Publishing A Book That Sells
Publishing A Book That Sells

Publishing a book requires having a bigger vision for your writing than you may have right now. Because having a vision for your writing means picturing your writing as a way to make a living.

Which means that your vision will include making money on a regular basis from your writing efforts. It will also mean making money over a long period of time. So that not only can you enjoy a long-standing, sustainable income but you can also earn it from writing about what you love. And this also means earning more than just a few thousand dollars from years of Amazon self-publishing royalties.

Which also means that embracing this vision for publishing a book wholeheartedly will ultimately result in a whole series of published books.

With your name on them.

But how to get a book published for the first time may be overwhelming to you right now. Because things like Amazon publishing submission guidelines or Lulu publishing requirements are frustrating. Or trying to find a publisher for your first book may seem impossible. An article on how to get a literary agent in your position is a joke. And you are also finding the requirements for publishing a book anywhere are ridiculous. Can't any publishers help you? No, they can't because you aren't a proven writer and you don't have a following. But don't give up on learning how to publish your own book.

Just take a pause before you jump headlong into publishing a book on your own.

And you will be fine once you learn how to publish a book yourself.

Because right now, you may have skipped ahead in your mind to all of the people who will be excited by the books you have written. People you have amazed with your insights and other valuable information. So many people who will be giving you money to buy whatever information or publications it is that you are selling on places like Kindle direct publishing. After all, aren’t there millions of people who buy on the internet every day?  Why not from you?  The sky's the limit, right?

Eventually, yes.

And while it is good that you are already thinking this way, this way of thinking is really just a positive outlook. It is not a vision for your writing or an idea of where you want it to go. Hoping for high book sales based solely on your positive outlook is just wishful thinking.

“A vision is a concept or an image of the future that you can picture clearly in your mind. A vision you fulfill by taking the steps to learn how to publish your own book.”

In the case of a publishing a book, where you plan to make money as a professional writer, some people will call your vision a pipe-dream. This is because there is no actual reality attached to it at the moment. However, by following the instructions in my book, Write Yourself Rich,  you will be making your dream a reality. You will do this by following a logical, incremental pathway that I will be breaking down for you in great detail.

Publishing a Book May Mean Going Back to the Beginning.

The beauty of taking the approach in Write Yourself Rich  is that if your first writing ideas don’t pan out, you can always go right back to the beginning and start again. In fact, you can keep going back and repeating each step in this book until you have a marketable, successful book idea. This, as opposed to writing something from beginning to end, and then crossing your fingers, hoping for book sales.

And then feeling rejected when you have great ideas that no one seems to want to hear. Solid ideas which you worked so hard on. Don’t put yourself through this writing process.

Because this is a horrible process for anyone to experience.

Publishing a Book: Your New Strategy.

Your new strategy will be to continually go back to the starting point of your ideas.

Before you even think of publishing a book.

You will now constantly assess everything you are writing. In order to make it ready for your audience to find on the internet and then enjoy reading.

This process of publishing a book will lead you to new possibilities you hadn’t even considered. Or it can help you retool your old ideas into appealing, relevant, and viable publications. By constantly reevaluating your writing ideas from the very beginning, you may even get an epiphany that leads you back to start all over again.

In a completely different direction.

Down a much more profitable writing path than you ever thought possible.

In any case, as you truly dedicate yourself to the art of writing, you will inevitably succeed by using the new strategies in Write Yourself Rich.

Publishing a Book: Start With The First Step.

To start the process, whenever you have a vision for how to get a book published for the first time, you will want to begin with the end result in mind. Having an end result in mind means that every step you take will get you closer to the final vision that you have for publishing a book. Your best-selling book.

That said, let's look at the first step of how to publish a book online. Because publishing a book on Amazon, iTunes, or Barnes & Noble is the easiest way to get started. But how much does it cost to publish a book on Amazon or the other best self-publishing companies? Absolutely nothing.

In fact, any of theses companies can show you how to publish a book online for free and get paid for it. And knowing how to publish your own book for free is very important to many struggling writers. How to publish a book for free online has started many modern writing careers. Including writers who use it for publishing a novel, writers publishing poems for money, and those who needed to learn how to publish a children's book for free.

But they all had to start somewhere when it came to publishing a book. Since the Amazon self-publishing cost is zero, e-book publishing is the easiest way to learn how to publish a book online. And although self-publishing on Amazon pros and cons vary, Amazon self-publishing reviews are still positive enough to make it one of the most popular places for self-publishing.

Publishing A Book: The Help You Need.

And if you have questions about how to write a novel, or even how a poetry book layout should look, Amazon is one of the ebook publishing platforms that has the answers. This is because they provide support for how to publish an ebook step by step. Which includes advice on how to publish an ebook and make money. You can even learn how to publish a paperback book on Amazon from an ebook. So if you want to learn how to publish a book for free, it's a great place to start. And then be closer than ever to your goal of publishing a book that becomes a best-seller. This is how to get a book published for the first time.

I know you can do it.

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