How To Write A Bestseller Without Selling Out

How To Write A Bestseller
How To Write A Bestseller The Way You Want

How to write a bestseller may be on every writer’s mind, but most writers still want to write a book their  way. And then  have it discovered and enjoyed by millions of people. Especially if they are writing a book for the first time.

And that’s great if you happen to unknowingly write something that millions of people will buy.  But what if you can’t?

How to write a bestseller becomes a big issue. Because you don't want to sell out - just to write what you hope  will be one of the best selling books of all time. And then have it fail.  Then, where is your insight as a writer? It's gone, along with your pride and credibility.

But it doesn’t have to be this way at all - writing what the masses want - and then losing your own voice and dignity in the process. Just to be the writer of a bestseller. This is not  the bestseller formula that anyone wants to follow.

So let's change the question from figuring out how to write a bestseller to something else. Because the question we are really asking here is not  how to write a book so that everyone wants to buy it - but rather, how to write a book that sells itself.

That said, here are four ways you can write what you want and still be the writer of a bestseller.

1. How to write a bestseller without changing the topic of your book.

It doesn't matter whether you are figuring out how to write a bestselling nonfiction book, or what makes a bestseller novel. You will still have the same dilemma in picking the subject matter that people want to read about. Millions of people. Something they haven't read before. Or a new twist on an old formula.

And readers love to discover new things. But they want other people to discover these new things for them. And then write top selling books about these new things. And then tweet to them about why they should like this new thing you have written about. So that they can tweet to their friends why they like it.

And quite logically, this is where you and your new book come in. Because in the course of your book writing, you will provide the new information on any topic that interests you and tweet about it to your followers. Followers who will also buy your book and then recommend it their friends because you told them why they should buy it. It's simply a matter of confidence on your part.

And to get started, scour the internet and find the new and diverse things about your topic that are fascinating, but not popular. Because once you write about them, they will be. And this is the first part of your new bestseller formula. How to write your book so that it will become a bestseller and still be about the topic you love.

And something new at the same time.

2. How to write a bestseller without having a popular opinion.

No one can fault you for writing your own opinion. However, they also don’t have to buy it. And don't try to suppose what people will like to read or not read. This is not  how to write a bestseller novel or nonfiction book.

Because you shouldn't change your opinion in the course of figuring out what makes a New York Times bestseller. So if you are writing from a point of view that isn’t popular or mainstream, don’t feel like you have to alter or water down your opinions to sell books.

Instead, you just have to package  your opinions and experiences so that the masses can get on board. Make them appealing. So how to write your own book and make it a bestseller is still about expressing your own view of the world. But in the way the world wants to hear it. This is how to write a book about your life.

For example, if you are learning how to write a bestselling self-help book, you may not have a college degree in your subject matter. So your method of financial investing or how to lose weight may not be so clinical. Or maybe you are writing a novel set in Europe and you have never traveled abroad. In either case, it doesn't mean that your opinion or view of the world is any less valid. You just have to title and package your book so that people can identify with the fact that a person just like them is expressing their opinion.

This is how to write a bestseller.

3. How to write a bestseller when your findings aren’t validated by the experts.

So now what you say or write about will be different than what others are saying. But top selling books are usually several hundred pages long, or more. So you have plenty of space to acknowledge other people’s mainstream research and show how it complements your own new ideas.

In fact, by mentioning other authorities on your subject (even if they don't agree), you make your points even that much more logical. And because you are presenting the unorthodox perspective that people are looking for in the context of the established facts or opinions, your book becomes a controversial bestseller. This is how to write a nonfiction book. And researching opinions other than your own to include in your manuscript is one of the first steps to write a book.

It's part of the bestseller formula.

4. How to write a bestseller that you know will be a popular book. 

How to make your book a bestseller on Amazon comes downs to this: do some research before you start writing. Because it doesn't matter what topic you pick or how you feel about it. What matters is that you take your opinions and your views and find information that makes your writing relevant. The internet is a big place and there are more people like you out there than you realize.

Finding a small group of people who you can relate to, and then expanding your take on things to include others, is how you make your book famous. A singular theme that lets the world see your particular point of view is also one of the characteristics of best selling novels.

So take a long writing weekend and solidify your point of view on your favorite topic. Then do some research.

This is how to write a bestseller that the masses will buy without compromising your views. And once you have your ideas set, the only thing left to do is to write yourself rich.

I know you can do it.   

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