Pen Name: Let Your Alter Ego Write A Bestseller

Your Pen Name Awakens New Writing Thoughts
Your Pen Name Unleashes Your New Writing Style

A pen name is a brilliant invention because it goes perfect with online writing. And if you develop a pen name to its fullest, it can become an incredible alter ego.

One which can help you to go on to write a bestselling book.

And this is because under a pen name, you can write in any way you choose. So you can write about subjects you wouldn't normally talk about. And express opinions which you wouldn't ordinarily do. Or even write in an experimental way that you wouldn't think would appeal to anyone.

Nothing radical or salacious suggested here, we're just talking about writing something you wouldn't want your family and friends to read until you were successful. Which you will be.

With the right pen name.

But a pen name also works for people who think their writing isn't good enough. And although they will show their writing to their family and friends, they won't take the steps to publish it. Because they assume the savvy, well-read people on the internet will think of their efforts as trite or basic.

But you can also use a pen name to publish what you think is really poor prose.  Without the fear of harsh judgment on you, personally. And if your writing isn't that good, or isn't that original, you can learn from your mistakes without compromising your own reputation. Or get your feelings hurt when you find out how cruel some people can be to new writers.

That said, let’s look at how to successfully publish under a pen name and write a bestseller.

Why Use A Pen Name?

Why do authors use pen names?  It's very simple. And a famous author will create a nomme de plume for the same reason you will. Because just like you, until they were bestselling authors - they may have had no confidence in their writing. Some still don't.

And although the list of famous authors with pen names is impressive - we even hesitate to adopt a writing pseudonym for ourselves - for a list of reasons just as long. But mainly, a lack of confidence.

Because let’s face it, if you have written part of a book and you think it sounds like a seventh grader wrote it, you will just keep scrolling through it and sighing discontentedly every once in a while.

At what you feel are your own writing inadequacies.

So then you go online and do what we all do. Retweet other people’s quotes. Because their writing sounds prolific. And at a certain point you stop working on your own book. Because you know that if it remains half-finished, the manuscript will always be your safe and secure dream. And then you do something else we all do - go to writer’s forums and sound intelligent, scrutinizing other people’s published works, while we garner sympathy for the incompletion of our own.

But when you write under a pen name, it doesn’t matter if someone tears your work apart and crushes your dreams.

Your pen name will shield you.

And it will give you the confidence to publish daily online, if you are writing a blog under a pen name. And when your work is universally hailed, take off the mask and tell everyone that it was you who wrote the next New York Times Best Selling Book!

Writing A Blog Under A Pen Name.

Many people say to start blogging everyday or tweeting if you want to become a writer. But if you are using your real name, you can do some real  unalterable damage to your real  reputation. Nobody wants to have that while they are looking for their creative voice by writing online.

And in the real world, being an aspiring writer these days not only means writing on social media but also taking other people’s feelings  into consideration. And you want your writing to be inclusive. But as a writer, you also have to make a statement of some kind or you aren’t expressing any opinion.  Nevertheless, as a person, you also don’t want to be at the bottom of a politically incorrect dog pile because of an unintentional misspeak.

This is where a pen name comes in.

Because when you are blogging under an alias, you have the freedom to make more definite and bolder statements, and if public opinion is against you, you can ghost that persona soon enough and consider it a lesson learned. You certainly don’t want to risk your own permanent internet reputation on unintended offenses that are actually just the process of you finding your inner voice.

Offending or disappointing other people is why so many of us never actually publish a book. And make no mistake. Claiming full ownership of otherwise unexpressed thoughts can be a very scary process.

If this is the case for you, and a lack of confidence or experience is keeping you from writing on social media, then you need to pick a pen name that is current, short, and to-the-point. Pen names for bloggers should be exude modern confidence. A name people will admire and respect.

To learn more about pen names, go here:

How to Choose A Pen Name.

Then here's the big question. "What should my author name be?"

How to pick a pen name usually starts with a pen name quiz or a pseudonym name generator, but this is usually just for funny pen names. A pseudonym generator from your real name would be more helpful. Although how to choose your author name becomes more realistic when you go to a baby name generator website. This is where people who are seriously looking for creative pen names go. Or maybe a cool pen names list for inspiration.

Just keep searching and combining first names with surnames until you come up with the right combination. It's better to spend a few weeks or even a month working on this. Instead of looking at your computer screen, trying to make a manuscript you don't even like into something readable. Let your new alter ego fix it, or write something else entirely.  Like the bestseller that you know you can write.

Writing Under A Pen Name Is Simple To Start Doing.

Writing under a pseudonym when self-publishing is almost as easy as writing a blog under a pen name. You just have to start doing it. For example, there are easy instructions of how to publish under a pen name on Amazon and other self-publishing companies. And how to get paid under a pen name is as easy as writing under a pseudonym on Amazon. All publishing companies are aware that many writers use pseudonyms when they write.

Answers to specific legal issues using a pen name when you are self-publishing would have to be looked up. But self-publishing with a pen name is not a complicated process. In fact, writing a memoir under a pen name may even save you some legal trouble.

In the end, you have to have some creativity with your writing to make it as a paid writer. If you are a good story teller, you quickly realize that the work which goes into a full-length book is a tediously long and joy-killing process. By writing under a pen name, however, you will breathe some levity back into your serious workday, while you develop fresh new ideas that you wouldn’t be confident enough to put under your own name when you write as yourself.

And you wouldn’t be the first author to use a pen name and wind up writing a bestseller. So why not?

I know you can do it.

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