Grammar Check: Does Proper English Grammar Sell Books?

Grammar Check
Write First, Grammar Check Later

Grammar Check. It’s the last  thing you should think about when you are writing your bestseller. Read any bestselling book on the market today, and  you will able to be able to pick out the many grammar mistakes. Maybe even to the point that the author has ignored every basic English grammar rule there is.

But here's the basic English test question: Did you enjoy reading the book? If the answer is yes, then you know that while basic writing rules make a book easier to read, basic grammar rules for writing do not create a bestselling page-turner.

So if you have a compelling story, or a winning argument - let it live and breathe! Because this is what sells books.

Not the 12 basic rules of grammar.

And the only people who ever buy books about basic English grammar these days are the students who are studying to learn  English grammar. Real writers just look at The Chicago Manual of Style online when they need to reference a list of grammar rules. But no one is going to take a list of basic punctuation rules and correct your bestselling novel. They will just enjoy the creative licence you have taken with the proper English grammar rules you have chosen to ignore!

And wish they had done the same.

Nevertheless, you can always find a group of critics who talk about the decline of the use of proper English grammar. The lack of a grammar check in most writing. And the dumbing down of our nation. Since the early 1800's. 

But it’s all beside the point.

Because we can talk endlessly about the merits of a good grammar check.

And if you go to any writer’s forum, you will find out they already have. So instead, let’s look at what really goes into writing a bestseller, which is our ultimate goal. And we’ll worry about a grammar check later. After you have written the first three or four hundred pages of your best selling book.

So the main thing to talk about with regards to someone reading your book is this question: Does your book read well, and does it convey to the reader what you mean to say? If it does, then leave it alone!

Run-on sentences, sentence fragments, and punctuation errors are perhaps the biggest grammar mistakes. But does it really matter? If the reader understands your meaning, and wants to read more, are you going to pull out a proper English grammar check and stop the flow of your writing along with your train of thought? Please don't.  Because your reader doesn't care. They just want to see how your book ends.

And as a writer, you have to keep in mind that a reader has picked up your book for entertainment and enlightenment. Not for free basic English grammar lessons.  And always keep you reader in mind, for ease of reading, and the quick communication of your ideas. This is what makes for a bestselling book!

Go here for more information about English vocabulary:

Grammar Check: Bestsellers are actually more conversational.

Writing has evolved to the point where it is more enjoyable to read because it is more conversational. Stuffy, stilted, grammatically correct writing is off-putting to many readers. And that doesn’t make these readers uneducated. It makes them aware. Aware that just because a book is written in a grammatically correct fashion, it doesn’t make the book worth reading.

Because in addition to being conversational, a book that’s well-written will mainly have a lot of useful information. So as a writer, your research time is better spent reading about your subject matter. Not becoming the best grammar checker in the publishing world. Because if you write well enough, and so that enough people want to read what you are writing, you can hire someone to do a professional grammar check. Or at the very least, you can find a free online proofreading tool. Instead of wasting your time with free English grammar practice exercises.

What you should really concentrate on is writing down your spontaneous thoughts as you have them. And when you are writing on your computer, write how you speak. If you are writing on any word processor, it comes with a free grammar and punctuation checker and corrector. Use it! That's what it's there for. It's not like you are using a typewriter - where you will find grammar rules come in more handy. On a computer, you can write any way you want and grammar check it all later.

Grammar Check: So what are readers really looking for?

Readers are looking for valid, helpful, organized information presented in a conversational tone. Or a compelling story if you are writing a novel. In fact, a lot of helpful and timely information is what people enjoy reading about. So they can be informed. And they buy a book because they want something they can keep referring back to.

In the case of a self-help book, a person may rely on its information for a year or more. And then refer back to it for the rest of their life. This person doesn’t care about doing a grammar check on your writing. In fact, they may not even know which English grammar tenses are correct. But they do know that they like your style of writing and your information. (Or maybe the characters you have developed.)

And they need your relevant and impactful book to change their very existence. Really.  But they need to enjoy reading it. They don't care about the basic rules of grammar if they like your book.

Grammar Check: That’s why you have a computer.

You write on a computer, not a typewriter. And the free proofreading and grammar checker software available to you is why you write on a computer. Use them as needed, but write your bestseller first. In your own words and writing style. Then do a grammar check, if you must.

This is when you can go back and check your use of proper English grammar with a free sentence correction tool. Nevertheless, if anything sounds good when you read it out loud, keep it. Even if it breaks the basic English grammar rules. Remember, your readers have to like the tone and cadence of your writing style first. And what you are writing about. Otherwise, they won’t read what you have written in the first place.

And they need to read your book so that it will become a bestseller.

I know you can do it.

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