Sales Letter: How To Write One And Get Rich

Sales Letter
A Sales Letter Should Be About The Benefits

A sales letter is something that everyone stresses over because they think that the right exact wording will make more sales. Because someone will be so overwhelmed by something you have written that they will be compelled to buy your book or your product.

But it doesn’t work that way.

This is because too many sales letters focus on the features of the product.

Instead of the benefits.

Sales Letter: Don’t sell the features.

So it doesn’t matter whether your product is a book or a kitchen gadget, or anything in between. Features listed in a sales letter never sell a product. (A feature is a physical property of any product.)

And here are some examples of features that many people wrongly emphasize in a sales letter:

  • 250 pages packed full of indispensable gardening advice!
  • Anti-stick surface makes cleaning a breeze!
  • Third night free when you book now!
  • Premium show packages start at only $59.95!
  • New miracle cream gets rid of wrinkles overnight!

Well, so what? People don’t buy books or products based on these kinds of promises. In addition the fact that consumers are all immune to these claims, they buy a book or a product based on an emotion.

So let’s look at these same sales pitches again. But this time, let’s make them more appealing to someone’s emotions. Keeping in mind that benefits are the things that someone gets from reading your book or using your product. And these benefits can stir up significant emotions.

Sales Letter: Sell the benefits instead.

  • You will be the envy of your neighborhood, after you learn the secrets of gardening in this book.
  • Easy-clean surfaces will give you more time with your family after dinner.
  • If you think two nights in the Hamptons are romantic, wait until you stay for a third. On us.
  • See the shows you’ve always dreamed of, but thought you could never afford.
  • New study shows younger-looking skin is more attractive to online daters.

These are emotional benefits people buy into.

Sales Letter: Go for the jugular.

You have to give your clients an emotional benefit in order for them to respond to your offers. Because someone may dismiss your obvious sales pitch for a new gardening book right away.  Nevertheless, EVERYONE wants their home to be the envy of the neighborhood. So if you can give someone the envy from their neighbors they desire, then you have a sale.

Remember, benefits are what someone gets by reading your book or using your product. And these benefits can trigger powerful feelings of inadequacy and other insecurities. Use these emotions to your advantage in a sales letter and you will immediately increase your sales and get rich.

I know you can do it.

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