Publish Your Own Book To Promote Something Else

Publish Your Own Book
There are many reasons to publish your own book.

When you publish your own book, you can do anything you want with it. Which means you can also use self-publishing a book to sell something else. This will make you much more money than you would get from book sales alone. So if you are under the impression that the only money you can make from publishing your own book is from the book sales, this is completely false.

In fact, people who do not take advantage of other money-making options when they self-publish books are short-changing themselves. So if you are writing a book, you need to keep all of your money-making avenues open. Because part of learning how to publish a book is exploring all of the different ways you can make money from it.

When you publish your own book, it may only sell several thousand copies.

If you self-publish your book and it sells more than 5,000 copies, that’s great, but now what? In order to make a living, you will have to write several more popular books every year. And now that you know how hard writing a book is, this may not seem like a fun idea. Moreover, if you have learned the trying process of how to publish a book, you know this is also an unthinkable idea.

However, if you publish your own book to promote something else, you will make much more money. With much less effort. 

Promoting your own business, complementary products, or even a charity can make you enough money to live for a lifetime. Simply by going to someone like Barnes & Noble or Amazon and publishing one book with free self-publishing. And then connecting it to a business opportunity.

Which already sounds more realistic than sending queries to book agents that don't get answered. Or learning how to publish a book online for yourself and only selling a few thousand copies. Because your book isn't connected to anything other than a one-time purchase for the book buyer.

But how does it work? To publish your own book to sell something else?

Selling complementary products is simply the reality when you self-publish your book. Because in order to make a living as a writer, you need to learn how to write a book that promotes other things that people can buy. So you can make a living at writing. Even if you are only learning how to sell ebooks on Amazon and make money, you will want to sell related products as well.

So when you think of how to self publish your own book, you have to do it with a bigger picture in mind. You have to think about how to become a great writer. Which is one of the most important steps to publishing a book if you want to get rich.

That said, here are a few situations and some writing tips where you can make more money when you publish your own book. Even if you are publishing your first novel.  Because publishing a novel for the first time is when you should learn about merchandising possibilities for the future. To make money as a full-time writer.

When you publish your own book, you can promote your own business.

Many lawyers, doctors, stock brokers, professors, and other professionals write and self-publish books to promote themselves and their services. And you can too.

If you own a real-estate company, a restaurant, a bakery, or any other service-based business, you can write a do-it-yourself book that will also make more sales for you and your business.

But how do you write a book when you have no background in publishing? Easy. You self-publish books by starting with a blog about your business, which you probably already have. But now you are going to start writing a book by using each blog post as part of a chapter. This is how you learn to write what people want to read and how to learn to write better. And now writing a book won't be as hard as you might think.

Google some topics that people are looking for in your industry and ask people how they feel about them. Your followers' answers will practically write a book online for you. Then, how to get your book published will be your only concern. And the steps to publish a book on Amazon are fairly easy to follow. And the requirements for publishing a book on Amazon (or on Barnes and Noble) are not that complicated.

When you publish your own book, you can promote complementary products online.

Many people sell products online and fail because everyone else is selling the same thing. Nevertheless, by learning how to write a book, like a self-help book, and then selling products that are used in the book, you can make a lot of money. Martha Stewart is the perfect example of an author who also promotes the products in the books she writes. And she has amassed quite a fortune from doing so.

So if you have been thinking about how to publish your own book for free, or how to publish a paperback book on Amazon, look for products to promote first. Any product commissions you make can be put together with Amazon self-publishing royalties to make a comfortable living from home.

But you don’t necessarily  have to make money when you use your book to promote other things.

When you publish your own book, you can use it to support a charity.

If you write a self-help book, or tell your own story about surviving any kind of illness or social injustice, there is usually a charity or foundation associated with this type of situation. So if you donate your time to write a book and then donate the proceeds to a charity, you can help many people when you publish your own book.

First, by raising awareness of the disease or the problem. And second, by donating the proceeds of your book sales to its cause. In addition, if you learn how to publish a book online, you can also start a charity of you own.

So as you can see, by learning how to write a book, or publishing a novel, you may not make you a lot of money. But learning how to get a book published that will promote something else is how you Write Yourself Rich! So when you publish your own book, think of how to become a great writer. And at the same time, how to become a great promoter. This is how to publish your own book and make a fortune.

I know you can do it.

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