Kindle Publishing, The Easiest Way To Start Writing

Kindle Publishing Is A Good Starting Place.
Kindle Publishing Is A Good Starting Place.

Kindle publishing. It’s what everyone is pushing on writers these days. It's because learning how to make a Kindle book is much easier than going through traditional publishers if you are writing a book for the first time.

But is Kindle publishing worth it?

It is if you want to learn how to write and publish an ebook. And with Kindle publishing, if your ebook is long enough, you can easily take it and learn how to publish a paperback book on Amazon.

If you learn how to write and publish an ebook the right way.

Because everyone talks about making money at Kindle publishing by writing short ebooks and selling them.

But Kindle publishing is not so much about how to sell ebooks on Amazon and make money. It's more about learning how to write and publish a book for the first time.

Kindle publishing is about being able to get started as a writer.

And Kindle publishing is about learning the process of publishing and selling ebooks. With less commitment on your part than if you tried to learn how to write a book for traditional publishers. Since you only need about 5,000 words or so to get started with Kindle publishing, it’s an easy way to learn how to write a book for beginners. So it’s not about making a lot of money. Kindle publishing is just the easiest way to learn how to self-publish a book.

And that’s how you have to think about it. Publishing your writing on an ongoing basis. Trying out new ideas. Even if they don’t sell right away. Or at all. This is what Kindle publishing is all about.

Because if you think about it, writing a full-length book that’s going to be a couple of hundred pages or so long is a big commitment. And with no advance interest or promise of sales, are you really going to devote a whole year of your life to take a chance on writing a book that may lead to nowhere but disappointment?

You don’t have to do that anymore.

This is because Kindle publishing works perfectly for you as a test market.

It doesn’t matter if you make money. Think of Kindle publishing as place where you can try out as many new and different ideas as possible. If one of them takes off, then that’s the one you develop. And you already have a guaranteed audience. Which now makes it worth the while to develop your Kindle ebook into a full-length project. That’s where the money is.

And the main challenge is not necessarily writing your book. Because traditional publishing houses require that you format your word file into a book format they can publish. This can be extremely frustrating. But a Kindle upload is much more forgiving. And Kindle publishing guidelines are much more lax. And Amazon publishing guidelines are much more about content than they are about formatting. Plus, you can follow a Kindle Direct publishing tutorial if you need to. And best of all, Amazon self-publishing costs no money!

And there’s more to succeeding with Kindle publishing.

Writing as many different short Kindle ebooks as you can will also help you learn how to market a book. This is extremely important. Because many writers learn how to self-publish by first learning how to publish a paperback book on Amazon and then it doesn't sell. But by the time you have taken a year to learn how to write a book about your life and then a year to find out it won't sell?

This is where many new writers give up completely! So it is much better to take a few months, read a guide to self-publishing on Amazon, and find out if your first book will sell or not. Because once you know how to write and publish an ebook, it will be easy to keep going until you know how to sell Kindle books. Lots of them.

You will also learn other marketing techniques like how to design a book cover - before you release a full-length book. And it is widely agreed-upon that outstanding covers are what sell books. And you don’t want to finish a really well-written, full-length book, only to wind up with a poorly-executed cover because you have no relationship with a decent graphic artist. Use Kindle publishing to allow you the time to find one.

Learn more about book covers here

Finally, here are the most recognized genres on Kindle publishing:

Self-help Books.

Take one topic, like “How I Survived My Medical Condition,” or “100 Recipes From My Family’s Kitchen,” and once you have Amazon Kindle books on sale, start a blog. If you are looking to write a full-length self-help book, developing a following (author platform) is the first thing you need to do. Then, as you further explore your topic with your blog, you can write a book proposal to send out to real publishers. Along with your Amazon Kindle books on sale, you will have a much better shot at getting a publishing deal.

Off-the-wall Humor.

Any humor that is off-the-beaten-path, deconstructed, self-deprecating, or outrageously irreverent will do well as an Amazon Kindle download. The more individual it is, the better it will do. Start with jokes, anecdotes, and short stories and develop them into a series of short books.

Steamy Romance, Namely Erotic.

Short, erotic romances are quick to write and easy to sell because people can view them privately on their Amazon Kindle reader. The main thing here is to write these as short novellas with a continuing story-line. Do the lovers get together in the end or not? A Kindle reader will have to add them all to their Amazon Kindle library to find out.

Horror Story.

The original ghost story always sells ebooks. Write about what scares people – usually about what goes bump in the night. In this case, the cover art is everything. A completely creepy cover, along with the most suggestively terrifying title is what sells horror books every time.

Kindle Publishing will get you started.

So if you haven’t completed a writing project yet, the easiest way to do it by publishing short ebooks on Kindle publishing. Read some Kindle Direct publishing success stories or some Amazon Kindle self-publishing reviews. They will talk about self-publishing on Amazon: the pros and cons. Then you can decide, "Is it worth self-publishing on Amazon?"

It is - if you are using Kindle publishing to learn how to sell ebooks on Amazon and make money with your real, full-length books.

I know you can do it.

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