Make Your Own Book Appealing To Everyone

Make Your Own Book Soar
Make Your Own Book Soar

Make your own book appeal to everyone, and you will have a bestseller.

But you may find writing your first book can become a struggle. A struggle between finding your own voice and writing what you think others want to read.

And if you write your own book and have to self-publish, there may be little, if any, feedback. But if you do get help to write a book (like from a publisher) you may be told that you will need to appeal to a particular target market in order to sell your book.

Which is, in part, true.

So how do you manage to make a book that is written in your own voice, appeals to a target market, and then can still be sold to the masses?

It's all a part of learning how to publish your own book.

So let’s look at some ways to do that right now. Because when you start to type your own book and then self-publish it, the main question will be how to make your own book marketable. Without losing your voice.

So the first step of how to get started writing a book will be to learn how to make your own book appeal to everyone. Without having to make a book that doesn't sound like you wrote it.

Make your own book inclusive.

When you are writing and publishing a book, you probably have a target audience already in mind. But before you shut out anyone else in order to appeal to a smaller group, is there any way you can appeal to a few more people?

For example, if you write a book about investing, make sure to include advice for teenagers as well as retirees. Or if you are writing a novel, consider splitting up any lengthy chapters for readers with lesser reading skills. Or making it appeal to a broader age range. Remember, everyone would probably benefit from reading your book. And when you make your own book easier to read, you are giving them all a chance.

Some people may call this dumbing down your writing, but it really isn't. Think about it. In the steps to writing a book, one of the first things you will do is split your book up into chapters. This is to make it easier to read.

And going the extra mile to write a story or make a book easier to follow is actually more  work for you. Not less, and definitely not dumb.

And when you use an easy-to-follow format for writing a book, many more people will enjoy reading it.

And then have their friends read it.

That's how to self-publish a book that becomes a best-seller. So always keep this in mind and follow a popular format for writing a book. Your many readers will thank you for including them when other authors don't.

Make your own book accessible.

If you self-publish your book as a hardback or even as a paperback, it might not sell right away. But by making some short downloadable PDFs or ebooks as part of writing your first book, you will generate some immediate interest as an author. And after reading one of your ebooks on your writing website, it may be the very thing that prompts someone to buy your real book.

Because a new reader may not want to read or purchase a whole book from a first-time author. But they may buy a short ebook at Amazon or iTunes for a dollar. You can even write a story online for free or write your own story website.

In the case of a non-fiction book, you may want to start with a blog as one of the steps to writing a book. This is because when you write a book online as part of learning how to publish a book, you will save yourself a lot of headaches later on when you go to make a book that is published as a hardcover or paperback.

Make your own book a series.

If you write one successful book on a topic, people will want to read more. So make sure you are passionate about your subject matter. Because writing a whole series of books on the same or complementary topics will be easier. It will also be more profitable. Because you will already have an audience, as well as distribution channels in place.

If you are writing a novel, look for a main character you can write story lines for in the future. And in writing your first book, make sure to create a story with an open ending. You can also write a story online between each full-length novel to keep fans interested.

When you write a book series that's non-fiction, use a format for writing a book that only covers one subject per installment. For example, if you write a book series on home repair, each book can be about a separate issue. Like plumbing, wiring, carpentry, or landscaping.

Once you have mastered writing your first book in the series, the rest will fall into place. A whole series of books is easier to market as well.

Make your own book in your own voice.

Even though you will have to make some compromises to write your own book as a commercial success, there are other places where you can make your own book personalized. Like the cover, for example.

To put your book together, you may have to use an online book creator, which includes a free book cover design program. A free book cover design app will allow you some creativity when you make your own book. This is because free book cover programs allow you to choose your own artwork and fonts. And if you don't have any artwork, there are free book covers designs and free ebook covers images available.

A book maker app will also let you to include a description of your book. Along with an original book cover design and title, a free online book creator will allow you to make your own book more customized.

And when you also make your own book enjoyable and accessible for many people to read, you will have a bestseller.

I know you can do it.

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