Publishing A Book When You Have No Confidence

Publishing Can Be Intimidating
Publishing Can Be Intimidating.

In reality, publishing a book is completely different from letting your friends and family read what you have written.

And putting your writing out there for the first time can be one of the most disheartening steps to publishing a book.

Because if you publish your own book and there is no big interest from the reading public, what do you do? You have already put your name and your entire reputation out there. And this book was your absolute best effort.

So what if there is no feedback? You know other self-publishers who started this way. But if there isn't ever any interest, even bad feedback at some point may become welcome.

But is this all necessary? As a new author, do you have go through all of this rejection as part of the book publishing process?

No, you  do not.

Instead, let’s look at three ways to have more confidence when you are learning how to self-publish your own book.

Publishing confidently amid a sea of similar books.

You may be in the middle of getting a book published when you realize you are not the first writer to think like you do and commit it to paper. Especially when you see three or four books just like yours already available on Amazon. Or maybe more.

So before you think about publishing, browse for your topic to see what other people are writing. You can even type in phrases or whole sentences directly from your book right into your internet browser and see what comes up. Do this often and you will get a better feel for your topic. And what people want to read. Because this is what book publishing companies are looking for.

And while doing some preliminary research, you also can make your writing complementary, or just plain better than something that has already been published. So researching and checking out the competition is an important part in the steps to write a book. Before you contact any book publishing agents who have already seen and rejected what you are currently writing.

Equally important, you will have much more confidence with writing and publishing a book. Before you write a single word.

Publishing confidently without the college degree you think you should have.

Self-publishers do not need a college degree to write a top selling book.  And you don't have to worry that free book publishing means that your writing will be looked down upon. Nevertheless, if you are writing a self-help book, and you do not have a master's or doctoral degree, this can still undermine your confidence.

But to write a respected and popular self-help book, it's all in how you word the title. For example, if you put words like “living with,” “surviving,” or even “overcoming” in the title, readers will accept that while you do not have an advanced degree in psychiatry, you do have a success story. And this is where you can put all of your confidence. Because you have been there. And triumphed over adversity. The world wants to know how you did it.

And if you are writing a novel, it may seem like everyone else with book publishing agents has an English, law, or journalism degree. It's probably true, but don’t worry if you don’t have one yourself. Instead, make it your first priority to read the top books of 2018 in your genre. You can also check out the 10 must-read books of all time. But mainly, we are concerned with what writing styles are popular now.

After you read each book, publish a detailed online review of the novel in a recognized book reader’s forum. This is pretty close to having an instant college-level education in literature. Then you can start writing a novel of your own with an educated confidence you didn't have before.

Publishing confidently when you have no following and no idea where to get one.

Where do readers come from, and how do they find you? You can try blogging, tweeting, Facebook posting, etc., and this may get the word out about your new book.

Nevertheless, it may not help with book sales.

If you are a new author, book sales will really come from writing something relevant and trending that people want to read.  Hitting the nail on the head, so to speak.

To make this happen, one thing that is very helpful is something like Google Alerts. You simply go to the Google Alerts web page, type in whatever word or subject you are looking for, and they will send you an alert whenever someone publishes content on whatever subject matter you request. Now you can continuously monitor who is writing on your topic, what they are writing about it, and who is reading it.

As a new author, incorporating any popular trends and relevant information into your publishing efforts will make your book searchable. And also enjoyable to read once people find it.

Steps To Publishing A Book With Confidence, Recap:

  1. Pick a nonfiction topic for a book, or write a short synopsis for a novel.
  2. Do enough research or enough reading to figure out what to write about or what angle to take.
  3. Browse for information on the top publishing companies, and then the standard format for writing a book. You don't want to write something brilliant and then get rejected for poor formatting. This is a big stumbling block for new self-publishers.
  4. Find out what you are getting into with self-publishing printers and self-publishing book printing, just in case. Mainly, what software do you need to know? Because if you are a new writer, learning how to publish a book for free may be your only option. So familiarize yourself the Amazon self-publishing submission guidelines and the Amazon self-publishing costs chart.  Most of the other companies' costs of self-publishing a book will be the same. Learning how to publish a book for free or getting free book publishing with royalties is your goal here.

As you can see, there is a lot more to writing and publishing a book than just writing an article or a short story on your computer.

If you can, before you do anything, check out an online book publishing conference about how to publish your own book. These people will have gone through everything with regards to the stages of book publishing. And not only will an online digital publishing conference give you a lot of new information it can also prevent you from making a lot of unnecessary mistakes. And then giving up prematurely.

If you do all of this work before you start writing, you will have the confidence you need to publish a best-seller. Without a college degree or a literary agent.

I know you can do it.

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