Keyword Research: How To Unblock Writer’s Block

Keyword Research
Keyword Research Cures Writer's Block

Keyword research is helpful in many more ways than just trying figure out what magic words will attract people to your website. Using free keyword research tools also helps with writer’s block. But before we talk about using something like a Google keyword tool to unblock your writer’s block, let’s look at what writer’s block is in the real world.

Theoretically speaking, if you think of writer’s block, you imagine someone staring at a blank computer screen. Not knowing where to start in writing a book. But in the real world, most of us know how to start writing an article, a book, or a paper.

The real writer’s block comes when you are just about ten pages into writing a book. This is when you actually draw a writing blank. Because no matter how long you sit and look at your computer, those ten pages will stare back at you. Giving you no clue as to the next step of how to write a book. And you have nowhere else to go with these pages. Nothing more to say about what you are writing. And there is nothing you can do with ten pages of writing because no one will pay to read it.

So now what do you do?

The answer is to do some free keyword research.

But what is keyword research? And how does it does it help with writing a book?

The term "keyword" is simply an internet word for "what people are looking for." It's the word you type into your browser every time you look for something. So if you are writing a book, it would be natural to look for subjects that people want to know more about. And knowing these subjects will give you lots of new things to write about. Which is a writer's block cure that works. And a free keyword research tool doesn't just work as a writer's block cure. It will also focus your writing what people are looking for.

So Keyword Research Tells You What People Want To Read.

And if you Google the phrase “free keyword tool” or "free keyword generators" you will probably get a company called Wordstream. This is good example of a free keyword research tool. (And like every free keyword research tool, you can also pay for the better version.) And while we always think of a free keyword list generator as mainly being used by those kind of SEO internet marketing people, serious book writers can use them too. For a writer's block cure.

And websites like Wordstream don’t just give you the words people are looking for. They also sometimes tell you how many people are looking for them.

For example, if I am writing a book about real estate, I can go to (the best free keyword research tool) and I will find the following information about words that are similar to the word real estate:

Home = 4,090,000 Google searches

Realtor = 3,350,000 Google searches

Apartments = 2,240,000 Google searches

House = 1,830,000 Google searches

Houses for Sale = 1,500,000 Google searches

Property = 368,000 Google searches

Homes For Rent = 368,000 Google searches

While these words may be very generic, they start to give me some ideas. But these words don't just give me more angles to write about. They also tell me what people want to read about. And what people want to read about is important. Because part of what causes writer's block is not knowing what people want from you.

And once you know what readers want to read, you can start writing your book again. But there’s more to free keyword generators than this for serious book writers.

Keyword Research Gives You More Topics To Work With.

If I then Google the phrase “free long tail keyword tool” I will get another type of automatic keyword generator. A keyword planner tool which will give me longer phrases having to do with real estate. Phrases like real estate agent, real estate license, real estate broker, real estate attorney, real estate school, and real estate news. And if I am writing a book about real estate, each one of these long tail keywords becomes a chapter in my new book.

And now that I know that people are looking for these keywords, I know that people will want to read my book if I use them. In fact, based on these keywords, I can now take my generic real estate book (which was never going to sell, anyway) and write some chapters based on these keywords. This is because keywords like “real estate school,” “real estate license,” and “real estate broker” tell a better story. In fact, I can even give my new book the working title of “How I Became A Real Estate Agent.”

Now I will be writing about my life story. About how I went from being unemployed to becoming the most successful real estate agent in my area. And thanks to my keyword search list, I have a book that I can pour my heart and soul into. My life story.  And I know this is a book that will sell. Because I know there are others, like me, who struggle with the same issues of becoming financially independent by working towards a rewarding career. And these are the people who will make my book a best seller.

Using Keyword Research Is The Best Way To Learn How To Overcome Writer's Block.

And there will be no more writer’s block because I have so many things that I want to say about my journey to becoming a successful real estate agent. In fact, my new book may actually turn into a whole series of books and lectures. And the more I write using a free keyword generator tool, the more relevant things I will have to say. And this is what top selling books are all about.

So stop staring at a blank screen and looking for a writer's block cure. Do some keyword research with a free keyword research tool. Then start writing your first (of many) best-selling books.

I know you can do it.

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