Self-Help Books: Write Your Way To Wealth

Self-Help Books
Self-Help Books Are Consoling

Self-help books are the most widely-read non-fiction books on the market today. This is because there are so many modern problems plaguing us all. With new ones coming every day.

But can anyone write a self-help book?

Yes they can. Because it's not your credentials that count anymore. And with the internet, the self-help topics to write about can be on anything. In fact, the most successful self-help topics to write about are things that everyone else is going through. Because these days, it's who  you can reach that matters when it comes to writing self-help books that will make you wealthy.

And you can make a lot of money writing self-help books, if you know who you are writing for. In other words, your target market. So the first question you need to ask when writing a self-help book is, “Who is going to buy it?” And if you can answer this question, you are well on your way to writing yourself rich.

Writing Successful Self-Help And How-To Books

But before we talk about your target market, let's look at how to structure a self-help book if you want it to be a best-seller. How to organize a self-help book is more important than worrying about how many words in a self-help book there are. Industry standards for your self-help topic and your targeted age group will tell you how long your book should be. Nevertheless, taking notes on self-help books that are bestsellers in your genre is always helpful. This is because if you understand how to read a self-help book effectively, you will understand how to write one.

And by reading other bestselling self-help books, you will understand that how to structure a self-help book is more about making it easy to follow and easy to find information. So self-help book chapters should be clearly labeled and only talk about one issue. This also makes writing and selling a successful self-help book much simpler for the first-time writer. It also makes it profitable for a publisher to market.

That said, let's talk about how to publish a self-help book that appeals to a target market. A target market that you will reach by writing and selling a successful self-help book.

Self-Help Books: Your Target Market.

In order to have a bestselling self-help book, many different types of people will have to buy it. So if you are writing a book for the first time, your first thought may be to write your book in a generic fashion. So that it will appeal to everyone. But people need to solve specific problems, not generic ones. These problems are the things to write about in a self-help book.

So writing a book that appeals to everyone would be a big mistake. Because no one reads books on general subjects anymore. Because they want to solve specific problems immediately. So instead, you want to write your book for the most specific target market you can think of. These people will buy your book right away. Then, they will recommend your book to everyone they know on social media.

The recommendations will continue on until you have a bestseller. Because suddenly, everyone is worried about a problem they never knew existed. Not until you wrote your book about it. And your book reached out to that one small group of people who alerted everyone else on your behalf.

Self-Help Books: Invent The Problem.

No one has any problems in their life until someone tells them they have one. Look through any self-help section at a bookstore and you will immediately get on your smart phone to confirm that you don’t have the impending money, health, family, and relationship concerns that the titles of these self-help books suggest you have.

Similarly, your self-help book should take a mundane problem and raise it to such a level that it must be dealt with immediately. By everyone. And it’s a good thing that your book was there to help. Even if you write about something positive - like cooking at home.

The reader should walk away thinking that if they do not buy your book, then they are not a part of what is trending now. That they are left behind on the one thing that is essential to elevate the status of their family and to keep pace with the rest of the world. That if they do not buy your book, they are not a member of your exclusive club. One that everyone else who is knowledgeable about these types of things has already joined.

Self-Help Books: The Title.

If you spend your time agonizing over anything, spend it on the title. Self-help books are sold almost exclusively by their title. So in one singular phrase, you must sum up the whole essence of your book. Make sure it counts. Envision someone walking around with your book in their hand. Reading it at work during their lunch break. Imagine someone else asks what they are reading. Then imagine your reader reciting the title of your book to the other person. Very self-assuredly. (You mean you haven’t heard!?)

And then taking the time to tell the other person all about your book. Excitedly. Then imagine the other person going out the next day and buying your self-help book. And then telling all of their friends about it. This is how self-help books become bestsellers. And why word-of-mouth (social media, etc.) coming from your target audience is so important for selling books to the masses of people who will suddenly be in dire need of your bestselling advice.

So this approach isn't so much about how to write a self-help book step-by-step, or even how to write a self-help book in 30 days, but rather how to reach out to one small group with a singular problem and then have them alert the masses. So that your book becomes one of the top 10 books to read.

Now this is what writing and selling a successful self-help book is all about.

I know you can do it.

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