How To Get A Book Published On Your Own

How To Get A Book Published On Your Own
How To Get A Book Published When You Run Out Of Steam

How to get a book published on your own is something that a person usually asks when they are about two or three chapters or so into writing their first book. Or maybe they just have an idea and some notes. They wonder about how to get a book published because they have to decide whether or not it is worth their time and effort to finish writing it.

After all, if it’s that hard to publish a book, why waste all that time and effort?

Never mind the bother it is to get people to read it. Or take you seriously as a commercially viable book writer.

So let’s look at some ways of how to get a book published. While you are still in the beginning phases of writing your book. Then you can make a better decision of how to go forward.

How To Get A Book Published On Your Own: Self-publish.

It is easier than ever to self-publish a book at Amazon, iTunes, or Barnes & Noble (NOOK). And if you are writing your first book, even if it is barely reaching 3,000 words, you can publish it as an ebook on Amazon or iTunes. The possibilities are endless for short ebooks. So if you can't write any more of your book, and you get completely stuck, don’t try to write any more of it.

Instead, publish it as a short ebook for ninety-nine cents. You can then use it to learn about the world of marketing books and publishing. If you work at it for about six months or so, you may not make many sales. But then you will know  whether or not it is worth it to write a whole book. Because by the time you finish with marketing an ebook, you will have a complete education in writing, marketing, and selling a book online. So that the next book you write will be a full-length masterpiece. One that will make you lots of money.

How To Get A Book Published On Your Own: Traditional Publisher.

If you have a completed novel or nonfiction book proposal, it’s a good start. But you will need two other things to interest a literary agent enough to take your book to a publisher. (And yes, you need a literary agent.)

  1. An author platform, or people you can reach. This is a proven following of readers who you can sell the book to immediately.
  2. A genre that will sell. For novels, the genre should be something like crime story, mystery, horror, science-fiction, literary, romance, etc. For nonfiction, it will be self-help, history, or memoir. So if you only have a few chapters written, or even just an idea, it may be better to keep writing with these end goals in mind. If you don’t run out of things to say. If this happens, publish it as a short ebook.

How To Get A Book Published On Your Own: Vanity Press.

Vanity presses have been around for decades. They are merely publishing houses where you pay someone to format and publish a hard copy of your book. There may be distribution opportunities as well, but you are mainly responsible for publicizing and selling your own book.

But with the free publishing and distribution services at Amazon, why would anyone do this?

Here’s why. You may have never thought of writing a book at all, mainly because you don’t want your name out there as a floundering self-published author on Amazon. But many entrepreneurs like Marketing & Sales people, Stockbrokers, Personal Trainers, Chefs, Life Coaches, and Real Estate Brokers are finding that having their own book to promote their business is the best marketing tool they have ever used.

For example, if you are a personal trainer, you will get many more clients if you have a diet book to give to them when they sign up for a fitness program. Or if you are a stockbroker or a marketing person, you will get many more clients if you can give them a book on stock tips or how to increase sales through social media. If you are a chef, you can sell your recipe book in your restaurant. The cost of publishing the book will pay for itself in new billable clients. And make you a credible authority in your field of expertise.

Pick the way of how to get a book published that works for you and keep writing.

I know you can do it.

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