Money Money Money, I Want To Write A Book

Money money money
Money Money Money. What to write about?

Money money money. We all want it, and that’s why we all go to work. But curiously enough, and more often than not, when you mention making money these days, it is associated with writing your own book. So now that we know the written word is not dead (but clearly for sale), we have to look at what kind of a book you can write to make money.

Money money money.

And these days, just by saying, “I want to write a book,” you’ve said enough to make it happen. That is, as long as you say it in a blog that people want to read. Because people actually reading your blog (where you say that you want to write a book) is the key to the whole thing. And it’s easy enough to start a blog. Which in turn will start a book to make money. People do it all the time.

But what about you?

You will first have to ask yourself why the book-buying public would read your blog. And if you have the answer to this question, suddenly, “I want to write a book,” becomes “I can write a bestseller.”

Money money money – so what’s the answer?

Obviously, if you are writing non-fiction, you will want to write about information that people need from a fresh perspective (yours). But how do you know what information people need? You can start by writing down what you look for yourself  on the internet every day. It’s a simple idea, but what you  want to read about is what other people  want to read about too.

Money money money – the next step.

So now you know what interests you and what others have written about. But now it’s your turn to write a bestselling self-help book. So what you will want to do (along with keeping a log of your internet searches) is to make a note of every time you didn’t  find what you were looking for. Or found erroneous information. Or found some bad advice. This is what you should be writing about.

Money money money – start your blog.

Once you have a list of topics that you want to read about, and a list of missing information that you can write about, you have the material to start a readable blog. A blog that will be popular not only because people will want to read it but they will also find the missing information they were looking for. Just like you. And publishing relevant information that lots of people are looking for is the very definition of a bestselling self-help book.

I know you can do it.

How To Write A Book

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