Sell Books With The Right Catchy Title

Sell Books With A Better Title
You Can't Sell Books Without A Best-selling Title

Sell books or selling books online. As a published author, it’s the first thing you want to do.

But besides self-publishing, are you doing anything that will help someone like a book-scouter or a publisher also make some cash for books you are writing? Because if you don't have a specific plan for selling books online when you are writing, then you may not sell books like you think you will.

When it comes time to publish. But by then it's too late.

Because in order to sell books online at Amazon, your plan has to start from the very beginning.

Like with the title. This is how to sell books.

Because you have to come up with the right catchy title first. If not, instead of writing best selling books, and looking for the best place to sell books online, you will be wondering, "Where can I sell my books in person?"

And no writer wants to do that.

So let’s work on your title to sell books before you write another word. It's how to sell books online.

That said, here are some ways to sell books with the right catchy title:

Sell Books With The Right Catchy Title: One word will do it.

If you can, think of the one word that will sell your book, because one word is all it takes. And if you can find one word that will sum up everything in your book, you will have a bestseller on your hands. Think about it. How many one-word book titles have you bought and read?

And practically speaking, if you are selling books online, like in the Amazon Marketplace, your book cover will be reduced to the size of a thumbnail image. If you are new author, and you go to Amazon to sell books, your book cover will be competing on the page with many other writers who sell at Amazon Books. If your title is only one word, especially an intriguing one, people are much more likely to notice it.

And it's not just on Amazon Books.

It's anywhere you sell books.

You will find that websites selling books online, like Barnes and Noble, will still have thousands of titles available in your genre. And you are doing yourself a disservice if you have a lengthy or complicated title for your first book.  The causal reader must be able to absorb your title in less than a glance. If not, they will move on to the next book. A book that their mind can get a grip on.

And they will buy that book instead.

Another thing to keep in mind, is that if you have too many words in the title, the print may be too small for someone to read. Then they won't even bother. And don't think that the book description will save you. Readers online, more than anything, like to look at a picture.

In this case, the picture is your cover. And the cover is everything when you are selling books online.

For more information on creating covers go here:

Sell Books With The Right Catchy Title: It has to be searchable.

If you are a reader who is looking to buy books online, you will do a browser search for the subject matter or genre first.

And as a first-time author, you are not searchable. Which means that your book will always be on the bottom of any search list. So you have to make it as easy as possible for people to find you book.

So it would make sense to include a word that people are browsing for online in your book title.

And while they may not be able to find your cover art at Amazon Books, people who buy books may find your title in a browser search.

By the same token, think about this before you spend a year writing your book. Because you may also find that many people have had the same idea you have had, and then beat you to it. So this is where you can also go online and do some searches for yourself.

Before you start writing a book that has already been written.

So do some research at Amazon Books or any website where they sell text books. Or sell used books for cash, or sell used romance novels. Depending on what you are writing.  Then you can look at the book titles that have already been successful.

Because if you start searching online, you will get some ideas for what kinds of titles are selling. What kinds of book titles catch your eye. Especially at websites that sell used books online, you will find book titles that have not only sold once, but are for sale a second time. These are book titles with staying power.

For keyword ideas go here:

Sell Books With The Right Catchy Title: Work on the title first.

A solid way to approach a book that you want to sell is to work on the title first. But if you can’t do it in one word, or you can't find a searchable word to put in your title, that's okay. You can still do something else. You can work on a title that has a ring to it. But what does this means exactly?

Think about it this way. When you say your book title out loud, does it have a rhythm to it? Or an authoritative voice? If people are talking about your book, does it have that “name-dropping” quality? If not, keep working on titles and saying them out loud until it does.

Because if you have an insanely catchy bestseller book title, wouldn’t it be logical that you would be more excited to work on your book every day? Remember, you have to finish your book before you can publish it. So even if you are working on a book right now, and you are stalled, come up with the title first.

Before you write anything else.

For more information on creating titles go here:

Just the anticipation of the title release alone will keep you motivated when you start slowing down. Or start wondering when you are ever going to finish writing a book to sell. Daydreaming about money and prestige (as you repeat your bestselling book title over and over in your head) is enough to keep anyone motivated to finish writing a book.

I know you can do it.

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