Self Improvement Books: Write Ebooks First

Self-Improvement Books Written As Ebooks
Self-Improvement Books Written As EBooks Help Everyone Faster

Self-improvement books (written as ebooks) are one of the most popular genres in the publishing industry.

And it’s no wonder. Because if you have ever had a problem, the first thing you look for on the internet is someone else who has had the same problem as you have had and solved it.

But though you may read through a blog - or some other kind of web pages - or even a whole website of free advice on the internet - it doesn't quite do it. Because there is nothing cohesive about random blog posts. Nothing that amounts to the sage advice you are looking for.

And you can't solve everything with a few blurbs from a web-page.

But you also don't have the time to read any 600-page self improvement books.

However, you still need some self-improvement books to solve your minor personal problems discreetly and fast.

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So what you really want is some quality advice that you can download - and then read at your leisure. And then reread as you start to work on your road to self-improvement.

And self improvement books (in the form of ebooks) are something you can digest on your own time. Without anyone wondering about what you are downloading and reading in such a hurry.

Because if you are trying to solve a deeply personal problem, you don't want anyone to see what you are reading about and then start making comments. And while you can share most of your garden-variety problems with your friends and family, you don't want them to know everything  about you. Because it's personal.

But now, thanks to short ebooks, you can solve your minor problems discreetly. On your smartphone. In a small amount of time.

With some advice from someone who took the time to publish some useful information in the form of ebooks.

Self-improvement books (written as ebooks) can be sold for about ninety-nine cents or free.

And this is one of the many reasons why self-improvement books are so popular with readers and authors alike.

They are quick to write, easy to publish, and easy to read. And they are the best way to become a published author if you are a first-time writer. Because in about 5,000 words, you can solve anyone's problems in a way that helps them quickly. Then they will follow you for life. This is what makes writing books for a living profitable in the long run.

And writing short ebooks is sort of like dipping your toe into the shallow end of the pool. Instead of jumping in headfirst and writing a full-length book.

Because the best personal growth books (the ones that are distributed by publishing houses) take a little bit longer to write. And these are usually the famous personality development books that you shouldn't attempt to write as a first-time author. That's because these best-selling, self-development books are a large undertaking. And many of these motivational psychology self-improvement books are written by experienced professionals.

And you aren't going to write any self-help motivational books  that will compete with them. Especially if you haven't ever written any self-motivation books.

So let's start from a realistic place for you and your readers:

Self-improvement books in the form of ebooks are the best thing to help readers solve their own problems - and help you start as a writer.

If you have a problem that you don’t want anyone to know about, where do you go? The self-help section at the bookstore is probably a last resort, because you don’t want to be embarrassed there when you buy your book. And you don’t want anyone to find your book later on or see you reading it in public.

So of course, the first place you go to solve a problem is a website on the internet. But you probably won’t find any help there either, especially if you want an in-depth answer. So what’s the solution?  Ebooks.

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And there is a big reason why self-motivation books (in the form of kindle ebooks free) are so popular:

Self-improvement books, in the form of ebooks, preserve the anonymity of the reader.

Ebooks are the perfect solution for anyone who wants to read in-depth about their problem, discreetly on their mobile device. This is because no one has to know you went on Amazon and purchased an ebook. There are also free kindle Amazon book downloads. So no one will know what you are reading when you pull it up on your smartphone. And no one will find the self-improvement book hidden in your dresser drawer, either. Which is a great relief if you are reading self-motivation books to improve your life.

But self-improvement books, in the form of ebooks, are also a profitable way for new writers to generate an income.

There are various reasons why you can get wealthy quickly by writing self-improvement ebooks.

  • Ebooks are short (5,000 words plus).
  • Online books sell quickly because they can be really specific.
  • Ebooks explore a problem with just enough information to be helpful, but are short enough to be a quick read.
  • Online books are cheap for the consumer (99 cents to $1.99).
  • Ebooks are easier to write for the author because there is no traditional formatting involved.
  • Online books can make money on the internet for years because they can be updated as information changes.
  • There are no physical copies to print, buy, or store, and an infinite number of books are always available for purchase.
  • And Amazon Kindle books can be written anonymously under a pen name. This means that you can make your first efforts as a writer without judgement.
Which means that:
Self-improvement books, in the form of ebooks, also preserve the anonymity of the author.

You can use a pen name and write as many problem-solving books as you can finish. Each one solving a different problem that will help someone who needs to read your information discreetly. Even if you just assemble the already available information into one volume that someone can download, you are still helping people and making money as a writer at the same time. You may even write one of the best motivational books of 2019. Or you can write a whole series of the best personal growth books on the market.

I know you can do it.

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