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Write Romance Novels With Passion

Romance novels (and how to write a romance to get rich) is the question every person who reads the best romantic novels often asks.

But more to the point - what makes a best selling romance so compelling? Especially when you look through the free Kindle romance book list and there are so many new titles every day.

But the best romantic novels have something different to offer. That's why they are the best new adult romance books out there.

So ask yourself: how did these romance books grow to become the best romance book series for adults?

There is a very specific formula. Something along the lines of the old Harlequin romance books.

So the best adult romance books start with writing a hero that every reader can fall in love with.

But you also need a relatable heroine, a moving plot, an engaging climax, and a satisfying ending to make it one of the best romance novels to read. One of the best romantic novels on the market today.

So let’s take a quick look at how you can write one of the 100 top romance novels of all time, and still leave your readers wanting more. Like a whole best romance series  to read.

Write Romance Novels With A Not-So-Much Hero.

Best selling romance authors don't write about conventional heroes so much these days. But rather, a man to fall in love with who is more complex. He is the darkly brooding, ruggedly handsome, misunderstood, prince-of-all-rogues. Not necessarily the hero. In fact, probably not  the hero, but with smoldering, unconventional good looks and an athletic build that naturally comes from his rigid self-discipline – or self-denial.

Ever since it happened.

No one knows what happened, because he has put up those impenetrable walls. And the heroine doesn’t want to fix him, she just wants to lick his wounds. But she won’t let him know that. Not yet. Maybe not ever.

And his ongoing inner conflict is what new adult romance books are all about. What all the best romantic novels are about.

Write Romance Novels With A Down-To-Earth Heroine.

The best new adult romance books have a different kind of heroine as well. And people who read romance novels need to see themselves as the essence of the main character. It’s the first rule of a wish-fulfillment novel. Which is what the best romance series books are. So the heroine is attractive, maybe beautiful and striking, but she doesn't dwell on it. Because she can admit to her flaws. To herself anyway.

Especially when she is chiding herself for making so many bad choices. But what else could she do, given her circumstances? And there are always circumstances. But no excuses.

The heroine is looking for something that is missing in her life, but she doesn’t know what it is. Other people have told her what it is. But they’re all wrong, of course.

And so is HE. Him. The darkly brooding prince. He’s completely wrong for her. For now, anyway. Or maybe if she met him in another life. No, wrong for her at any time. But there is something about him that she can’t get out of her head.

And this is how new adult contemporary books turn into the best romance series to read. The best romantic novels out there. The romance novels that turn into a whole series of books.

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Write Romance Novels With A Twisted Plot.

And no matter what his obvious faults, the darkly brooding, five-o’clock-shadow rogue prince must rescue the heroine somehow – even if it is only from herself. He shows up at the worst times. And says all the wrong things. Then he takes her as he wants – as she wants – and it’s the only good thing that’s happened to her that day. That week. That year. And now she understands. And now he’s willing to talk.

But only on his terms. And that’s not good enough. She’s been down this road before. She won’t do it again.

This is what makes for the best romantic novels. And the best romance novels of all time.

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Write Romance Novels With A Hot Climax.

They meet again, but this time there is tension. One of them has to give, but which one? Dammit if she’s going to do it. But for some reason, he breaks down. He lets her in, for a few fleeting moments. And she sees the inner complexity of his wounded soul for the first time. And this time, they make love. Passionate love. Their love-making is intimate and they spend the night together, repeating the process of sharing themselves several more times.

Write Romance Novels With A Happy-Enough Ending.

He won’t ever  let her in all the way. But what he does give her is enough for now. And somehow, through all the improbabilities, they have to be together. Have  to be with each other. And we desperately want them to make it work. At least until we finish the book. And move on to the next book in one of the best romance novel series we are reading.

Write Romance Novels: Getting Started.

You may think that it is easy to write a romance that will become one of the best new adult romance novels on the market. Especially if you have seen the quality of some of the current romance writing. Along with some of the names of the top romance authors, which seem made-up.

But to write a romance novel is not such an easy undertaking as you may think. Because you have to write a romance that has enough pages (words) to meet industry standards. And writing a romantic short story won't cut it. Because people like to read full-length romance novels. The best romantic novels that keep them engaged and entertained.

So the easiest way to write romance novels is to start by writing Kindle free romance books. These are short romance books that only cost a dollar, or are a free Kindle romance books download. And because they are ebooks, they can be as short as 2,500 words. Of course, you don't have to just write Kindle free romance books. You can write short, free romance books for anyone who distributes them. There are even free Christian romance books.

When You Write Romance Novels That Are Short, You Can Develop The Craft Of Writing Romances, Along With Attracting A Following.

Many of the best historical romance novels start this way - in serial form. This is to give the writer a chance to research and develop all of the details. Once you can write a romance that is part of a romance book series for adults, you are well on your way to the top of the best free romance book list.

It's only a matter of time before you write one of the best romance novels of all time, or one of the best historical romance novels ever.

I know you can do it.

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