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Good Story Writing Starts With The Setting

Short story writing is the fastest way to become a self-published author these days. This is because short stories can be published as ebooks on Amazon (minimum 2,500 words) or iTunes. will accept a book that is a minimum of 40 pages. And while these minimums may change, the fact of the matter is that publishing a short story is easier than writing a whole novel for new writers.

Even if your short stories don’t sell, the experience you gain from completing your own commercial writing project is worth it. Plus, short stories can also become chapters in a novel later on. And if you use self-publishing to learn how to become a good story writer, by the time you are ready to publish your novel, you will be well-versed in the mechanics of self-publishing.

So it makes sense to write some good creative stories to read first. Before you burden yourself with learning how to outline a novel, chapter by chapter.

But having said that, you can’t just write short stories about anything you want. This is not how to get better at writing stories. Because in order to sell, your first short stories should fall into one of three genres: Horror, Comedy, or Romance.

And while many creative stories written by students are about their own experiences, these types of short story ideas rarely do well in the commercial market. Because most new authors aren't mature enough as writers yet. So it's better to have more experience with knowing what the elements of a great story are, before you write your own story.  Your personal creative writing stories will be much more impactful when you do.

All that said, let's get to the three story writing book genres we are talking about. Creative writing examples you can develop into immediate bestselling books: Horror, Comedy, and Romance.

Story Writing Idea #1.

Ghost stories are perhaps the oldest and most popular of the short story ideas for a reason. Because everyone loves a good scare. Plus, horror stories lend themselves to the best cover art, which is what really helps sell books. Then, once you have written enough of these creative stories to read, you can publish them in one volume. Or you can write one long horror novel, and release it in serial form as you publish each individual chapter as its own short story.

Writing ghost stories is one of the best creative writing examples of what makes a story interesting. And since building suspense is one of the main elements of a story about hauntings, it is an easier genre to master. And once you have mastered this, it will be easier to work on the other 7 elements of a story, which are character, theme, plot, point of view, setting, conflict, and tone.

Now you can see why it is a separate process to learn the steps to writing a novel outline. Or if you are writing about real hauntings, then you will eventually have to learn how to outline a nonfiction book. This is when deciding what makes a story newsworthy comes into play.

This is why it's better to write short stories first. There are fewer decisions, which means faster publishing.

Story Writing Idea #2.

Everyone loves a good laugh. This is why comedy sells so well. Short, funny stories are perfect for people to read on a lunch break, or on public transportation. Jokes and humorous stories are a very easy story writing format to learn and are also easy to turn into a full-length book.

This is because funny short stories fit perfectly into a nonfiction book outline. (e.g., “You won’t believe what happened to me on the way to work today.”) In fact, stand-up comedians turn jokes and daily observations into popular books all the time.  Look at the New York Times Best Seller list and you will always see a few of these comedy books at the top.

You can also post funny short stories on story writing websites to develop an immediate following. Developing a following is very important for the success of humorous creative writing stories. You could even land a book deal simply because you have a large following of people who enjoy your short stories.

Story Writing Idea #3.

There is a never-ending demand for romance in all its literary forms. And the romance story lends itself very well to the short story writing format. Writing a romantic short story will also help you learn how to write a good story plot. And if you are satisfied with your romantic short story, you should look into how to write a novel outline, or how to use a novel outline template. And these are only two of the novel writing methods you will use when you write a romance novel.

This is why it is good to start with learning how to write a story outline first. Then write the romance novel.

How to write a storyline in this case involves a physical description of the hero and of the heroine. Obviously, the hero and heroine are one of the main components of a story about romance. Because your reader will want them to be together. So you need to have some story writing ideas where the two lovers are brought together, despite extraordinary circumstances.

To do this, develop an insurmountable conflict (think Romeo & Juliet). This will help you learn how to make a good story plot. One that will have all the romantic elements of a great story. And this is another case where the title and the cover art will sell the story for you.

Learning The Craft Of Story Writing To Write A Bestseller.

Generally speaking, the best story writing will fall into a specific genre. So as an unknown author, it is better to keep writing short stories in one of these three popular genres. And before you know it, you will have a whole series of published ebooks. Then, turning these stories into a bestselling novel will be a lot easier than writing something from scratch. So let's recap what makes a good storyteller, and how you turn your short stories into a bestseller:

  1. Start with one popular genre that a publishing company can easily sell. Read as many story writing examples in this genre as you can for reference.
  2. Brainstorm some story writing ideas or story writing topics in your genre. Submit a few short stories to some story writing websites.
  3. Take your best short story writing and turn it into an ebook. Write and publish as many of these as you can.
  4. Start reading about novel writing methods, like how to write a novel using the Snowflake Method, or how to write a novel outline.
  5. Once you've studied the steps to writing a novel outline and you know the components of a story, you are ready to write a novel. If  you have also published some creative writing stories in the form of ebooks. You do not want to learn the heartache of self-publishing as you write your first novel.

These steps to writing a novel, especially if it is your first, are helpful to follow. And if you follow the story writing tips for beginners listed here, you will be fine. Because these story writing ideas include small successes along the way that are very comforting when you are writing yourself rich!

I know you can do it.

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