How To Quit Your Job
How To Quit Your Job - Or Should I Quit McDonald's?

How to Quit Your Job is the dilemma that many aspiring writers face when they first decide to devote themselves to the craft of writing full-time.

Because if you have no money, how can you spend all of your time to writing when it doesn’t pay anything? But on the other hand, how can you write anything when you are exhausted from working at a full-time job?

And if you are thinking about quitting a job without notice, think again.

Because you don't want to live with your relatives just because you followed some inspiring "tips for quitting your job advice" and can't pay your bills. So don't quit your job now.

Not until you read this.

So while there are no easy answers for advice on quitting a job, we can talk about signs you should quit a job, and then how to leave a job gracefully when you are ready. Please don't quit your job today in a fit of misplaced carpe dium.

First, there are many signs you should quit a job, even though it may be a little early to review McDonald's quitting policy just yet.

10 Signs You Should Quit Your Job And Become An Author.

  1. You have written a professional resignation letter that is quite touching. It should be a book.
  2. Your quitting a job letter has turned into a book.
  3. Your resigning from a job letter has become several volumes in a series of books.
  4. Publishers are calling you about your take-no-prisoners "tips for quitting your job" book series.
  5. You have practiced what to say when you resign so many times, it sounds like you are reciting Shakespeare.
  6. You know how to resign from a job you just started the minute you walk in the door.
  7. Your resigning from a job letter has fifteen rewrites, none of which satisfy you.
  8. "What To Say When You Quit Your Job" is the title of your new blog post.
  9. Quitting a job without notice doesn't occur to you because you have so much to say.
  10. If you quit your job today, you would have nothing more to write about.

That said, it's obvious why you should quit your job and become a writer. Nevertheless, before you quit your job, you should know how to quit your job the right way. How to leave a job gracefully. If that's possible for you. If not, then you are definitely a writer.

How To Quit Your Job And Become An Author, Step 1. 

Vow never to take another job again. What this means is that you can take the job you have now, and do the best you can with it until you are sure of when it's time to leave your job for good. This is easier to do when you have made a firm decision to leave and know that it is only a matter of time. You will find that fewer things bother you when you have answered the question, "Should I leave my job?" Especially if you are no longer looking for a promotion at work. When to leave a job is up to you, but what to do when leaving a job is to give plenty of notice.

And when it's time to quit your job, offer to hire and train the next person. Who knows? You may get a different, better position because the company doesn't want to lose such a cooperative employee. Oddly enough, they may not even know you are this unhappy. Or that you want to be a writer.  But tell them everything from a position of strength. You may find that afterwards, you don't need any advice on how to quit a job.

How To Quit Your Job And Become An Author, Step 2.

Tell your writer friends, "I want to quit my job," and listen to what they have to say. They may try to talk you into quitting your job without another job. But don't do that. You may, however, stop hanging out with your non-writer friends and other people who take up too much of your free time. And also don’t want to be a writer like you.

Even just going to bed early and getting a good night of sleep will help you to focus on how to fix your current situation and become a full-time writer. If you have family obligations, tell them what you are doing. They may or may not be helpful (probably not). But they can be aware.

How To Quit Your Job And Become An Author, Step 3. 

Stop spending money on anything you don’t have to and pay off your credit cards. Take your lunch to work. Take public transportation. Don’t buy new clothes (you don’t care what you look like at work anymore). Buy everything second-hand. You are a writer now, people expect quirkiness and object poverty. Don’t disappoint them.

This is the unromantic part of how to quit your job and become a writer. But you have to break the cycle of working to pay for things you don't enjoy anymore because you don't have the time or energy to write. And you will find that your position to become a writer becomes stronger when you have some money saved.

So the real reason you need to know how to quit a job over the phone today is because you are miserable when you don't write. And even thinking about how to resign from a job you like is scary enough. But now that we know resigning from a job without notice is bad, it doesn't have to be this way.

In the end, how to quit your job is up to you.

First and foremost, figure out anything you can do to devote more time to writing. Even if it is just scribbling ideas down in a spiral notebook on your lunch-break. Your ideas will eventually form into something substantive. If you work on them every day. And there won’t be a need to think about how to quit your job today. Because in your mind, you will already be gone.

So it isn't so much about how to resign from a job immediately so you can start writing. It's about how to start writing every day so you can stop practicing what to say when you quit your job. And just do it.

And I know you can do it.

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