Money Maker: Ebook Publishing

Ebooks Are A Money Maker
A Good Ebook Is A Money Maker

Money Maker. Just putting those two words together is enough to immediately generate a lot of interest. And also a lot of skepticism. Because the problem with any money maker is that you have to invest your own money first.

And then you have to sell something.

But no one wants to do that.

And your friends and family will all run the other way if you just say  the words, “I have a real money maker.”

Nevertheless, ebook publishing is a money maker in which you can put your faith. Let’s look at 3 reasons why:

Ebook Publishing: Money Maker Reason #1

No money to invest. If you write an ebook, it’s free to publish on Amazon Kindle and on iTunes. Which means that you are only investing your time. And considering that an ebook only has to be 5,000 plus words, it’s not much of that, either.

Ebook Publishing: Money Maker Reason #2

You won’t have to risk your reputation because there’s no selling to do. Just promote your ebook on a separate Twitter or Facebook account, and your friends won’t have to ghost you when they think you have contacted them just to get them to buy something. In fact, they never even have to know. Publish your ebook under a pen name and keep all the wealth for yourself.

Ebook Publishing: Money Maker Reason #3

Publishing an ebook can become a money maker through something unrelated – like a job promotion. There’s nothing like going to a job interview with all of your qualifications – and a published ebook in your name. The fact that you know enough about your profession that you can publish an entire ebook about it will impress any company that is hiring. It doesn’t matter if anyone bought it. Just that fact that you took the initiative and completed an independent project is remarkable enough. Plus, a published ebook makes you an instant expert, which can also mean a higher salary.

But that’s not all. If you own your own business, promoting it with an ebook can bring in an unending amount of new sales. And if you work for someone else, you can still promote your own interests. Any person who works in real estate, marketing, manufacturing, hospitality, or any other field that primarily relies on sales quotas will benefit from having a “How I Did It” ebook in their name. It’s your own self-promotion.

If you make a list of all the different ways ebook publishing will work for you in your own situation, you will see that it is indeed a real money maker. With absolutely no risk of your own personal wealth (or your family’s) involved.

I know you can do it.

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