How To Publish An Ebook That Will Make Money

How To Publish An Ebook That Will Make Money
How To Publish An Ebook That People Will Buy

Learning how to publish an ebook will make money faster than publishing a traditional paperback if you are a first-time writer. And learning how to publish an ebook is much simpler than publishing a paperback for several reasons:

First, once you find out how to publish an ebook for free, you will minimize the costs of publishing. Costs which can be a hindrance to first-time writers. This is good news if you are a new writer and have no money to invest in publishing a book. Second, there are no industry standards for how long an ebook has to be. So it can also be shorter than a traditionally published hard-copy book. This makes an ebook much more realistic to finish writing. And third, an ebook is also much easier to sell because it can be priced lower than a paperback or hardcover book.

So learning how to publish an ebook and make money becomes much more realistic than trying to write a full-length book. And then struggling to finish writing it. And then trying to find a publisher. Or trying to format, publish, and market it yourself.

But still, you will have to figure out how to publish an ebook that many people will want to buy and read.

If you want to make money by learning how to publish an ebook.

That said, here are three ways of how to publish an ebook step-by-step that will make you money:

How To Publish An Ebook That Will Make Money, Step #1.

One of the first steps to self-publishing an ebook is obviously to write it. But you can't just write about anything. Because in order to make money writing ebooks for Kindle (or any other ebook publishing platforms) you will have to write something that catches someone's attention. And then makes them want to download your ebook.

And the most successful Kindle Direct Publishing ebooks fall into four genres: self-help, humor, horror, and romance.

So pick the genre that most appeals to you first. Then you can get more specific.

Because if you want to know how to sell an ebook, write an ebook that is really specific. For example, if you write a self-help book, you only want to solve one problem. Like how to write a successful sales letter, or how to help a teenager deal with internet bullies, or how to get a higher return on your 401k investment plan.

If you write a humorous book, make it a series of funny jokes about one thing. A novella in the horror or romance genre should only have a few characters in it with some really intense action or feelings - and a strong resolve at the end.

And if you write about anything generic, people will skip your book and just read something else for free. You have to stand out from the rest of the ebooks and draw someone in with an intriguing slant on whatever it is you write about. Remember, you are competing against everyone else who knows how to write and publish an ebook for free.

This is where an enticing title becomes really important. A self-help title like “From Minimum Wage to Millionaire” will get a lot of attention, especially with a good book description. Or in the humor genre, "One Hundred Jokes For Married People" is specific enough for someone to download.

How To Publish An Ebook That Will Make Money, Step #2.

Make it personal. If you are writing a self-help book, it helps if you have gone through this problem and solved it for yourself. For example, dealing with the loss of a beloved pet. Maybe no one else understands. But you do, and your book will help an inconsolable pet parent get through the grieving process.

Make sure to include everything in your experience. Like how you made it through the day and what you missed most about your pet. Even the little things, like how you got to sleep at night without your pet around.

And if you want to make money Kindle publishing a humorous ebook, make the humor about yourself. The internet is a big place - and there are many people just like you who could use a good laugh at themselves to brighten their day. So when they see that someone just like them has a sense of humor about themselves and the situations they face every day, they will immediately download your book. Relieved to know that they are not the only ones who have to deal with the same things you do.

If you are self-publishing fiction, making it personal by writing about something you know very well. And something that you have experienced like no one else. The title is especially important here, if your goal is to be writing ebooks for a living.

How To Publish An Ebook That Will Make Money, Step #3.

Following these first two steps will help you learn how to write an ebook fast, but now it's time to talk about how to sell ebooks online. And creating ebooks for Amazon is probably the easiest way to do it. Although, in an ebook platforms comparison, many people find other self-publishing companies they like better. (However, you should check an ebook publishers list for more options. For example, google a list of top ebook publishers 2018.)

But the reason why Amazon Kindle publishing ranks higher is because the steps to self-publishing an ebook are spelled out for you there.

So how does Kindle Direct Publishing work?

How to start Kindle Publishing:
  1. Once you open an account, you will submit your title and all of your other book information to be able to make money writing ebooks for Kindle.
  2. Then you will need to produce some cover art for your ebook to submit to Kindle Publishing. Kindle Direct Publishing also has a free cover service, although the results may not be that desirable.
  3. The next step of how to make an ebook on Kindle is to upload the interior content of your book. This can be in a word document or a PDF file - as long as it adheres to Amazon Publishing submission guidelines. Kindle Direct Publishing will then automatically format your manuscript into book form for you. This is a real time saver if you are self-publishing.
  4. The final step in creating ebooks for Amazon with Kindle Direct Publishing will be to choose an ebook distribution platform. For example, you can choose to sell your ebooks with Amazon Publishing UK, or on any of their other ebook distribution platforms. And where you distribute your ebooks will determine what Amazon self-publishing royalties you will receive.

Self-publishing on Amazon Pros And Cons

There are just as many reasons to publish with Amazon Kindle Direct publishing as there are not to. So you should definitely read some Kindle Direct Publishing reviews before you do anything. Because you can also publish on Apple iBooks. Nevertheless, as far as ebook publishing sites go, Amazon Kindle is a user-friendly place to learn how to make money with ebooks for free. And how to publish an ebook that will become a bestseller.

I know you can do it.

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