Learn How To Write When You Don’t Feel Like It

Learn How To Write Every Day So That Publishing Companies Will Support Your Bestselling Book
Learn How To Write Every Day So That Publishing Companies Will Support Your Bestselling Book

It's important to learn how to write when the mood doesn't strike you. Especially if you want publishing companies to look at your manuscript as the next bestselling book.

No pressure there.

But if your writing ideas and your motivation to write are not forthcoming every day - don't worry. This is a common problem for every writer. Because when you are writing a book, you don't always feel like working on it. So you go back to working on your daily writing skills by using online writing prompts. (Hoping for new inspiration while avoiding the completion of your manuscript.)

But you can't hide from finishing your book forever.

And even though you may have taken some advice on how to write well or how to write better it may still not be happening for you.

But publishing companies (sigh), are still looking for the newly-completed bestselling book.

And the days that you haven't worked on your book go by faster than you think.

But how can you finish writing a bestselling book when you're not in the mood to write on a daily basis? It takes some practice, but as a writer, you can figure it out just by doing other things that focus you on your book every day. Even if you don't actually write anything that publishing companies are going to read.

That said, here are a few suggestions to help you learn how to write - even when you don't feel up to it. Especially when you don't want to hear things like how to improve your writing skills and grammar. In order to become a better writer.

Learn How To Write When You Don’t Feel Like It, Idea #1.

If you don’t feel up to writing, you can always read. Because reading can be just as productive for a writer as writing itself. And a lot of writing websites tell us to read a books in our genre to learn how improve our writing skills.

But how many of us really do it?

Reading can become a chore as well - if you don't have the motivation to write. But many publishing companies want their writers to be well-read. So that they don't rewrite a bestselling book that they already sell.

And the reason new writers don't like to read is because it feels like when they are reading - they are not creating.

But this is not true. Unless you are reading just to pass the time. Although if you are a writer, this is rarely the case. And you can make your reading-time very productive for your writing. So instead of just reading anything, read a book on your subject matter, or in your genre. And read this book from a publisher’s point of view. So as you read, ask some basic questions about why this is one of the popular books on a bestseller list.

And then make some notes as to how this book applies to your own writing.

Learn how reading will deepen your writing here: http://writeyourselfrich.net/3-ways-reading-books-will-deepen-writing/

Then Learn How To Write By Asking Basic Questions Like:

Who published the book?

When was it written?

How many pages is it?

Was it written in first person?

Who would buy this book?

How long are the chapters?

Is it easy to follow? A page-turner?

And Why Does This Help You Learn How To Write?

Keep in mind that people buy books because they want to read them. And although these questions seem basic and obvious, they are not. Because if you think about it, these are the very reasons why publishing companies will turn your manuscript into a bestselling book. And the very reasons you will be motivated to finish writing it.

And as you read the books you have chosen, the answers to these questions will help you learn how to write better for a commercial audience. Reading books that are relevant to the one you are writing will also show you how to improve your writing style. It will also help you figure out exactly what publishing companies are looking for in a bestselling book.

So as you read, makes notes about what you like about the book. Then ask yourself, does my book have any of these qualities that makes it enjoyable for the book-buying public to read? And is the reason I am having a hard time writing my own book is because it is not enjoyably to work on?

Now you can go back to your book and start making some changes. Changes that will make it enjoyable to write, enjoyable to read, and easy for publishing companies to market.

Reading other books with an eye for what makes them readable is the best way to learn how to write. So that you can enjoy writing your book as much as people will enjoy reading it. And as you may have found, it can be very hard to write a bestselling book without any outside reference.

But you don't have to make it worse by forcing yourself to write before you understand how other published writers did it.

Learn How To Write When You Don’t Feel Like It, Idea #2.

Go on the internet and browse, using the keywords from the topic you are writing about. Keywords are just the words you type into your browser to find things on the internet. For example, if you are writing about dogs, then you could also look up words like pets, American Kennel Club, dog breeders, rescue dogs, dog training, etc. Or, if you are learning how to write fiction for beginners, you can look at the writing prompts on writing websites where people post their writing online.

Because if you are stuck in a rut with your book, it’s the perfect time to go on the internet and do some research.

If you want to write a bestselling book for New York publishing companies.

Because research is just as big a part of writing as reading is.

And the internet is easy and entertaining - so it is also a good mental break - as well as a useful resource. In addition, if you are browsing for the keywords related your subject matter, you can also learn how to write what people are looking for online. This makes your writing more connected to a target audience and also easier to finish. And you can always learn how to start writing articles or how to write a short story.

Before you spend your time on writing a bestselling book for the major publishing companies.

Learn How To Write When You Don’t Feel Like It, Idea #3.

If your current writing project isn’t working out, you may have jumped ahead of yourself. Or maybe you don’t like your subject matter as much as you thought you would. Or, as a first-time writer, you didn’t know what kind of book you should be writing. So it’s time to learn how to write something you will enjoy more. And something that publishing companies can turn into a bestselling book.

So stop working on you current project if it no longer motivates you. And start thinking about what you have learned so far - and how much you have accomplished. Just by trying to write a bestselling book for the major publishing companies.

Then learn how to write for real by starting a new project.

Maybe you should write a book that was in the back of your mind - but one you thought no one would buy. It will go much faster this time and you will get much further with this one. And stagnating with an old project that you don’t like writing anymore just delays the date when you will finally be recognized by the publishing companies.

And punishing yourself with a poorly-chosen project that you don’t like anymore is just self-torture.

Go here to learn about starting a new project the right way: http://writeyourselfrich.net/my-writing/

Because maybe your first attempt to start writing fiction or a self-help book was just a learning experience. And the importance of writing every day is not always to produce a publishable product.

It may just be to learn how to write.

And the value of having a manuscript on a computer is that you can go back to it at anytime and start working on it. Or changing it completely.

But if you are tired of it, there is no value in sticking with a writing project that you know might never work out.

Instead, start fresh, write your bestselling book, send it out to the publishing companies who will appreciate it.

I know you can do it.

Learn How To Write

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