Self-Publishing An Interesting Read
Self-Publishing An Interesting Read

You may start out thinking that self-publishing, by definition, means writing whatever you want. Until your idea to publish a book doesn't sell. Then what? Publishing your own book is still the goal, but you will have to rethink it.

Eventually, you may come to realize that writing about what people want to read will ultimately be more profitable. Even though you still want to self-publish your own ideas.

But as you have already found out, the top ten self-publishing companies and the best self-publishing companies UK don't care what you think. Or what you want to write about. (Some self-publishing websites may have even already told you this in a rejection letter.)

But they do care what book buyers think.  And if you can show online publishers that many paying readers want to read what you have to say, they may finally listen to you.

But When You Are Self-Publishing, How Will You Ever Know What People Want To Read?

First off, if you start your self-publishing career by writing online articles and blog posts, you will know immediately what people do and do not like. And it’s not that big of a deal, because unlike  when you publish your book, you can rewrite a blog post or an article until they do like it.

You can even delete a blog post altogether. Also unlike when you publish your book.  So this is a hands-on way to learn with valid, real-time feedback. And the most valuable thing you can know as an author is what people want to read.

And in doing so,  you may even be surprised at what people really do  want to read.

On the other hand, if you write a book in its entirety and then try self-publishing it (as you may have already discovered), you may never know the reason why it failed. If it sold at all. And you may be so discouraged that you give up on self-publishing a book altogether.

But don’t ever give up getting your first book published.

If you still want to publish a book on your own, you can start again and be successful this time. And if you are still wondering about "how to publish my own book," read on.

How To Self-Publish Your Own Book That People Will Read.

So you can start by writing an experimental blog. But haven't you tried this already?  No, because this blog will be different.

Because this is a blog whose only purpose is to ask people what they want to read on your subject matter. To find out what piques a reader's interest and then start blogging about it. But you won't be writing so much, as you will be asking people's opinions. Finding out what people want to read is the focus of this blog. And then developing these opinions into ideas that you can use for self-publishing online.

Then, by slowly building a following of opinion-sharers and turning their feedback into a brand with articles and blog posts that you know people want to read, you will learn to how to use the feedback to always be in tune with your readers. And you will be well on your way to becoming a successful self-published author.

So instead of just publishing your own book - one that has nothing to do with what real readers are looking for - use an experimental blog to find out what they want. And by doing this, you will be further along to getting your first book published than ever before.

And, you’ll have added value to bring to a publishing company in the way of a loyal fan base. This is critical if you ever decide to submit a manuscript to a literary agent, in addition to self-publishing. And even if you submit your book to any of the reputable self-publishing companies, you will still sell books faster if you already have some followers.

Self-Publishing Means Keeping It Short.

Short blog posts give you the opportunity to learn to write for a commercial audience. One who also likes to read and buy books. Your books. And if you are a novice writer, new readers don’t mind skimming through a short blog post. Which means they have already given you a chance – because you didn’t ask for them to make any effort.

Next time, they’ll read more, now that they know you a little bit better. And you will know them better as well. This is because as people start to skim your writing, they will also want to give you feedback on your blog or on your Facebook fan page. Because you will be continually asking them questions about what they think.

And written over a period time, articles and blog posts also give you the opportunity to thoroughly develop and explore your ideas. Before you think about how to self-publish your own book.

A Good Self-Publishing Blog Asks A Lot Of Questions.

An interactive blog gives you a better idea of what people want to read about. And it may even take your writing in a new direction. Remember, we are not interested in what you think right now. We are only interested in what your potential readers think and what they are interested in learning. Before you go to any online publishing companies and before finishing and publishing your own book.

This kind of "I want to know what you think" blog will also kindle some extra writing motivation, since you will have consistently measurable feedback. Which in turn will encourage you to finish, edit, and self-publish your book. It’s the best thing about having a blog that people love to read and respond to.

A Self-Publishing Blog Is Only The First Step.

Once you have enough ideas to write about and start writing your first book, you will need to find information on some self-publishing firms. You can do this on self-publishing websites, or you can google a phrase like "how to get my book on Amazon." Self-publishing book printers are usually print-on-demand publishers. And look for free self-publishing services first.

If anyone wants to charge you money to self-publish, make sure they are one of the best self-publishing companies. Even then, self-publishing costs should be minimal because self-publishing by definition is about cheap book printing. The self-publishing companies to avoid are the ones that charge heavy upfront fees to publish your book, or for printing books you order.

If you are self-publishing an ebook, look for how to sell your book on Amazon. This is free self-publishing online, and self-publishing on Amazon is probably the easiest for beginners. And these are only a few of the benefits of selling on Amazon.

As you can see, there are many ways of how to self-publish your own book. You just have to know what people want to read.

I know you can do it.

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