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How To Self-Publish
Learn How To Self-Publish Your Story, Your Memoir

How to self-publish your memoir (or how to write a book about one of your life experiences) is a question you may have asked because you have experienced something in life - and don't know how to write a book about your life and get it published. You may want to start working on your story, but you don't know how to start a memoir. Or even if you want to start one. And you certainly don't want to go to a publisher just yet.

Which leaves you wondering how to publish a book yourself with no one finding out. Which then leads you to writing a few pages of your story and not knowing where to go from there.

How to publish a book becomes a good question, along with how to write someone's life story. More specifically, how to write a book about your life.

Other questions about how to self-publish a memoir follow:

What are memoirs anyway, and why should I write a memoir? And how do you even start a memoir?

For answers to these questions, let's start by looking at the clarification of the word "memoir" vs. "memoirs." (While we also look at how to write a book about your life and get it published.)

How to self-publish your memoir (singular), is a much more suitable question than “How to self-publish your memoirs” (plural). This is because a memoir will cover only one section of your life. Which can be as short as a month or even a few weeks. When this time period in your life is that significant. Which it should be. Especially if you are learning how to write a book about yourself.

So the term memoirs (plural) refers to a book written about the sum total of your life experiences. And if you are a writer, you do not want to wait until your twilight years to start writing your first book book about your life experiences if that book is ready to go right now.

So the term “memoir” is much more fitting for our purposes. And something you can learn how to self-publish right now.

And the reason we are talking about how to self-publish is because unless you are a famous person, it is much more likely that you will have success if you learn how to self-publish your own book. Then look for publishers once you have a following.

So now let’s focus on the events or period of your life that led up to a significant turning point or revelation for you.

This is starting to sound like a bestselling memoir already.

How To Self-Publish Your Memoir: How To Begin A Memoir

If you are going through a traumatic experience or a life-changing event, keep a daily diary. A handwritten one is the best. You can write in it faster and reference it easier. You can also fasten other pieces of paper onto its pages. (Like ticket stubs from a concert.) But any kind of diary will do. You can make a video diary to use as an additional reference. But don’t rely on it too heavily to start writing a book. Remember, you are a writer, not a documentary maker, and a video diary will have a lot of extra stuff in it you won't want to use when you write your book.

Nevertheless, taking a lot of selfies can be helpful. Especially if you are going through a physical change. Like losing weight, overcoming an illness, or going to college. These are just a few memoir writing examples to get you started.

How To Self-Publish Your Memoir: How To Start A Memoir

How to start a memoir is different than how to begin the process of documenting your feelings. Because this is when you actually start writing your memoir for self-publishing. And if you want to write a book, where to start writing is the hardest part. So start writing from the first day you thought everything was changing. Talk about those first days of joy. Or fear. Remember, the first steps to writing a memoir is to talk about your feelings. This is how to write a book about your life experiences.

And you will probably want to start writing your memoir in first person. Also, you can go back and start your story from the rocky beginning or the successful outcome. Just make your memoir creative. It doesn't exactly have to be absolutely factual. It's more about feelings.

A memoir is not an autobiography, which is really more of a chronology of factual events that happened in your life. Conversely, the elements of a memoir are more like your perception of the events. And unlike an autobiography, a memoir is more informal because it is told in first person. So it can be more conversational.

Go here to learn more about writing autobiographies:

And keep in mind, a memoir is going to be an emotional chronicle of what you experienced during a period in your life. Since a memoir is your perception of the events that happened (and your feelings about it), a memoir should read more like a story or a novel. And if your memoir turns into a novel, you may not need to look into how to self-publish.

How To Self-Publish Your Memoir: Elements Of A Memoir

One of the elements of a memoir involves the other people that are a part of the story. And get permission from everyone involved before you look into how to self-publish your  book. If you are writing a memoir that includes other people and you use their real names, they might not like how you portray them. If they don’t give you permission to use their names, however, you can fictionalize the whole account and release it as a novel. Then you can write it in any way you choose and look into how to write a fiction book. This is actually better for some people when they are writing a book for the first time.

Other elements of a memoir include the setting, the theme, and the tone. However, the plot, the characters, and the conflict have already been decided. (Although you can embellish or enhance these elements of your memoir.) And the point of view is your own. You can look at some memoir examples, but stay away from the famous memoir examples, as they will not be similar to what you are self-publishing.

Once you are finished writing your memoir, you can look into how to self-publish your own book. The best self-publishing companies will have an online how-to guide to self-publish your book. For example, if you follow their directions, how to self-publish a book on Amazon is fairly straightforward.

Nevertheless, if you decide to go the fictionalized route, there is no reason not to present it to publishers in the first place. And enjoy the rewards of writing your first bestseller after you complete the steps to writing a memoir.

I know you can do it.

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