Readers: Writing What They Want To Read

What Do Readers Want?
What Do Readers Want To Read?

Readers are finicky people, or so they seem.

And right now, it may seem like they aren't interested in reading your blog or your books. Or your writing in general.

But why is that? It’s not because your writing in't any good. So don’t think that way.

Because it’s not true.

You may be a brilliant writer, but what you haven't done is follow the rules of what people want to read. Commercial book readers. The book buying public. The people who only buy the top books to read.

And they will buy your writing, once you follow the four basic rules of writing what people want to read:

What Readers Want To Read, Rule #1.

In order to write a book bestseller, you will have to pick a specific genre. In fact, most of the best selling books of all time are in a very specific genre. Even the best fiction books of all time fit into a genre. This is because it is easy for publishers to sell these recommended books to read - when they can fit them into a genre that readers know. And readers like this too because they can find interesting books to read based on the genre they like. Because these are also the books that will be listed on a recommended reading list for adults.

So if you want your book to make it onto a recommended books to read 2018 list, it has to be in a genre. Which means that instead of going for all types of writing, you should be looking for types of writing genres that your book will fit into.

So it can become a must read of all time.

Which means your first step to writing one of the top books to read 2018 is to do some research and pick a genre.

What Readers Want To Read, Rule #2.

Readers want real information. And they want to know that you have experienced the same problem that they are experiencing, and how you solved the problem. Or survived it. And don’t make things up, or write some filler to pad a blog post. Or a chapter. Your readers are real people looking for a real solution and they are desperate to find it. So make sure that you are the writer who gives it to them.

They will love you for that and put your book on their Goodreads book lists. No kidding.

And if you are writing a book like a novel about a real location, or a legal proceeding, or a medical condition, or anything else that really exists, do some extensive research. The more facts you can put in your novel, the more credible it will be. And the more likely it will become one of the best fiction books to read.

So now we know that readers want specific, relevant, real-life information. Even if it's in a novel. And you know yourself that generic information on the internet is extremely frustrating. And also a waste of your time.

Think about your own internet searches. Because how many times have you urgently needed to solve a problem and found the same generic information on the top ten websites? Be the person who solves a problem with specific information in a self-help book and you will be number one in a keyword browser search.

Or capture an audience as a novelist and you will essentially rule the world of fiction.

And if you also  write ebooks on the same subject, this will encourage your blog readers to buy them. In order to get the whole body of your wisdom.

What Readers Want To Read, Rule #3.

Readers want you to solve their problem immediately. If you can't solve it, with the click of their mouse, they will go somewhere else. But if you can solve their problem for them right away, you will have a follower for life. If you are a novelist, you have to immediately indulge someone. It's two sides of the same coin.

And if you satisfy a reader's needs, they will also tell everyone in their social network that you have written one of the top books to read. This will get you even more followers and sell many books, because their friends may have the same problems as they do. Which you have solved with the Barnes & Noble top sellers you have written. Or your Amazon best selling books. Awesome.

So if you don’t have the information that provides real solutions that work, get it. Go to the library and find some of the best books to read on your topic. You will be surprised at how much real and relevant information is there. Along with a live person to help you find the most current  information. And most libraries have free books online that you can read on your computer or phone. So you don’t even have to go in person to read free books from the online library.

And being able to read current, top-selling free books to read online from the library on your smart phone or tablet is a time-saver that will put you ahead of the other writers when it comes to trending online.

What Readers Want To Read, Rule #4.

Most importantly, readers want to read literature from a writer who is trending. This may mean dirtying your hands with social media, but this is part of living in a world with the internet. However, if you are staying abreast of current trends (newsworthy or literary) in your writing, you should automatically have a certain amount of inherent trendiness already. This is because if you have real information that helps people immediately, these readers will tell their followers about how you solved their problem. Which automatically means that you are trending in social media. Just by providing genuine answers that people can use.

And this is the main reason that trending online is an inherent part of writing these days. Because readers love to tweet and post about their favorite authors and author quotes. They also love to post about their problems and who helped them through a crisis. No matter how small. So if your writing is current, well-researched, relevant, and full of useful information, trending on social media is more of a beta test for your writing than anything else.

Although you should set up social media accounts specifically for your writing. These accounts should be separate from any personal accounts, so that the two don't become disastrously mixed together.

Readers And Publishers

Publishers also like to see writers with a popular blog. Mainly because it makes their job easier. But experimenting with a blog and other social media is also a real-time way to learn how to write these days. And stay current. So becoming a social media expert with followers is something that publishing houses look for, in addition to relevant writing. Because publishers are in the business of selling must-read books, and if you already have a following, you are more of a sure thing.

But make no mistake. Having a lot of followers doesn't mean anything if they aren't book buyers. And if you are a first-time author, having a following of proven readers can mean the difference in getting a publishing deal.

This is the next step to becoming a writer with a readership, if you want to write one of the top 10 books of all time. And this should be somewhere in the dreams of a writer who also wants to write good books to read.

So to sum it up:
  1. Pick a genre for your book based on the top books to read, or 100 books everyone should read before they die.
  2. Find as much real information about your nonfiction topic (or the topic of your novel) as possible.
  3. Organize the information so that it is easy to follow and solves real problems. (nonfiction or fiction)
  4. Stay current and relevant with bona fide information researched from a credible source.
  5. Develop a social media following based on providing relevant and trending information to real readers and top book buyers.

This is a solid place to start  - not only to gain readers and followers but also to write a best-selling book. One of the top ten books of all time.

I know you can do it.


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