Publishing Companies Aren’t Responding: Why?

Publishing Companies Can Be Nonresponsive
Publishing Companies Can Be Cold

If publishing companies are not responding, it may be because your manuscript or book proposal isn't quite ready. And we aren't talking about correcting a few typos. Or even finding the right wording for a particular sentence. We are talking about a book that is simply not ready for major book publishing companies. Because a publishing company will simply not do a major edit on any manuscript. Even if if it brilliant. And we all know that you are brilliant. But you still have to have a completed manuscript or book proposal if you want publishing companies to respond.

And they will connect with you when you have a finished and marketable manuscript.

But if book publishers aren't responding to you now, it means that they don't quite see a manuscript that is ready to be sold yet. This is one of the things you will figure out when you are writing and publishing a book for the first time. Once you feel your manuscript is ready to be submitted to the top book publishing companies.

But how do you know when it's finished? Publishing companies don't have time to tell you.

And if you are just learning how to write a book, top book publishing companies will be particularly elusive, condescending, and non-responsive. Unless, of course, they send you out a rejection letter. A form letter that doesn't tell you anything about what the best publishing companies for new authors are looking for.

But here's some more info about writing a successful book proposal:

So how do you figure out when your manuscript is ready for publishing companies?

Your friends and family can't really help you. They are just excited that you are finished writing a book. And they wish you the best. But they do not know what publishing companies are looking for. They only know that someone should publish your book.

If this image makes you smile, hang on to that feeling. Because when you deal with publishing companies you will have to maintain this sense of humor at all times.

So if you can’t go to the publishers, or your family and friends, who can you go to? Many people will say a literary agent. But unless you have something immediately marketable, they won’t talk to you either. And if they do, they will give you some vague suggestions that will not help you land a publishing deal.

Unfortunately, no one is going to write your book for you, even though you need the help. Because what is missing from your book is something that you don't know yet. But you do know there is something missing and you need to correct it.

But now we’re getting closer to appealing to the publishing companies.

So if you can’t go to the publishers, or to your family, or to a literary agent, where can you go for feedback? You will need to find a target audience who will give you more than just, “Oh that sounds great, you should definitely publish a book.”

You can find this target audience by blogging or posting on social media.

Which you probably already do.

But you probably haven't blogged about the content of your book yet. Because you don't want anyone to steal your ideas. And you don't want to reveal the content of the book you plan to sell.

Then who would pay money for it?

On the surface this makes a lot of sense, but if you do some research, you will find quite the opposite. Meaning, that if you go to or Barnes & Noble, you may find some books that are eerily similar to yours.

The main difference being that your approach is different and you have more than likely updated your subject matter. Or developed your characters differently. This is why people will want to read your new book. But they will have to get acquainted with your ideas first, and the best way to do this is through social media. In fact, if you broadcast you new ideas on social media, you will have new followers and new feedback. Which will help you expand on your ideas and also make them more relevant.

Which is what the book publishing companies in New York are looking for.  In fact, the more new followers and book ideas you have, the more they will be interested.

And even if you don't find any books like yours, you will still have to expose people to your new way of thinking.

Through social media.

This is how you get the attention of publishing companies.

It’s called an author platform and it’s what publishing companies and literary agents want to see. So if you have several thousand followers on an active blog, book publishers will start to notice. And a publishing company is dying to get its hands on any book where an author has something new to say.

Along with a huge following of book buyers who want to read it.

And unfortunately, you can contact every book editor on a traditional publishers list, but no one will respond back if you are writing your first book. This is because any of the reputable publishing companies will already have their hands full trying to promote the authors they already represent.  Even fiction book publishing companies aren't going to take a chance on a new book that has no proven interest for sales. Especially if it isn't a completed manuscript.

Which brings us to our next point.

So what is missing from your book for publishing companies?

If you start talking about your book on social media, you will start to notice what is missing from it. Or what it is lacking. All based on what other people are talking about online. This is because when you talk to other people and mention your book ideas, they will mention their ideas as well. But these people are not the ones writing a book. You are. 

And when they mention some things you hadn't thought about, this will be what is missing from you book. Now, if you keep an open mind and realize that other people are writing online about the same things you are writing about in your  book, you can go back and fix your manuscript.

So that publishers will want to read it too. And they will know who to market it to because you already have a target audience picked out for them.

By adding new ideas, deleting others, and rewording some things you want to keep to reflect the new material you will have discovered from writing online, you will be well on your way to having a marketable book idea.

And if you do this, and you get some new followers, publishing companies will be much more open to you as a first-time writer. It will take some time, but if you stick with it, you will be in a much better position than if you just wrote a book from start to finish and then tried to convince people to read it.

This is what most failed authors do. They learn how to write a book, finish it, and then try to sell it on social media.

Which almost never works. Because they never got any feedback to see if anyone was interested in the first place.

So before you approach any publishing companies, let's rethink this.

Start by getting feedback from social media as you write your self-help book or your novel. And you don't have to reveal the content of your book so much as you are looking for what people want to read.

And instead of suffering through the self-publishing companies, you can start thinking about an advance from some top publishing companies in NYC.

I know you can do it.

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