Positivity: Writing A Bestselling Self-Help Book

Positivity Makes For Better Writing
Positivity Research Creates Better Self-Help Books

Positivity, when you are writing a self-help book, means a lot more than just writing about positive thoughts and how to focus on the positive.

In order to write a bestselling self-help book, positivity means providing a real solution for your readers who are suffering with real problems. For example, providing them with scientific studies on positive thinking, and then positive thinking exercises for anxiety.

In other words, it isn't enough just to write about how to focus on the positive. You also have to have some research to back up what you are saying.

So if you want to write a bestselling self-help book on the benefits of positive thinking, you have to have more than some positive thinking quotes.

And the science that backs it up.

Although sometimes, some well-researched positive thoughts will nicely summarize what you have to say.

So instead of just writing some well-intentioned positive-thinking speech, let’s look at some ways to use positivity research in order to write a self-help book that will become a bestseller.

Positivity in a self-help book means talking about improvement.

When someone talks about the power of positivity in a self-help book, they are usually talking about their own method for happiness. So as you begin your own positive thinking essay on life, remember that your success has a method to it. But we can all learn from the mistakes we make as we work on our lives.

And so can others.

This is the whole basis for your self-help book.

So you will have to go back and document exactly how you overcame your problems. And no detail is too small. 

Because chances are, any one little thing may be a breaking point for one of your readers. Knowing that you overcame this small thing with short positive quotes will make all the difference.

This is where the positive quotes come in.

So buy a small notebook and write down your memories and thoughts as they come back to you. This is the easiest way to remember how you overcame your problems.

You will be surprised at how much you remember once you start writing.

And be kind to yourself when you talk about how you made some bad choices along your life's journey.

Being kind to yourself is important. 

And reflecting back shows the progress you have made. And as your readers make this journey with you they will see the similarities in their own lives.

So by the end of your book, your readers will know they can improve as well. Based on your experiences and your own positive quotes for success.

And this is what makes for a bestselling self-help book.

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Positivity in writing means talking about visualization.

So how did you lose the weight? Make a million dollars? Cure the illness? Raise your kids to be college graduates? Become the CEO of a major corporation?

Through visualization, of course.

You kept your positive thoughts focused on the end result. And this is how you arrived at your current success. Let your readers know the importance of visualization and you will have a bestselling self-help book on your hands. And this is also where you answer the question, "How does the brain respond to positive thoughts?"

You can start with some power of positivity quotes with images, which you can also tweet out later to market your book.

But your readers will need some activities for positive attitude training in order to learn how to focus on the positive.

To learn the technique of visualization. So that they can start visualizing their own success.

So you will need to research some scientific studies on positive thinking.  This will help you come up with some positive mental attitude exercises for visualization. As well as the scientific benefits of positive thinking. This is what will give your self-help book its validity. And will also help your readers visualize their own success in a way that they can repeat your success for themselves.

And along with positivity exercise, you can even issue a positivity challenge to your readers.

Positivity in writing self-help books also means researching some positive thoughts.

When people read a self-help book, they are looking for positive thoughts - not negative insults.

This is true even if the author aims the insults at their own self or the people in their life who added to their problems. People who need help also want to forgive themselves (and others) in order to move forward. So being kind to yourself and forgiving others in your life is absolutely necessary. Especially when you are writing a self-help book for the first time.

Because when someone writes a book and calls other people (or themselves) wrong or stupid, it is immediately disheartening for anyone who is currently in the same situation. Even in jest, any self-help writer who invites a negative element into their outlook on life is providing the exact opposite of help to their readers.

So it is important to research how others found the positivity in life, and how to focus on the positive in any situation.

Because you will have to prove that positivity solves all problems - no matter how dire.

So in the self-help genre, it is wise to concentrate on positive thoughts. And also what we can earnestly learn from the mistakes that we and others make. Not put ourselves and others down, even as a joke. And owning up to your own mistakes and talking about how you corrected them is still positive thinking speech.

Because you are allowing another human being to connect with you and forgive themselves for their own mistakes. Because you understand what they are going through. But they have to be able to forgive others too. This is very healing for the reader and the very essence of self-help.

So make sure to research how to focus on the positive. And then find some positive thinking quotes so that you word everything in a positive light.

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Positivity in your self-help title.

Most bestselling self-help titles use some sort of positivity in them. Words like overcoming, inventing, changing, accomplishing, succeeding,  and transforming  will always intrigue people enough to take a second look. Use any words like these in the title of your self-help book, and you will be on your way to writing a  self-help bestseller.

In fact, the power of positivity will not only motivate others to change their lives but it will also motivate you to finish, publish, and market your self-help book. This is because positive thoughts quotes can go in your book, but as mentioned earlier, they are perfect for marketing your book. So be sure to use all of your power of positivity on Facebook, power of positivity on YouTube, and the power of positivity memes to market your book on social media.

To make it the bestselling self-help book it can be.

I know you can do it.

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