book, you may be a published author with no book sales. But you cannot let yourself be upset by this. Because the steps to writing a book also includes no initial book sales when you have no connections.

And this can eventually become as discouraging as being an author with no book. But now that you know your way around getting a book published, it is time to learn how to market your book. This will be a bit of trial and error. But if you are learning how to self-publish online, there are many writing websites with free advice on how to market your book with no money and no connections in the publishing world.

And keep in mind that your next book will go much faster. Then you will have two books and maybe a few sales. But if you are active on social media, you will also have a lot of colleagues online who know how you feel. And it doesn’t matter if you sell a huge amounts of books. Yet.

Because now you are part of a community of authors. And what you will find is that most of them went through this same process before they were successful too. So keep working at the steps to writing a book and getting it published, and you will be successful as well.

I know you can do it.

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