How To Publish A Book
How To Publish A Book That Can Compete In A Crowded Marketplace

Here is a simple framework of how to publish a book for first time writers who want to know more about how to get a book published, and also want to write something that people will enjoy reading.

Because writing for a commercial audience and publishing a book can be much different than writing online for your friends and family. But by following these six steps, you will be much further along in getting your first book published.

How to Publish a Book, Step 1.

Find some popular keywords. Because everyone who goes on the internet finds what they are looking for by using the keywords they type into their browser. But is anyone looking for what you want to write about? Before you start writing, you need to know that people are searching for your topic. A publisher and a literary agent will already know what people want to read. But they aren't going to tell you.  This is something you have to figure out during your first time writing a book.

So go ahead and type what you want to write about into your browser and do a keyword search for this topic. You may not find anything. Or you may find that someone is already publishing a book about this very same thing. Except that they have a doctoral degree and already have publishing companies interested. You will have to keep doing research until you find an interest in a topic that has no direct competition. Researching before you do any writing is one of the important steps to become a writer. And how to publish a book that people will buy.

How to Publish a Book, Step 2.

Before you start writing your first book, it is wise to write some practice articles and blog posts. This is also part of learning how to become a successful writer. And how to publish a book. Put your blog posts up on a website (or post them in your social media), and get some feedback. Does anyone respond? If so, they are your target audience. But these people may not be who you wanted to reach. How did this happen?

It has happened because you may be writing what you think people want to read. And because this is also part of the process of learning how to write a book. So you will need to do some more research before you think about publishing a book. Believe me, you do not want to go through the agony of self-publishing a book that no one buys. Or having book publishers reject you because you don't know how to publish a book yet.

Another thing you can try is a service like Google Alerts. This is a free web content monitoring service that takes your keywords like "how to write a children's story" and gives you daily content from around the internet when anyone writes about that subject. Once you see what others are writing and responding to with regards to your topic, you will have a much clearer picture of how to become an author.

How to Publish a Book, Step 3.

As you are writing your first book, you can talk about your own experiences. But you will also have to solve other people's problems as you learn how to publish a book. Which means that you will have to come up with some solutions if you are writing a self-help book. But make sure that what you are writing addresses the concerns of your target audience. So first, do some research on what problems modern society has with regards to your topic. This information will usually come from a free web content service like Google Alerts. Then write something that matters to someone, or benefits them. This is how to publish a book that becomes a bestseller.

How to Publish A Book, Step 4.

Brand yourself as an expert. Now that you have identified a problem to solve, what makes your opinion so valuable or so special? Make your voice matter right away and people will listen to you. Being an expert doesn't require a college degree, either. Branding yourself comes from your personal experiences in life and how you deal with them. And this is where becoming a writer later in life becomes an asset. Publishers for first time authors won't mind about the lack of credentials if your expert brand is clearly your experience.

This is another good reason why it is important to have a blog to learn how to publish a book. Book publishers and literary agents don't necessarily need to see a blog with a million followers. But they do need to see that you can reach a target audience consistently. And that target audience needs to be the one that buys your books.

How to Publish a Book, Step 5.

Publish a free report  to learn how to publish a book. Test the waters and see if anyone will take a free report from you in exchange for their email address. If they are interested enough to be put on a mailing list for future publications, you may have a bestseller on your hands.

Another good way to test the interest of a target audience is by publishing a book with Kindle free self-publishing. This would be your first time writing a book that the public could purchase. So there is a lot less pressure publishing a book this way. Especially if it is a short book you could sell for a dollar or give away free. And when you publish a book for free like this, you have Amazon Kindle help support to answer any publishing questions. Kindle direct publishing customer service will be your guide for how to become a published author.

And the best part about Amazon self-publishing is that your ebook can be changed as often as you like. You can change the book cover, the interior copy, and even the title until you get it right. And if you like, the Amazon Kindle publishing guide will show you how to turn your ebook into a paperback. Because Amazon publishing can also help you print your own book.

This makes getting your first book published much easier because you won't have to worry about things like typos and page set up. And because you can go back and change everything as you learn how to publish a book at the same time. And if your first time writing a book doesn't work out, you can delete it altogether and start over.

How to Publish a Book, Step 6. 

After you have been writing online for a while, take all of your most popular blog posts and articles and either write a book proposal or use them as a basis to self-publish your book. Or think about publishing a short ebook or paperback through free Amazon publishing. Either way, you will have a book that is already mostly written and already guaranteed to make some sales. Or get the attention of some publishing companies. Publishers for first time authors who will help you with the next steps of how to publish a book.

How To Publish A Book For Real.

Visualize the process of how to publish a book, and follow these publishing steps for yourself. And once you reach a certain point in your writing process, you will understand more of what we are talking about here.

I know you can do it.

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