How To Write Your Own Book And Sell It

How To Write Your Own Book
How To Write Your Own Book: Start With Your Thoughts

How to write your own book. Or, more specifically, "how to write my first book," is something you may be wondering as you contemplate getting your first book published. Especially if it is your first time writing a book. Because once you start writing your book, and you have written a few pages, you realize you have no idea how to publish a book yourself. Or even what the next step is in how to write your own book. Like, should you write a book outline?

Or just keep writing and see how it goes? 

And now you are hesitating and a little lost as to how to write your own book. Forget about how to publish your own book. You are nowhere even close to that.

So let's start from the beginning. Before you go too far - and learn how to write your own book in a way that will help to write a book and then publish it. Even if it is only self-publishing on Amazon. (Although you should always aim for an advance from one of the top ten publishing companies.)

How To Write Your Own Book – Picking A Subject.

This seems like such an obvious place to start when you are learning how to write your own book. Nevertheless, picking a subject that you can write about is the most important thing you can do as an author. This is because you have to finish a book in order to sell it. And if you want to go as far as publishing your own books you will have to write about something that you absolutely have a passion for. Maybe even an obsession. And when you publish your book, people should know that you obsess over your subject matter. Because that is why they will buy it. This is how to publish a book yourself that will catch's a reader's attention.

So the first thing to do is to make a list of subjects you would like to write about when you want to publish your book on Amazon. The subjects you obsess over. This is important, because you do not want to be halfway through your first time writing a book and run out of things to say.

Then open a separate word file for each one. Go back to each word file and fill in a list of ideas for every one of your subjects. Whichever subject has the most ideas is the title worth exploring, because this is a book that holds enough interest for you to finish writing it.

How To Write Your Own Book – Becoming Organized.

Now that you have a topic, most book writing tips will suggest that you come up with some sort of writing outline or chapter titles. And when you write your first book, this is the next step so that you can finish writing it. Nevertheless, you may be tempted to try free writing software for help to write a book. But don't do it, because this is not what people want to read. People want to read something that is organized and easy to follow (even if you are writing a novel), but they also want to read something authentic.

So start your book outline by sketching out some aspects of your topic or your story that bother you, or that you obsess about the most. These points will become your chapter titles (self-help) or storyline (fiction). This is also why it is important that you are obsessed with your subject matter. Because the steps to write a book will go much faster and much more naturally if you are. If you are at a point where you are forcing your thoughts, pick another subject. This is how to write your own book and publish it with less agony.

And don't worry if you think no one will want to read your book.

You can figure out if anyone wants to read your book by going on social media. Find out what angles other people are talking about on this topic. Or what novels other authors have already written. Also, pay attention to what readers want to know more about on this topic, and what information is missing or erroneous. Or what new story lines people are looking for if you are writing a novel.

This is what you will write your book about. So once you do some research on what people want to read, go back and adjust your chapter titles or storyline as necessary. Before you go to the book printing companies with a finished manuscript.

How To Write Your Own Book – Successful Self-Publishing.

Self-publishing a book is probably your best option when you a writing a book for the first time. Even if your book doesn't do well at first, you can at least consider it a finished project. And a valuable learning experience of how to write your own book.

So once you have learned how to write your own book and finished it, you can start looking for self-publishing book printers. Or look for the top ten self-publishing companies. Or the best self-publishing companies by comparison. Publishing your own books will be an entire experience on it's own, so make sure to do some research before you commit to any of the self-publish book publishers. Just keep in mind, the best self-publishing companies will tell you how to publish a book for free.

If you publish your book on Amazon, it will probably be the easiest. However, at some point, everyone asks, "Is it worth self-publishing on Amazon?"

You may not have a choice, especially if you want to publish a book for free. And Amazon does have free book writing tips, ways to market your book, and other kinds of help to write a book. So it's not all bad.

You'll need to start a blog for your book too.

Because if you have a blog with a lot of followers, along with a few positive Kindle Direct Publishing reviews, your chances are better that you will get picked up by a publisher. Or at the very least, become one of the Kindle Direct Publishing success stories. But if you have a large following on Twitter or Facebook, you already have what may be loosely called an author platform. Or a way to reach people. And book agents want a writer who already has a following.

So if you have a book idea that you can finish writing, an angle on a topic that people want to read, and a large following, you have a future bestseller on your hands.

And now that you know more about how to write your own book, I know you can do it.

How To Write A Book

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