Publishing Books: Who Do You Have To Know?

Writing Books - No Degree Required
Writing Books - No Degree Required

While the best-selling books all seem to be written by retired lawyers and disgraced politicians these days, you certainly don’t have to be one in order to publish yourself. And have a top-selling book.

Because while it is immediately profitable for publishing houses to promote high-profile people with sensational credentials, don’t sell your own qualifications short when it comes to appealing to the masses.

Here are three types of credentials you already have that carry more weight than you think they do.

Your Blog Is Your Best Way To Write Publishable Books.

You hear this over and over, but only because it’s true. So let's talk about why this is so and how you can use blogging to help you with writing books.

First, think about the retired lawyers who write crime novels. How do they do it so well and so quickly? It’s not by going to court or having law degrees. It’s from reading and responding to letters and motions every single day. For many years. To real people who read what they write and respond back to them. With more writing.

In fact, a lawyer or a politician has probably written several series  of books by the time they retire. So by the time they set out to write a book, it comes very naturally. Because they are very practiced at how to write what people have to read every day.

It's the same with college professors. Reading, writing, lecturing, and responding with even more writing.

And believe it or not, you can do the same thing with a garden-variety blog.

You probably already have a topic to blog about, but that isn't enough. You will also have to have some keywords.

Keywords are the words that people type into their browser to look for something. And it only makes sense that if the thing you are writing about is the thing they are looking for that they will find your blog. But in order to have a lot of followers, you will have to have a lot of people come to your blog. So you want to write around the most popular keywords so more people can find you. And start reading what you are writing.

Once you know what you are going to be writing about, it's time to start filling in those blank website content pages.

Your Life Experience Could Fill Several Volumes Of Books.  

If you could accurately write down every single thing that happened to you on any one day in your life, it would either be a chapter in a best-selling novel or a self-help book. But why?

Because you made it through the day and you are still here to talk about it. And books aren’t so much about feelings as they are about physical action and the circumstances under which they occur.

So write down the physical aspects of your day, every day, and blog about it on a daily basis.

No matter how insignificant you think the activities of your day are.

And you will be surprised at what people are actually interested in reading. But the important thing is, that just like the lawyer, you will find out for yourself. In real time. And your blog will either become a book to help people cope, a collection of hilarious anecdotes, or a serious crime drama.

Make up a pen name for your blog if feel you have to.

And if you think about it, this is all that the retired lawyers and politicians are doing. Writing down everything, no matter how minute, that happens every day. This very practice makes for a detailed suspense novel, if nothing else. As well, stand-up comedians, many of whom have best-selling books, take ordinary events and then make them funny.

And you can do the same to write your books.

Your Connections Will Help You Publish Your Books.

You may not have any connections at the moment, but you can create them easily enough on the internet. And I am not talking about connecting with other writers to commiserate.

I am talking about finding publishing houses and literary agents online and then following them to find out what they are buying. And also following readers’ groups to find out what books they are reading. Readers are the first people who will tell you why they love the authors and books they follow.

Then put the two together.

You will have to become quite an online detective, but knowing what is going on in the publishing world is where you want to focus, not hanging out in writers’ forums.

So spend your internet time in the land of the publishing (even if it is only as a fan), and work on writing for people who read books every day while you learn how to become a blogger. Because if you have a popular blog post, then you know it can easily become a chapter in a best-selling book.

Steps To Get From Blogging To Best-Selling Books.

  1. Pick a topic for a nonfiction book or a premise for a novel. Find popular keywords to start a daily blog. The best and easiest way to start a blog is with WordPress.
  2. Start writing a daily blog, with one focus keyword for each post. Write about your daily life, overcoming a problem (self-help books), or start writing a novel. Make sure to post a copyright notice on your blog. What you will find, however, is that your first posts aren't going to be so great. This is why many authors start with a pen name for their first books. To feel free to explore new possibilities without fear of judgement.
  3. Try to get feedback from your followers. Although, no one may follow you at first. So start following publishers and readers and see what they have to say about published authors and books. Adjust your blog posts as you learn more about publishing books from them.
  4. If you write enough blog posts, consider publishing an ebook. This will give you more to talk about in your blog. It will also be an ego boost once you publish your first book. And don't worry if there aren't any book sales. Think of self-publishing an ebook as a learning experience. One that you don't want to go through for the first time with any books you care about.

And if you hang in there, eventually someone will want to talk to you about turning your blog into a book. Which could lead to a whole series of books. Hopefully, with merchandising possibilities.

I know you can do it.

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