Why Is No One Reading What I am Writing?

Why Is No One Reading Me?
Why Is No One Reading Me?

When it seems like no one is reading what you are writing, it can be the worst feeling of all.

And if you have run out of friends and family to read your new book, you may go online and ask strangers to critique your writing.

But like your family, they will mostly say that after reading your book, they really enjoyed it.

Enjoyed it?

And if you need help with writing, this is not writing critique you are looking for.

In fact, this type of feedback may make you start to question whether or not your writing is up to that bestselling level you want everyone to be talking about.

And if you’ve been writing in this void for a long time, it’s making you lethargic.

And also starting to make you wonder, "Why is writing important to me at all?"

That said, let’s look at why no one seems to be reading what you are writing, by looking at the reading and writing relationship between authors and readers.

In other words, the relationship between writing books that appeal to the people who want to read them.

More people will be reading what you are writing when you become interactive online.

One mistake that we all make as writers is that we sit down at the computer and think to ourselves, “Now I am going to write.”

But write what exactly? Something prolific?

And then we start thinking about how we are going to word it.

Very carefully of course.

And this is where trying to sound profound. Very wise even.

And then trying to guess what people want to read creeps in. This is when nothing we say sounds good enough.

This is when the writer’s block sets in.

And this is where your own reading and writing journal can help.

But not an old-fashioned, handwritten journal of writing. A writing journal that is all online, because online help in writing is what you need. Some interactive writing and reading to connect you to other writers and help you start writing again.

Oddly enough, you can start by texting and emailing yourself spontaneous thoughts throughout the day. Use these thoughts (without editing them) as the new basis for your writing. Then if you have a great  thought, tweet it. If people don't respond or don't like it, then you know you need more online activities to improve your writing skills. Like a writing contest, or a short story writing contest.

You can enter these writing contests to win money, but that probably won't happen. The value of these types of writing games lies in the fact that there is a deadline, a genre, and a word count to follow. And judges will be reading your writing.

You can also read what the winner wrote, and see how your writing compares.

And you will find that your writing is just as good, but somehow missed the mark. Which still leaves you wondering why people don't read your writing. But it does bring us to our next point.

More people will be reading what you are writing when you strike the right chord.

If you write to win a contest and lose, it means the judges thought another writer's entry was more relevant.

Not necessarily better.

And any writing websites will tell you that although there is not any proven reading and writing connection research, they will also tell you great writers read other writers' work. Then learn from it, improving their own writing in the process.

So if you feel a certain way about your subject matter, there will be other people who feel this way too. And although they feel this way, they think they are alone. Because you haven’t read what they have written and made enough comments on it. And then written something about it yourself.

And if you start with spontaneous thoughts and start tweeting as your real self, you will find that the heart of what you are writing about is also what these people want to read about. In effect, you will have put your finger on the pulse of what people want to read.

And to find these people faster, search Twitter using the keywords from what you are writing about. Follow people who have these keywords in their Twitter name, and you will get a feel for what interests and concerns these people have. And they, in turn, will feel connected to your online writing. Which is exactly what you want.

More people will be reading what you are writing because you are taking more chances.

As a person, you want to be safe, which is why you obey the speed limit and respect other people’s personal space. But when you are reading, you want to be taken somewhere new. Dangerous even. And so do your readers. This goes for self-help books as well as novels. So if you are playing it safe and secure as a writer, you are taking readers to a place where they are already tired of. Which is why they aren't reading you. So you want to take chances as a writer.

Nevertheless, no one wants to do that blindly.

Which is why it is important to take small chances with your online tweeting and Facebook posts. So your first posts should be very short readings. Easy-reading passages and easy-reading stories that anyone can enjoy. Nothing long, complicated, or harsh.

And once you start writing spontaneously and get a feel for what people are looking for, you will be able to start taking some chances with your writing that you will feel comfortable with. And that people will also love reading.

This is how to write a book in today's online culture. And how to be sure to write self help books and novels that become bestselling books.

Getting Some Online Learning For Writing And Reading.

Check out some online writing programs for students if you need some free help with writing. Reading and writing activities on these writing websites include reading and writing books with other writers who are doing the same thing you are. Learning how to write a book that will sell. Here is where you will see the similarities between reading and writing, and how they will help you write a bestseller. With many activities to improve your writing skills you never imagined. Like writing prompts you wouldn't think of on your own.

Reading and writing is important, because as a writer, you have to stay connected with others in order for them to want to read what you are writing. Especially if you are writing your first book. Then it becomes critical to read, respond, and then write. And soon you will be on your way to writing a bestseller.

I know you can do it.

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