I Look At My Writing And I Don’t Like Any Of It

My writing has stalled.
My writing has stalled.

My writing doesn’t say anything that I want it to and so I just sit there and stare at it.

This is something we all experience and it’s a hard thing to change.

And this isn’t the same as being too hard on yourself.

Because, if in your mind, you are thinking one thing and it comes out in your writing as another, that’s a problem. And if your writing doesn’t express anything you want it to, eventually, this can become maddening. As well, if you are writing a novel and it takes a wrong turn, it can seem impossible to pinpoint the place where this problem started.

That said, let’s look at four different things that may be happening when you are learning how to write a book.

And then how to change them.

1. My writing never seems good enough.

Your writing is probably fine. Even though you say, "but my writing isn't."

Nevertheless, what we’re really saying here is that your writing may not be commercial enough to sell. In other words, there may not be reason enough yet for someone to lay down twenty dollars or more to buy a copy of what you have written.

What then, do people buy?

People buy interesting books to read. Good books to read that also entertain, educate, or inspire. Or all three.

So ask yourself, as a book writer. Does my writing do this?  If it doesn’t, make a list of how you can turn your writing into one of the recommended book to read on a popular books list. You may have to make some major changes. But if you can accept this premise, you will soon have one of the best books to read before you die.

This is what we are aiming for. Really!

And if you are writing a novel, does your story writing capture the reader's attention and hold it? If not, you may need to look up some writing tips from your favorite authors. Because a story writing problem is solved with fiction writing techniques used in your specific genre. And the best fiction books to read are the ones with good story writing.

2. My writing has settled into some kind of limbo.

It happens to everyone that their writing just seems to kind of stall. And then a feeling of the blahs settles in. In this case, you have probably forgotten (or never imagined) your target audience. Think about who you are really talking to and what they want to hear. Strike up a new conversation with these people and you will find something engaging to write about.

You might want to consider learning how to write blogs posts. Learning how to write a successful blog starts with learning how to write blog posts that people respond to. And keep in mind - people who like your ideas to write a book (published in you blog) will also buy your book. Well-received website content writing is the basis for many good books to read.

But what are some good ideas to write about in a blog?

There are all kinds of good topics to write about that you will learn as you write for interested viewers. So only work on the good book topics - the ones that people respond to - and good ideas for a novel - that ones that readers like - and let the other ideas go. Letting bad ideas go is one of the hardest things you will do as a writer. And the most important thing to be successful.

Because once you have some good ideas for books, based on viewer responses, tips for writing fiction (and non-fiction books) will soon make more sense. And you are on your way to writing a bestseller.

3. My writing doesn’t sound professional.

When I think of professional writing, I imagine someone in New York who is writing complicated, quippy, and wordy prose for a literary magazine or a national newspaper. Then I look at my writing and I think, well, my writing is never going to sound like that. You may do something similar, and if you do, there is an easy fix for this as well.

First of all, this kind of super-sophisticated writing comes from someone who is well-read. Second, these writers are immersed in an environment of other people who are also well-read. And what they are writing is not necessarily so original as it is inspired by something they have heard about or something they have read from the New York Times Best Sellers list. How do you think fan-fiction got started?

So if you ever find yourself stuck and not liking anything you are writing, do some reading instead. You can find many ideas to write a book and even learn how to write a book by reading the best books of all time. Look for a list of top 100 books to read before you die. This will get you started on a better path towards good ideas for books.

Or, browse the internet for your topic and read what other people are writing there. You will find that your attention will be drawn to writing that is either entertaining, educational, or inspiring. So think about what these book writers are doing that is different from what you are doing and you will have your answer as to, "How do I fix my writing?"

4. My writing never seems finished.

If you are thinking, "My writing never seems finished," this is because it isn't. You may have a lot of good ideas to write a book, but it still has to be long enough before being considered as one of the best books to read. So when you look for tips on "how to improve my writing," you will also need to look at how many words publishers feel top books to read should be.

So if your self-help book comes up short, you can do some more research.

Tips on writing fiction include fleshing out the setting and character descriptions, and fully developing the plot.  Make sure to follow the word counts for popular books. Especially in the case of fiction writing - because you will never make a lot of money with short story writing.

My writing is something I will work on every day.

You may not be successful right away. In fact, you may still experience some writer's block, even with the best ideas to write a book and the best writing tips. But as a book writer, you can still strive every day to make your book one of the 10 must-read books of all time.

And use these writing tips and others to make it entertaining, educational, inspiring, and ultimately, commercially successful.

I know you can do it.

How To Write A Book

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